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Recently, a Pastor from Kenya (Peter Kerongo) found this website and we have been communicating and praying for one another. Here is a picture of Pastor Peter in his community. He oversees several independent Christian congregations that are called, “Gospel Time Outreach Ministry.” I was very humbled when he wanted to know if he could translate and use the teaching material on this site as spiritual resources for those in his community. He is holding one of only a few Bibles that is translated into his native language of Kisii. I along with a couple of my friends have been purchasing Bibles at a Christian bookstore in Kenya for $8.00 each which is cheaper than the Kenya Bible Society.  Sister Cecilia calls Pastor Peter and he picks them up. If anyone would like to help provide these Bibles, please contact me and I will explain the details.


This is a picture of the inside of one of their churches as they are having service. It is truly an honor to be associated with these precious brothers and sisters. I am so grateful to the Lord for His mercy and privilege to be a blessing to those around the world. It is truly all of Him and none of me and may Christ receive all the glory. Thank you, Jesus!


Below I have included an example of a devotion that Peter has translated and is distributing. There is NOTHING impossible with God! He can take a few fishes and a few loaves of bread and feed thousands – even millions of people around the world!


Abiding under the shadow of the Almighty


“Jesus said unto him, thou shalt love the Lord thy God with ALL thy heart, and with ALL thy soul, and with ALL thy mind. This is the first and greatest (most important) commandment.” (Mathew 22:37) Is this our highest priority? One sure way to measure the fervency of our passion is how we react to an article about spiritual commitment. If we yawn and roll our eyes, thinking that we are far too advanced for such elementary instruction, most likely we have a bad attitude problem. Actually, the wise and humble person is always interested in learning everything they can about God and never gets tired of growing and serving Him or His people. The “mature” disciple realizes how easy it is to be deceived with our own pride. If the Christian life seems boring, it is time to listen very closely, because somewhere deep inside of you, there is a blaring alarm that is going off. It is a warning message that is pleading with you to be renewed with blazing zeal and white-hot passion like you felt when you were first born-again. “A wise man will hear, and will increase learning, and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels”. (Proverbs 1:5) Now, allow me to ask a rather basic question that many may feel is ridiculous since they have been professing to be a Christian for several years. Is following God really in your heart? Brother, what kind of a question is that? I am saved, what more do you want me to say? Well, I have been thinking about my relationship with God and doing some “inventory” within my soul and to be honest, I am not satisfied with what I have found. Why are my eyes filled with tears right now? Because I know where I am and where I need to be, but they are NOT the same place. I believe we are not to live however we want – but where He wants us to live!
This is the point in our conversation where many will say they are very busy and do not have time to finish the rest of this. They consider this type of talk for babies and have progressed far beyond this level of spirituality. For those of us who choose to remain, let us pray together, “Lord, the world is harsh and cold and sometimes we get tangled up in it. I love to retreat into your presence and I am learning it is the ONLY safe haven in the world. I do not want you to show me your glory so that I can brag about how spiritual I am – I want to know you just for who you are. I want to learn how to walk with you ALL the time. I do not want the sins of my flesh to keep me from being passionately intertwined with you. Dear God, I desire to make you my highest priority. Please help me, I so desperately need you, Amen.”

Okoebisa base ekeiriri kiomonene


Yeso akabatebia nerikire inga momwanche nyasae oino be chinkoro chiaino chionsi,nebirengererio biaino bionsi,na okwo nakwo ogochika kwe engencho enene mono (Matayo 22:37). Enchera eyemo yo okorenga okwegena gwaito inkori tokoerwa nechinguru chiaito as oboegenwa. Onye tokorigereria ase okogani twarora na amaiso aito twarora okogenderera gwaito okuya ase amorokererio yo omonene. Omonto omokanyeku naende omongaini nigo akoba na okogania gwokomanya kera egento as omonene,omonto Ohio nigo agokina kemoika ase okomokorera omonene nyasae oye. Aborokiwa bari bakinire kemoika,tibakonyara kobugwa ase okwerora konde gwensi ase engencho ya kera omonto omuya nabo enga ekengere gekona korera botuko na mogaso getari gochi korima. Mere buys ase okobeka chinguru Nekemanyererio gete,korende omonto omongaini nigo akorora,oigwa na omenta chinguru.ase okomanya okuya (proverbs 1:5). Tiga bono ingerwanerere as obosio bwa abakori abante abange bari babeire bagoteba barabwo nabakiristo as amatuko amange. Okomanya kwane inkori nabeire inkorigia obomanyi ase okomanya christo ase amatuko amange korende tinanya konyora okomanya gwonsi kori inganetie okomanya. Twaganeriwe tosabe ase obomo,ase obwanchani na okoegena.tiga ngoroki okwegena kwane kori okonene nario ndetogerie ase abanto.nabo igo tinganeirie inkore ebibe ase omobere one, korende nengwenerte inkore onsi ase okwegena kwo omonene oito christo amen.


pastor peter 7

Here we see Pastor Peter and his leaders, giving the Bibles to those who want to learn about God. This is planting the seed into the good ground – Amen! God’s Word is the only source that can transform minds, save souls and change lives! “In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with God, and the WORD was God” John 1:1.


I would like to introduce you to pastor Jared Omweri. God has called him to help lead a small church in Kissi Kenya. He has a vision to reach out to the lost in his community and emphasizes much of his time and resources to help orphans and widows. He has a burden for lost souls and is always needing more Bibles. If you feel led to help, please contact him at –

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This dear brother in Christ is working diligently for the Lord Jesus in Pakistan. Shahzad Aneeq has a heart for his community and is declaring Christ as the only way, the truth and the life. I am posting his greeting and a few pictures for you to see. He has a burden for everyone to know Jesus Christ. He sends his warm greetings and welcomes anyone to contact him anytime for fellowship, discussion, and encouragement.

Pakistan 2

Dearest ones in Christ,

I want to begin today by BLESSING you. Be of good comfort, and be glad! The Greatest One who dwells within us is manifesting Himself in great and Unusual ways all over the world. We’d love for you to take a few minutes to browse around and get to know us. It is my great pleasure to contact you and have communication with you for spreading the word of God and to win many souls for His kingdom. I am Evangelist Shahzad from Pakistan and facilitating this Christian ministry for God’s glory called, “ Gospel Faith Ministries Pakistan.” My website:

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We organize revival crusades, teaching seminars, and gospel Singing services in different cities of Pakistan. Along with Gospel Faith Ministries God has put a burden on our heart to evangelize children and provide education programs for the poor and orphaned children. Ministry website:

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We are maintaining a school called, “Pakistan Christian School” where more than 100 orphan children are studying free of cost. We are providing them books, shoes, and food. We welcome you to join hands with us in providing education and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ here and around the world. I would be honored to meet you and be united with you in God’s kingdom. May the Grace and love of God be with You and with your family always.

Many Blessings!

 Evangelist Shahzad Masih

Gospel Faith Ministries Pakistan



Bishop Noah 4Bishop Noah 1

Bishop Noah 3

Bishop Noah 5



Krifix Mogire 5

Krifix Mogire 1

It is so good to see these new Bibles being distributed to those who are hungry for God. Is there anything more important than evangelizing and spreading God’s Word? His WORD is the only power that can change and transform the body, mind, and spirit!

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Sis shag 3

You can contact this ministry at shagufta>

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End Time Revival Ministries Pakistan ( E T R M P ) was born on January 25, 2006. As a result of a vision given to me ( Evangelist Shagufta Sumen Jabran ) when I was a student of Medina Town college for woman Faisalabad in 2005. In the time of my MBA ( Finance ) from Virtual University of Pakistan, so that time (For the Preaching of Word of God and for the Testimony of Jesus Christ). God spoke to me and said, “Do not worry, I am with you, but you must suffer for my name. I shall use you for Pakistan Spiritual Revival.”  So I decided to start ministry End Time Revival Ministries Pakistan ( E T R M P ), as God ordered me. The Lord Jesus Christ said, ‘‘Go you, therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost’’.

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Here we see the new Bibles that are in the language of URDU. They are $7.00 each and Sister Sgagufta said she could use 500 copies. I pray the Lord opens the windows of heaven and pours out the resources that His people need in order to do His work for His glory! Praise God! He is moving all over the world!

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