In this collection of 16 songs we find an interesting mixture of music. It contains the original acoustic song, “For I am persuaded” from the RCM studio recordings where Bill and Paul Martin (former band member with Marty Stewart) helped me so much in the early days of my music ministry. Larry Nelson and I recorded a project together in 1986 called, “Whatever it takes” in his studio, and this CD contains one of those cuts ,“Give us Barabbas.” We also included the songs, “The distance” was recorded in Pyro Studios that was owned by my good friend Daryl Gravit. “Let the walls come down” is an acoustic re-make of the original recording that was a part of my first album called, “All of Him – None of me” that was recorded in 1983 at RCM studios. The simple acoustic song, “I give my heart to You” always touches me deeply when I listen to it because it brings everything into perspective with the childlike honesty that realizes this is all I can do and all I can give. I am always reminded of the Christmas character, the little drummer boy.


Many of these songs are from stories that I have meditated about and have ministered to my spirit. The accounts of Peter, Thomas, Elisha, and the Crucifixion of Jesus are found here in this group of music. The message that never fails to inspire me is “Get alone with Me” because it is written in first person as if Christ is sitting with me discussing what He desires and the way He wants me to live. And last but not least, the question that constantly reminds me to examine my motives when working in God’s Kingdom is “What is the ministry?”

You know, as I look back on the years of writing and singing these songs, I realize I am somewhat different from the typical musician. I have no desire to “perform” just for the sake of entertaining because all that I do or have to offer is really not about me. It may sound strange, but I have also never really listened to that much music or have been the type that swims in the currents of social media. I enjoy the quiet. If you listen closely to the music the Lord has given to me, you can pick up on certain emotions and personal views that reveal my intentions and the things which I hold dear. Simplicity is beautiful and more is not always better. I have had the privilege to have recording studios attempt to layer these songs with complex musical ideas and have been disappointed when the instruments seemed to overpower the meaning of the content. I guess I am more like the shepherd boy that walked in the field and sang around the camp fires at night with just a guitar. Songs without a spiritual message may be catchy but are not always edifying. My passion is to connect and communicate with God and allow Him to speak to me.

Open Our Eyes

Peter’s Song

Get Alone With Me

Let the walls come down

1. Speak to us O lord
2. For the hearts of men
3. Open our eyes
4. I give my heart to you
5. The distance
6. Can you see the vision?
7. Peter’s song
8. Let the walls come down
9. The someday excuse
10. The long way home
11. For I am persuaded
12. Get alone with me
13. What is the ministry?
14. Quiet world
15. Touch the scars
16. Give us Barabbas

If you would like to order this CD, please contact me at psalmz103@gmail.com

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