Time for a Change


This collection of songs includes 3 songs “Picking up the pieces”, “Unto Thee” and “Don’t say you love me” from the original album “Intentions of the heart.” This was one of three albums that were recorded in the early to mid-eighties at R.C.M. studios in Winchester Kentucky under the direction of Bill and Paul Martin. I was able to finance my first three albums because individuals graciously said the Lord told them to give. The psalmist mantle has truly been humbling as I have recognized the lyrical content is the spiritual connection and message of instruction while the simple guitar accompaniment is just a vehicle to help bring a melody to the communication. “Just for who You are” is one of my favorite songs of all time because it feels like I am talking to Jesus and even to this day it usually makes me cry. It is such a personal and intimate conversation that we would  have walking along a beach or lying in bed with our evening prayers. I want to mention one other song in this compilation called “Daddy” that I convinced my daughter Jaime Nicole to become involved with when she was a little girl and you can hear her at the end of the song.She was about 10 years old at the time and it touches my soul every time I hear it. The message in this song was a reality that I was seeing in my life. The enemy hates the family and tries to bombard the parents with stress and cause them to be so busy, in order to steal precious time with their children. My children would ask if I had the time to play and many times I would say no but it was not true. We make time for what and who we love.

Whosoever Will


Don’t Say You Love Me

Just for Who You Are

1. To love You more
2. More sensitive
3. Unto Thee
4. Whosoever will
5. Daddy
6. The gospel is not for sale
7. Picking up the pieces
8. A price to pay
9. All that glitters
10. Don’t say you love Me
11. Single vision
12. The promise
13. Time for a change
14. Just for who you are

If you would like to order this CD, please contact me at psalmz103@gmail.com

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