Letting Go

Letting Go

In this group of 16 songs, there is a mixture of music from the eighties and nineties. “It’s not a game”, “Only a breath away” and “Just to know” are original songs taken from the album “It’s not a game” that was recorded at RCM studios in 1985. “Don’t look back” “Unto Thee” and “Be still and know” is from the original album, “Intentions of the heart.” These songs range everywhere from “Sing the new song” that was written on September 17th, 1984 to “When we worship You” that was written in 2008. On a side note, Before I recorded the project “intentions of the heart” I was playing a cheap guitar because it was all I could afford at the time. I received a call one day from a lady that went to our church and she asked if I could come over. When I arrived, Mrs. Williams went to a closet and brought out a brand new Martin D-35 guitar that she had given to her husband but he had no interest in it. As my mind was reeling she wrote me a check for $1000.00 to help with the recording cost for my “new” album. This was a lot of money in 1984 and was a huge encouragement to our heart that God was leading and making a way where there seemed to be no way. I believe that guitar was a part of my divine blueprint and I still play this guitar most every day. Thank you Jesus!

When We Worship You

Meditations from Psalm 103

Intentions of the Heart

Just to Know

1. For the sake of love
2. When we worship You
3. Meditations from Psalm 103
4. Sing the new song
5. First love
6. In unity
7. Letting go
8. Be still and know
9. It’s not a game
10. Don’t look back
11. Only a breath away
12. Intentions of the heart
13. It only seems that way
14. Staying the same
15. Just to know
16. Unto Thee

If you would like to order a CD, please contact Billy Holland at psalmz103@gmail.com

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