100 questions about Health and Wealth

These insights were meant to stimulate, motivate and cause us to ponder about what we believe and why we believe it, in the realm of these two very important issues, physical healing, and financial prosperity. This is not intended to be an exhaustive accumulation of everything there is know about the subject, but rather to be thought-provoking as it causes us to search deeper for God’s perfect will. It seems we deal with these subjects on a daily basis, yet many Christians either have a narrow understanding or a lack of knowledge about what how God feels about our personal needs and desires. These topics are woven into the fabric of our philosophical ideas and theological doctrines but let us keep in mind that we are continually growing in our spiritual understanding and our interpretations can evolve from our religious dogma. Many believe there are established spiritual principals which will never fail as long as human conditions are fulfilled. The opposing camp proclaims that God’s sovereignty overrules our faith in these principals and that exceptions are the rule because He is in total control. I have no problem combining these views and would rather accept these convictions as stepping-stones that contain a wealth of information about the way we think about God and ourselves, thus increasing our dependence on Him while understanding our personal responsibilities.

health and wealth100 questions and answers about HEALTH and WEALTH

It’s not difficult to find a religious opinion even though the average pew sitter does not really study the Bible for themselves. This partly explains why many Christians suffer in their lack of understanding. The reasons are usually identified as being too much trouble and to be blunt, they really don’t care. It’s much easier to rely on what Granny always said or the ideas from the people at work. God is very disappointed with this kind of laziness because His blueprint of the higher dimension relationship is what the sacrificial crucifixion of Christ is all about. True Christianity must have a foundation based on our desire to research and gain wisdom from the principals of His Word so that we can become more like Him. This spiritual responsibility is how we interact with God and learn about who He is and what He wants from us. We are all living at different levels of maturity and that is fine, but we are also called to be evolving and pressing forward in our spiritual development.. The body of Christ is not a multitude of clones but messengers with the commission to grow strong in our faith and reach those who need to be awakened.

The responsibility of knowing God’s will is very important because we are heirs according to His last will and Testament. God does have a specific will, but Christians have learned through the centuries that it is much easier to blame God for everything than it is to take responsibility for their own lack of fire and faith. God is calling a remnant of people who sincerely love Him and who will become the fullness of what He has planned for them to be. They will see a glimpse of the “Total Salvation” package paid for with the blood of Jesus Christ, which establishes His Covenant promises as being true. I believe we would all agree that we are not spending enough time in His presence and this includes learning about what He has provided and what He wants us to do. Do we really want to live in the FULL Gospel, and be partakers of total salvation? Our free will chooses every day because we can have as much of God as we want. May these questions and answers stimulate your curiosity and inspire you to continue in your pursuit of truth. 

1. Why do many Christians insist that it is deeply spiritual, or somehow spiritually beneficial to stay poor and sick? It seems to be a general understanding to believe that humility is one of the most important foundations of the Christian life and I have no problem with that. There is much beauty in the character of humility but it’s easy to become confused with what humility actually is. You can be poor and be humble but you can also be poor and one of the most prideful people around. Thus, being poor does not always mean we will be spiritually humble. We should also remember that humility does not mean we should be living in fear of becoming all that Jesus died for us to be even if this includes being successful and wealthy. To be poor and sick has somehow become associated with being lowly, unworthy, unfortunate, depressed, unimportant and powerless but there is no basis for this state of being to be the best way to promote a more meaningful relationship with God and a witness to the world. This distorted frame of mind has become accepted as a holier lifestyle that can more easily control the passions and distractions that would possess us if we were healthy and wealthy. The goal would be to receive God’s blessings AND walk in the Holy Spirit at the same time.

2. Where does this idea come from? Let us begin by realizing that the average person retrieves their intelligence from the memories of past explanations that are molded into understanding. This along with sits and fragments of accumulated comments about life can act as puzzle pieces that form the reasons we believe. However, if distorted information is accepted, it will create an aberration of the truth no matter how sincere. We see from the past how Monks who lived in solitude were viewed as deep spiritual people who devoted their lives to prayer and Nuns who sacrificed their lives for God’s service along with missionaries along with Priest and so on. But now we know these examples of dedication which has been the basis of religious thought pertaining to the denial of the flesh has not proved to be an automatic answer to purity. No matter how man tries to harness his nature, sin is a choice among even the most dedicated. Instead of trying to live in isolation to ourselves, why can’t we live in the fullness of His Spirit and be all things to all men? Strange and false ideas have cast a negative light on the revelation that God wants to see His children healthy, anointed, successful, and wealthy.

3. Is there anywhere in the Bible that clearly say’s it’s God’s desire for His people to be sick or poor? My first response is no. I cannot see anything that is proclaiming how good it would be if we had no money, could not pay our bills and filled with disease. We must remember, that we are talking about a Christian that is dedicated and focused on God and has yielded their will to His will. Those who are carnal cannot be considered as a qualifying candidate to live in the holiness and humility these blessings would require. I would like to add that many of the ways we live compared to what the Bible is trying to say could be interpreted differently. For example, our needs being supplied would be the fulfillment of God’s Word but for others it might be seen as much more than basic survival. Personalities and levels of spiritual maturity also need to be added into this equation because some people just could not handle large amounts of money. Because of God’s love and grace He may hold back with some of His children in order that they might eventually learn, grow and develop in time.

4. Do you believe there is a difference between God’s “perfect will” and His “tolerance” for us choosing to live below His level of expectation? Yes. I do not believe God forces His Holy Word into someone’s mind and spirit. I believe that we are drawn into salvation and drawn into our personal relationship with Him so that we might accomplish His perfect will. His perfect will is the unique blueprint He plans for us before we are born. His general will is written in the instruction manual called the Bible. Faith is given to the saints so they can grow stronger and be transformed into the image of Christ. This is a critical principal included in the package of limited free will. When we miss divine appointments, too lazy to pray or study, and allow intentional sin into our life, we will be judged for the sins of commission and omission. Where there is given authority there is responsibility and expectation. If there is found no spiritual desire or growth it would describe backslidden wheat or a religious tare.

5. Does God cause sickness and poverty to punish and discipline His children? I would say off the top of my head that God does nothing unless there is a a reason. Yes, I definitely believe that God intervenes with His children and brings punishment and discipline as another way to teach us will do whatever He needs to do to get our attention. God is more interested in our soul than our body, and it would be better to sacrifice the temporal and save the eternal. Some will point to the story of Job but I do not see this as a punishment or discipline. It seems that God allowed great pain and agony to come upon someone that was living a dedicated life unto the Lord. It also appears Job did not deserve to be hammered out of the clear blue, but through his sufferings God has revealed many valuable lessons of spiritual wisdom to millions of readers. The whole story is based on God’s glory which is exactly what Jesus prayed before He died. Let us remember that Jesus was completely  innocent yet became the ultimate sacrifice that opened the door of eternal life to all who would believe. In my book, “Three reasons why” I discuss about God’s sovereignty and the mysteries we cannot understand, but a short answer here, I am saying that God can do whatever he wants.

6. Do you think God causes sickness and poverty when His children disobey or turn away from Him? I believe the traditional view that God disciplines His children similar to the way we do with our children which means I have a difficult time believing that God gives someone cancer because He’s angry with them. We understand that chastisement comes from a heart of love and concern but we are also aware that God’s ways and thoughts are higher than ours. Human nature has a tendency to drift away from God when they feel great and have financial security and it takes a strong spiritual lifestyle to resist this temptation. God caused a plague when the people turned against Moses and He has also allowed armies to defeat His people because they were backslidden. These are examples that cannot be ignored.

7. Do you think God “causing” is different from God “using” these situations to teach us what He is trying to say? God can do both. There are generally two reasons why anything happens; God causes it or He allows it. If He intervenes in a situation then He has a purpose that He may reveal or He may not reveal right now. If we have caused a situation by our own free will He can do the same thing. Either way each day there are messages and instructions from God trying to help us, but how much we learn depends on our spiritual sensitivity and that comes directly from how close to Him we desire to be.

8. When we are living in sickness and poverty what do you think God is trying to teach us? Many modern religious groups today believe that it is not God’s will that any of His children would ever be sick or poor. This worldview heaps condemnation of the individual by presenting them as ignorant or not having enough faith. I personally believe that God would like to see His children happy but the natural physical pleasures are not the top priority of our mission. We learn God’s strength (spiritual) in our weakness (flesh). One example is the suffering that comes with patience; it is a spiritual tool that helps produce the faith we need to be more effective. Maybe we should do more listening and less rebuking.

9. Does the word “sovereign” mean that God can do anything He wants, to whomever, whenever? I realize there are many camps of thought about God’s sovereignty but it seems the bottom line answer would be yes. I do not believe we are created to live the way we desire rather the way He desires. The redeemed are bought with the price of Jesus blood which means we are not our own. If something is completely yours it only seems logical that you manage it however you wish.

10. If a child runs out in front of a truck, did God take his life? How many times has a similar question like this been pondered? Job said in chapter 1, verse 21,”Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return thither: the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.” We must assume that God gives and takes and that His sovereignty gives Him every right. Our spirits maturity is crucial for trusting God’s decisions but our emotions have a very difficult time accepting our losses and pain.

11. Did God allow Satan to take His life? How do you know? God has plans for each individual and can move directly or choose to use the enemy to intervene on His behalf. We as mortals see the immediate result of an event and focus only on how it affects a very small circle. God sees how one situation can change many generations of events and thousands of people.

12. Do you believe there are such things as accidents where neither God nor Satan was involved? We will no doubt repeat the worldview idea that if we believe that God can prevent an event, then can we not place responsibility also?

13. If the child’s family are not believers, does this spiritually give Satan the legal right to bring death and destruction? Well, in John 10:10, God say’s, the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, so we can conclude that Satan has the intention and ability to attack us. There does seem to be somewhat of a difference here between the saved and lost as in Psalm 34: 7, it say’s, “The angel of the Lord encamps round about them that fear him, and delivers them.” This seems to imply the saints are less likely to be blindsided but this view also has its examples of exceptions.

14. If they were Christians could there have been an “open door” of sin that caused God to withdraw His protective hand? I believe it is possible. God will not walk away from a true saint and is not limited to how He disrupts someone’s rebellion. Being fair is a human justification but has an entirely different meaning in the spiritual dimension.

15. Do you believe angels watch over those who fear and trust God? Hebrews chapter 1 and verse 14 say’s, “Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation? There are many scriptures that reveal the truth about angels being servants of the Most High working on our behalf. This appears to be conditional on our spiritual love and obedience to God.

16. Do you think that God takes people in the prime of their life because He needs them to work in heaven? I am sure this idea has been around since the beginning of man. First of all I do not believe that God really needs anybody for anything. It is true that He has a plan for those who have passed on but I would think it more likely that He will minister to the living in many different ways for His own glory.

17. Do you believe that Satan is very serious about hating you and tries to kill you, your family, burn your house, and give you cancer every chance he can? Unfortunately yes. The more I study the more I see that spiritual warfare may not completely be what we were taught. In Gods eyes it is not necessarily what happens to people but rather how they handle it. Satan works for God and is not a separate entity as an enemy with equal power. He has been given the dirty job of influencing people away from God and leading everyone into a life of selfishness. The battle is not with demons that hide behind the bushes but rather with the way we think and react. If we walk with God in the spirit, it does not really matter what we suffer in the flesh because we were faithful.

18. Or do you view Satan as a very minimal threat to your well-being? The devil is just a player on the stage of life. We should study to become wise to the reality of danger and for who we are in Christ. One of the most simple yet profound promises and words of wisdom can be found in James chapter 4, verse 7, and “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” This two-part instruction is crucial to being victorious in this life. To submit means to surrender our will completely and to resist means to ignore. Most of the Christians life is wrapped up in their plans and ideas while listening and worrying about what the enemy is saying.

19. Does God predestine His people to be sick and have disease? This is a difficult question that can be understood only if seen through the spirit. The human body is cursed with a corruptible nature. Disease runs rampant through the human race and God is familiar with every one. Predestination means selection and God certainly has the power to prevent health issues and in many cases I believe He does. Those He chooses not to prevent including the examples in the New Testament can be seen as opportunities for miraculous healings. I believe that God still moves in the dramatic healing miracles with the intention of bringing glory to His name but at the same time I also believe that God can be glorified through someone who endures much suffering yet filled with the character and love of Christ.

20. Do you think God predestines His people to live in poverty? Poverty is an experience not a state of being. Jesus told his disciples in Luke chapter 9, and verse 3 to not take anything with them in their life of being a missionary. In the worlds standards this would be unsuccessful and would fall in the category of poverty-stricken yet they were empowered from a higher dimension. If God knows that having more than what is needed would be harmful or distracting to you or those around you He could hold back the “stuff”. I also believe reasons could be associated with the individuals ignorance of faith and God’s spiritual principals or the influence of Satan’s influence and lies.

21. Would God ever predestine some of His people to live in divine health and enjoy a life of wealth? Again we see that God knows who will be wealthy and who will live in poverty. It does seem that some people have the “gift” and anointing to build wealth as well as some that live long lives of health and strength but not necessarily to be used completely for our own pleasure. We must admit God allowed it and to some degree maybe obedience to God’s word produced blessing and possibly choosing a healthy lifestyle contributed. My answer leans to yes, but again let me include the responsibility of these precious provisions to be a witness and testimony of God’s love and a channel of giving to those whom God appoints.

22. Are all “blessings” from God spiritual, or are there material blessings from God also? I do believe that all blessings are given from the charitable heart and received with the grateful heart. Humans are more in tune with natural gifts because they are seen and felt with the flesh. Spiritual blessings are enjoyed with the spirit but in both cases we should thank Him for His endless love and bountiful generosity.

23. If you knew a Christian family who lived in a mansion who drove new cars, were healthy and happy, and totally debt free, would you call them blessed? Why? I think it would be beneficial to everyone concerned to understand the true meanings of the word blessing. In my research of the Greek I find that to bless refers to giving honor and praise such as to bless God or bless a child of God. To be blessed refers to a member of God’s family and denotes a state of being happy and content. Only those who are true sheep have the capacity to experience true spiritual joy so we can agree that a Christian family that lives for God and has been given material abundance is in this regard is blessed. We must also remember that just because a professing Christian family has wealth, it does mean they are presently filled with Joy or close to God.

24. If you knew a Christian family who was very poor and lived in a shack, had no car, received welfare and were always sick and depressed, would you call them blessed? Why not? While it is true that material wealth and good health does not in itself bring peace and serenity we can also take note when the promises of God’s word are not being manifested. We know there are many reasons why some Christians suffer lack and do not have their needs met. A few could be either they are praying and patiently waiting for the breakthrough or they are ignorant of God’s word and who they are in Christ. Maybe the enemy is being allowed to mount an assault against them or they might be living in disobedience, which is preventing the needed increase. They may be spiritually blessed in their personal relationship with God but at the moment they are not experiencing the physical provision.

25. Is there a connection in the Bible about how sheep can hear the shepherds voice more clearly if they are sick? This could be argued because those who have been afflicted know more about the place of suffering than those who have not been there. It would make sense that when we are alone and quiet that we would have more time to meditate about God and listen to his voice. We know the apostle Paul had some type of problem and asked for it to be removed but we cannot confirm what really happened. Some believe this hindrance was for his benefit so that he could stay focused on his mission and not drift away through pride. Since God can use whatever means necessary to produce results why should we not accept this line of thought? Hopefully none of us would be so distracted that God would need to bring a plague upon us just to communicate with us.

26. What glory would God receive from His people staying disabled or staying in poverty? We must break out of the earthly mindset and grow into the higher dimension thinking. In 1st Corinthians the 1st chapter it speaks of how God has (verse 27) “chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty:” When the flesh is strong and immersed in wealth it has a tendency to become puffed up with arrogance and in this condition becomes disqualified for God’s use. The lowly and humble attitudes that can come from suffering (though despised by the world) are the ingredients to bring glory to Him. Remember, the foundation of being a Christian is manifesting Christ not living a life of pleasure.

27. Do you believe that faith can overcome the curse of the fall? I believe that man has been given a limited amount of free will and a certain amount of faith when it comes to changing circumstances. The reasons why I put conditions on these gifts is because our life is not an open buffet but rather a set menu according to God’s plans. In certain situations we can believe and receive because we have been given the precepts and principals of God’s word and is included in divine foreknowledge. But we also cannot ignore that God holds the blueprints for each person’s life, which is called divine predestination.

28. Do you believe that “whatever happens” is what we should accept as God’s will for our life? Not necessarily! This very question is at the heart of why God has emphasized from Genesis to Revelation the importance of knowing Him and hearing His voice. I believe it is possible to know God so personally that no matter what happens we can KNOW what is going on and why. If God is bringing it for us to absorb then we should not rebuke or fight against it. If we sense the enemy trying to attack us then we are to use prayer, fasting, God’s word and resistance as spiritual armor for the battle.

29. Do you think the Holy Spirit and God’s Word can reveal to us what is God’s will and what is a lie from the enemy? I believe that most Christians have not even scratched the surface of understanding what walking in the Spirit is about. Staying in an attitude of communion and being constantly aware of God’s presence can sharpen and increase our spiritual discernment. We must discipline our mind with continual practice, working hard to rule our thoughts so we can identify an imposter.

30. If people really think whatever happens is from God why do they run to the doctor every time they get a pain? Well, humans usually don’t care where the pain is coming from they just want relief. The truth is that sickness can only come from two directions, an outside source or an inside source, something that causes it or a natural cause. If it happens from an outside source then God allowed it, if it is self inflicted then freewill caused it but God still allowed it.

31. Would it not be more spiritually obedient to embrace the pain and stay sick even unto death? I realize there are many exceptions when it comes to living and dying but again knowing what God wants is the meaning of living. If God said that He gave us a fatal disease and that He wanted us to surrender our life to Him, it would be an honor to be counted faithful. We do not want to think about such thoughts but we must admit that many saints have suffered and died and only they know why. Religious scoffers may try to argue that faith was not exercised or the devil killed them but each person is given a unique path to trod and it is all we can handle just to know our own path.

32. Doctors are in existence for one reason and that is to heal. We go to doctors to receive our healing. Everyone wants to be healed don’t they? I believe that God is the great physician and that He gives medical abilities and knowledge to mankind. I believe the purest form and ultimate healing comes from the spiritual dimension of miracles and wonders. But I do not disregard the power of God that works through the minds and hands of doctors. Any healing is a miracle and deserves the praise of God. Going to a doctor is not a lack of faith because faith is built through understanding God’s word and when the problem is greater than our level of faith we should not feel condemned to reach out for help.

33. If Christians do not believe in divine health or divine prosperity will they be eligible to receive these blessings? Why not? My worldviews include the general belief that if someone rejects an idea they will not receive the benefit from it but there can be exceptions. The word of God is filled with conditional promises and is available to those who dare to believe but others can be seen obtaining health and wealth without using any faith at all. For reasons only known to God, some need to believe and work hard for it and others are just given these gifts.

34. Does the Bible say that Jesus encouraged people to be sick or poor? or that they should stay weak and in poverty to enhance their relationship with Him? As strange as it may seem I can accept infirmity as a spiritually sheltered state of being. Jesus also told the disciples and the rich young ruler to abandon their earthly possessions and live a life of trust. In today’s modern world of religious thinking the masses would presume since Jesus spent a portion of His 3 year ministry healing the sick that He would in no way promote illness or simplicity. I have always been taught that Christ came to deliver His people from what we refer to as the elements of lack and suffering but the fetters of disease and scarcity are actually not the same thing as the bondage to sin. Sin is what hinders our relationship with God not illness or lack. Remember the wealthy that gave money in the temple and the widow’s mite, and Lazarus the beggar and the rich man? It is all about attitudes and motives and it would not surprise me to discover heavens front row filled with earth’s former sick and poor. What do you think Jesus was trying to teach?

35. Do you consider it a blessing to live in good health? Absolutely. I am also aware that when I feel my best I am more vulnerable to temptation and distraction. We should praise God for his goodness and favor instead of abusing ourselves in our temporary strength and wellness.

36. Do you consider it a blessing to not have to worry about finances and be totally out of debt? I am not there yet but I do have a vision and desire to be in this place. I believe it would be a blessing and I pray that I would have the willpower and discipline to be a good steward over what God has given me to manage.

37. When you see an older person in good health physically, mentally and spiritually do you say, “that is the way God meant for it to be?” Why? I would say yes only because it would reveal a witness and testimony of God’s original idea of how He “wanted” it to be. Unfortunately since the fall He intervenes with each person individually and customizes the amount of strength and weakness to their personal character and identity. There are as many paths and missions as there are people as sin has changed the face of what could have been a “perfect world”.

38. Do you believe that being healthy and wealthy is God’s will for everyone? Why not? “Everyone” is not a realistic category the same as “God so loving the world” does not include every human. Those who believe that people can choose and develop their own destiny would say that everyone has the opportunity but we must face the facts this is not true. Individuals that seem to glide through life many times become filled with pride and self- admiration. This in turn produces a harsh and critical view of those who do not meet their lofty standards. These people never seem to understand the higher dimension logic of Mathew 19:30, “But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first”.

39. Do you believe God wants to heal you every time you get sick? I know that I want to be healed when I become ill because I always ask for prayer and go to the doctor. The problem and question I have comes from examples such as the millions of Jews during the holocaust that were starved and sick yet in the midst of tremendous sincere praying they were not healed. It will never be a popular humanitarian battle cry but God’s selection process chooses the ones He desires to save and those He chooses not to respond. The martyrs that have given their bodies to be burned were not ignored by God but were not delivered either. They are highly revered by God and will be honored by Him in the next life. It is not the most important priority for God to physically heal us but rather how we allow Him to be manifested through us in the midst of our trial.

40. Do you believe the blessing of receiving finances is based upon the principle of giving finances? We see the Biblical principle of giving and receiving but how the money-hungry wolves have distorted the purity and beauty of sincere charity. The “giving to get” doctrine has grown into a religious frenzy of greedy, selfish blind temple patrons. The seed faith doctrines are generating mass wealth for the leaders and the concepts of religious success. There is nothing wrong with giving when the Holy Spirit directs and in faith believing that God will reward for our obedience. But to plan “our own” strategies for giving for the purpose of becoming rich is nothing more than playing the stock market or casino gambling. True charity would be giving with no worry about what we might get in return.

41. Do you as a born-again Christian consider yourself in covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ? Why? Yes. In the Song Of Solomon we can interpret the typical view as a portrayal of Christ and His bride (the elect). The institution of marriage is one of the most powerful symbols of making and keeping a covenant vow as we notice the statement in chapter 2, verse 16, “My beloved is mine and I am his:” A covenant has always been the most trusted acts of making and fulfilling any type of promise including the allegiance to surrender all possessions with each other. The blood covenant is used as a symbol of life and death meaning the vow would not be broken even unto death. In the Bible we read the words of God that proclaim many affirmations and we are encouraged to put our faith into these pledges. To prove and put action behind these words, Christ became the ultimate blood sacrifice to establish a “spiritual” covenant between God and His elect. This remnant of believers can take joy in the eternal security of God’s promises because they are backed with the most powerful expression of love and hope in the universe. Likewise the saint is to freely give their spirit, mind, will and body as their expression of complete surrender. This is the real truth of salvation.

42. Do you believe that salvation comes as a package filled with benefits that also include many physical blessings? Yes. I agree with the philosophy and terminology called “total salvation”. This is the view that God’s covenant with His people also has physical benefits and miracles included. Many people that do not understand salvation believe what they have been told about making sure they have repeated the sinner’s prayer and this is all they are really worried about. With many so-called Christians being, “saved” is making a robotic profession in order to reserve a seat on heavens bus. In other words the masses are seeking a Savior but not a master. But, to those who are members of the genuine elect, the Holy Spirit has enlightened them with spiritual understanding and they are bonded into a holy relationship with Christ as their “Lord”.

43. Can God’s children tap into covenant resources? One cannot be in covenant with God unless they are of the household of faith. Only the elect (wheat) can be bonded with God in covenant. The lost can benefit from the overflow blessings and abundance of the elect as it say’s in Mathew 5:45, “For He makes His sun rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust”. Many business minded money seekers try to incorporate spiritual principals into their formulas for gaining wealth, but I believe without the covenant relationship, these ideas are hollow and vain. A house (life) cannot be built (covenant salvation) without a solid stone (God as Father) foundation.

44. Would you consider it a blessing to receive a large inheritance from a wealthy family member or to win a lottery? Why? I’m sure that most everyone would love to have wealth transferred into their possession. To a very small group it would be a blessing because they would listen to God and use it according to His plans. To the overwhelming majority it would be a curse because it would be controlled in the flesh and ideas of their own will. It would all depend upon where we are in God.

45. Besides the time when the people did not believe Him, was there ever an incident when Jesus did not heal everyone who asked? Well, just because there are not written historical accounts of people not receiving the answers and miracles, it does not mean there were none. We see that faith was one key factor in receiving physical healing from God as it is today but I believe that each individual circumstance has it’s own parameters. Miracles are only partially based on faith because we must always include God’s plans and desires and how it relates to more people than just ourselves.

46. Do you believe that when Jesus and His disciples died that miracles ceased to exist? What do you base this on? I do not believe they ceased to exist, but it seems the approach was changed. Jesus is still the healer but when He and his disciples walked the earth, there were no New Testament Bibles. The only word of God was the Jewish Old Testament and it was based on the belief in the law of conditional works. As Christ taught the “Good News”, public manifestations were needed to prove the authority of God’s truth and power. Today His power and gifts should be sought after individually through His New Covenant and in the private closet of prayer. The television spectacle has made a mockery of God’s truth and has caused much doubt among the seeker. The quiet, humble saints are still ministering God’s miracles but the modern power hungry Pharisees cannot handle this level of anointing. The love of money and the quest for fame has nothing to do with God’s grace.

47. Do you believe in the power of prayer to change circumstances? Absolutely. Prayer plays a very important part of the overcomer’s life. Most events are predestined but free will and prayer have been given to make a difference in our personal growth and spiritual development.

48. What is faith for? We who are God’s children are soldiers for Him. Since He is commander in chief, we are not to worry about decisions or strategies for war because they are predestined. Faith has been given as a very important part of our spiritual armor as we step without seeing. The doors have been provided to open unto us the supplies we need to minister for Him. Faith can change situations that are approved by God as well as providing and producing a deeper love relationship with God. True faith can bring victory in our lives by trusting in the promises of God’s word and knowing He will always be there.

49. Is it God’s will that every person who is possessed of demons be delivered and set free? This is a very piercing question and I am not sure of the answer. There may be specific circumstances where God can use a situation like this and we must always include these possibilities. I have always believed that many of the retarded, mentally ill, and diseased were either victims of demonic bondage or predestined by God for His reasons. If these people are waiting for the Christian world to come and deliver them, then we are going to be very sad on judgment day to discover our failures and how we ignored our spiritual responsibilities. Allow me to also add that doing these kinds of works requires a strong level of discernment and a very close relationship with God. Maybe that explains why it is nearly non-existent.

50. Whose job is it to pray for the sick and cast out devils? We who are of the household of faith have been commissioned to carry on the ministry of Christ and in Luke chapter 4, verse 18, He mentions ministering deliverance and setting the captives free. If the world’s institutions are filled with those who are possessed, then why is everyone afraid to help them? One reason is that most so-called Christians do not care and do not want to hear God’s voice about the matter. Modern Christendom is teaching how to become wealthier, more comfortable and more successful while the “dirty work” of sacrificial love is being ignored. People do not want to hear about going to battle against a well-armed enemy. The masses will not flock to hear about the responsibility we have to abandon this life and embrace the suffering needed to be like Christ. The refiners fire is a needed process that is for the purpose of making us usable for God. The masses only want the benefits but very few realize the price.

51. Do you think God has provided the power for Christians to have spiritual authority over the evil strongholds in this world? Any job that needs to be done usually has specific tools, and working in the front lines for God is no exception. As we have mentioned faith is a very crucial tool that is not an option but rather essential in order to please God. In Ephesians 6:12, we are reminded that we are not struggling against fleshly human bodies but rather, spiritually influenced minds and spirits. Light always overcomes darkness and His saints are the light holders. God is the light of all eternity and if we can yield our thoughts and learn to keep our minds in subjection to Him, then His authority can conquer any principality or tear down any stronghold in the realm of the spirit world.

52. Do you think the blessings of God are based upon conditions? Some people believe that spiritual principals are like the laws of gravity but I personally know that God sees the motives and intentions of the heart (Hebrews 4:12). The word of God is not a book of magic and God himself is not a genie that gives us unconditional wishes. Everyone is unique yet all must abide by the path that has been chosen for them. Deuteronomy 28 –30, is a perfect example of God’s divine order pertaining to the conditions of blessings and curses.

53. In Malachi 3, whom do you think God was referring to when He said He would open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings? We see in verse 4 the offering of Judah and Jerusalem so we can assume this passage in its context is about Israel. This was taught as a spiritual law connected directly to obedience similar to the rituals of sacrificial offerings for sins. Compliance to these rules and regulations were rewarded with the promises of blessings. The modern religious institutions have taught these scriptures in the light of “personal obligation” to the organized church as persuasion for giving a regular percentage of money. The Old Testament spiritual system is not to be used as a blueprint for New Testament Christianity. Unfortunately guilt and condemnation has been indoctrinated into the minds of the naïve for the purposes of ensuring a large flow of monetary resources for the “ministry”.

54. Does God ever go against His own Word? My answer would be no, because that would make Him someone that cannot be trusted. It brings us comfort and security to know His nature and character represents truth and strength to say what He means and to mean what He say’s. If there are times when the Bible seems to contradict itself, I blame the incorrect translation or an incorrect interpretation.

55. Is God more glorified in the sickness of a person or the healing? It is difficult for me to think in terms of physical sickness bringing glory to God but I am not going to close my mind to the power and wisdom of the Heavenly Father. Nothing is impossible for Him and His ways are much higher than our human comprehension. If you were God would you rather have a physically ill person love you and worship you or to heal someone and them never think about you again? Or on the flip side do you believe it would be more difficult to focus on God as a healthy, good-looking person or to live in the quiet humility of an infirmity? My personal view is that God can receive glory from suffering or healing but the result depends on the individual’s choice of how close they desire (free will) to be with God.

56. Is it an encouraging testimony to be poor and needy? How? The Bible says in Revelation12: 11, “ And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.” I do not see anything in this scenario that has anything to do with finances. These are saints that have refused the pleasures and treasures of this world and have focused their heart on the spiritual. Giving money or resources to people does not necessarily inspire them to love or serve God because the Government has done this for years . People learn to love Him as they draw near and get to know Him personally. Being a faithful servant to God and being wealthy is possible but would be difficult.

57. Is it better to be poor than rich? Why? I wrote a song years ago called “letting go” and it deals with releasing our tight grip on the pleasures and idols of this world. God realizes how difficult it would be to have modern wealth because of the “pull” it has for the individual’s attention. I believe modern wealth is somewhat different from ancient wealth as media changes the human conscience and attitudes. In a more simple time a man could look out over his lands and animals and listen to the wind. With less politics, peer pressure, jealousy, visual images, temptations, communication and distorted information just to name a few. They were wealthy but less likely to allow it to pervert or distort who they were and their spiritual life. They were less likely to filled with pride because there was very few around who even knew them. Pride loves to be seen and known which is the heart and soul of media. If riches will hinder our personal relationship with God, it is not worth trading the eternal for the temporal. If a person can be rich and not allow it to affect their spirit then it would have to be a life of quiet prayer, pureness, humility and fierce spiritual warfare.

58. Is it a curse for a Christian to be wealthy? It could be but I do not believe it would need to be. People talk all the time about being able to handle wealth and I do believe there is something to it. Would it not be a true statement that some people are not mature or wise in finances and other areas? With some individuals a large sum of money would not only be destructive to themselves but to others around them. If a true Christian came into wealth, there would be a sea of influence and a daily battle for control of the mind and spirit. It could be a blessing only if the individual would learn how to walk in the Holy Spirit.

59. Do you believe we should help the poor improve themselves? To get better jobs, better housing, better transportation, and education? Why? Yes. I believe there is a “poor mentality” in many people that have been exposed to the lifestyles of a generational curse. The cycle must be broken or there is a strong chance it will continue to repeat. Usually we do not really help people by giving them a handout because it provides the need for the moment. Many do not have the desire to change and this particular mindset will always be reaching out for help. First there must be a determination and then to receive the teaching that can open their eyes to practical and spiritual reality. I believe in sharing and giving but it is true that we cannot truly help someone that will not help themselves. Most charity is given because of the innocent children that are helpless.

60. Does God use people who are wealthy to bless other people? Yes. God can rain down money if He so desired but the normal procedure is human to human. Philanthropy is a noble gesture but not always a guaranteed solution. For an example, we can buy someone a vehicle but what happens when they drive is out of our control. We also need to remember that wealth is not always a true blessing. Sometimes wealth when not given with spiritual discernment can be destructive and even fatal.

61. Do you think God approves of His people constructing huge, modern beautiful, super-structure Church buildings? As an expression of sincere worship maybe but I believe that most structures are built with an agenda of human pride. Organized religion loves to gather finances and build memorials as legacies to their identity the same as sports stadiums and arenas. Man has always been infatuated with his ability to build earthly structures while God longs to see the development of holiness and spiritual maturity within the temple of mankind. God does not need buildings to love His people and people do not need buildings to love God. He lives inside the spirit and conscience of His elect and wherever they go He is there.

62. Do you believe God has called His people to be the leaders in society, politics, finances, success, legal system, morality, etc…? I believe God has called the elect to be humble yet courageous nothing more and nothing less. It is commendable for a person to try and help others but with Satan temporarily calling the shots in this fallen world, the “success” is limited. God has given the dragon the power to influence the blind along with the principle of “the majority rules”. A true Christian will rarely become a leader of the non-Christian masses. I do not interpret the Bible as a command to fight against the world system with our personality or our intelligence. Anyone who knows God’s agenda realizes they have been called to awaken the chosen seed not to change the composition of the field. The masses will always control the system and that system will ultimately fall. Christians are to spiritually abide in the shadow of God and follow His voice while existing in a foreign land that is on a one-way street to destruction.

63. If this is God’s will, how have we as Christians failed? Well, this is a complex question with many answers. One way of thinking is that just because the world is going to hell in a handbasket, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Christians have totally failed. Ways that God’s people have failed include the ideas that forcing our agenda down people’s throats will create them in our image. Earthly politics may not be God’s preferred arena because it is wrestling with flesh and blood while our mission has more of a spiritual agenda. Without going into a long and drawn out overview of how governments work let us begin by acknowledging the fact that we are not a Christian country. It is true that many of our founding documents have religious connotations but our independence was created on the basis of popular choice. A democratic government is where the people can choose who they want to represent and fulfill their views. A theocratic government is based on religious authority. The danger of an earthly theocracy is being legally controlled by a sincere movement that could possibly drift into being sincerely wrong. When Christ returns to rule in His millennial reign as King of the world, His government will be a perfect theocracy.

64. Do you think stress over finances is one of the leading problems in marriage and life in general? Absolutely. Finances have become such a focal point because the love of money has become an infatuation. This love of money is the root of evil, (1 Timothy 6:10) and we can clearly see that financial success has become defined by the heathen. It is another example of looking too much to the pleasures of this world and not enough to the true spiritual value of truth.

65. In John 10: 10, Do you think “Abundant life” was referring only to spiritual blessings? Abundance can be experienced in the natural realm, the spiritual realm or both but I would rather have spiritual abundance. It is hard for me to accept the idea that Christ came that I might have a collection of worthless, temporal stuff. To interpret this like financial prosperity was a priority for God to sacrifice Jesus would seem to be borderline blasphemy. Christ died to open the spiritual doors of separation between the heavenly Father and His remnant. I’m not saying that God does not want to see us enjoy the benefits of earthly blessings but I also believe it does not take preeminence over the more significant purpose.

66. Can you live this abundant life if you exist in poverty, or are so sick your life is but a fraction of what it should be? We must realize the only difference between being raised in the blessings of America and the suffering of a third world country is grace. I believe that many people who suffer natural need or physical sickness can truly live an abundant spiritual life in God. Likewise those who are born with a golden spoon in their mouth in the natural realm can choose to be depressed and miserable because they do not have the joy of God’s presence within.

67. If your children were living in poverty would you do everything you can to help them? Of course I think that supplying their needs would be a healthy and natural desire as a result of unconditional love. I also believe that God makes sovereign decisions to help His children or not help them according to His unseen plans. There is also a huge difference between helping others with their need and giving them their desires.

68. If your child was very sick and you knew what medicine would heal them, would you not rest until you found it and gave it to them? I would have to say yes and I would also include the prayers of faith but allow me to bring up a seldom-heard point of view. We as parents are bonded to our children because of our literal connection in the flesh but God is bonded much stronger to His seed because He is the creator, the giver of life, the spiritual Father, the resurrection, the savior of the soul, the judge of sin and indwells the conscience. We should do everything we can but ultimately it is God that will accomplish His decision because they are actually His children.

69. Do you think God feels the same way about His children? I believe that God loves His children but His love is much different than we can imagine. He cares about our pain and can relate to human suffering but this is the realm of flesh and emotions and does not really move God as much as we might think. I believe that God is a spirit and what causes Him to respond can be found connected to this realm. Faith is direct line to God’s throne and He responds through this vehicle because it is a spiritual principal given to His seed as a gift of grace. We forget sometimes that He is trying to birth His image in us and knows how our healing or suffering can touch everyone who will ever know us. In other words the perfect spiritual result for all concerned may not include a personal happy ending.

70. Do you believe that with faith all things are possible? I have read the passages that seem to teach the infinite power of our faith but I believe in a balance of wisdom and a close study in the appropriate context. When we were awakened as chosen seeds we realized the components of salvation included the reality of being bought with a price and that we were no longer to walk in our own strength. Jesus always referred to His own agenda as being completely subject to the will of His Father. In this light it would only be logical for us to commit our desires and faith toward only what God wants accomplished. If we can live in this attitude of humility and obedience then our faith when joined together with His intention can manifest anything. Remember the key word in this great passage, “I can do all things THROUGH Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

71. Do you think that faith can “change” the outcome of the future? Again, I believe in limited faith. God wants us to exercise, extend and enlarge our faith but only as it is growing along with our entire spiritual person. We do not shoot our faith gun at everything that moves because first we must hear where to aim. God has everything lined up the way He wants it and our so-called “power” of faith must be in agreement with what has already been prepared. I believe our faith can change some circumstances and situations that God will allow but it cannot change what has already been prophesied through God’s word.

72. Do you believe that faith only works if it is in line with God’s will? Yes. Since God has the power and the control of everything, He must either allow or cause every event. God influences and inspires our faith and this is directly connected to our obedience. If we have not heard from God but try to become a wizard of magical power in our own mind then God say’s in James chapter 4, 1-3 “From whence come wars and fighting among you? Come they not hence, even of your lust that war in your members? Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because you ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your own lust”.

73. Do you think it would be possible with faith, to live in divine health? If not, what Biblical references do you base your answer? Divine health is an interesting state of existence. I would never limit the power of God to preserve one of His saints, neither would I limit the potential of an individuals faith. We need to keep in mind the human body is a temporary shell that is constructed of fragile, corruptible materials. It grows to a certain point of its lifespan, reaches a zenith, and then begins to deteriorate. It would be fantastic to imagine an older yet strong body without any signs of decay but it just seems to go against the natural design of aging. It would also be difficult to find a saint that would be able to put such a high level of faith into anything that temporal. I cannot help but think of the opportunities to learn about patience and humility in our discomforts and our problems. We were not called to be mortal super-men or divine little gods, but to be wise and courageous in our spirit.

74. In Proverbs 18: 21, what is your interpretation of the power of the tongue? Words are very powerful in this life, having an effect in the natural world and the spiritual world. Taking verses from Proverbs is convenient when trying to piece together a point of view, but if you will notice it jumps subjects from verse to verse. In order to rightly divide the word, it is crucial to take the entire Bible into research to allow a “line upon line” confirmation of entire meaning. The interpretation of this verse follows course with the idea that blessings and curses can be brought upon us through our words. But I do not believe it gives the audible power to name and claim our imaginations.

75. Do you think it is possible to preserve our life, and control our own destiny, by controlling our tongue? I do believe our attitudes and the words of our mouth are a direct extension of our thoughts and prayers. Our preservation and our destiny would be more in the control of God and His plan for our life. But I am persuaded that what we say can go a long way toward making our life’s journey more spiritually effective in every facet of our Christian witness.

76. In James 3, do you understand the warning about allowing our sinful nature to use our tongue against us, to destroy us? Absolutely. This is a very serious matter and something every Christian should discipline themselves to learn and control.

77. So would you agree that much of the sickness and poverty we experience could come from us cursing ourselves? Well, it depends on a person’s worldview of how literal they interpret the Bible. I believe in curses and blessings that come from God and that also come from the principals of our words and actions. The Bible is clear about being rewarded in this life for obedience to His instructions.

78. Do you believe that blessing and healing could be manifested in our life by speaking God’s word and our positive words? Yes. I believe our mental attitude has an effect on our surrounding environment. It has been said that plants and even water react to our words and emotional intent. It would seem only logical that our own bodies would respond to our faith in God’s Word and our positive words of hope.

79. There are 3 parts to man: Body, mind and spirit. Do you think God intended for His gift of salvation to change all three? Yes, I have heard this referred to as “total” or “complete salvation”. Our spirit becomes re-born, our mind becomes transformed and our bodies can be healed.

80. Do you believe God offers this free gift of total salvation to everyone? If not, on what do you base your answer? No. This is very difficult to understand but all people are not candidates for the blessings of God even though He graciously allows many to enjoy the good things in life. I am not saying that God is selfish or cruel when it comes to responding to those who call upon Him, but I believe that He operates according to spiritual principals. These benefits are provided through the Blood Covenant of Christ and are only available for the elect that are in covenant with Him. He cannot be your Savior if He is not your Lord.

81. If only God’s people can receive from Him, where does the world receive their blessings? Since Satan has been given some authority in this world’s system, he hands out many distractions in this life disguised as blessings. God allows Satan to distribute wealth and health as types of weapons to use in his dark, evil agenda. It seems that many times health and wealth prevent people from having a close personal relationship with God and that is exactly how Satan blinds the minds of those who think they can see. If everything is going great, most people believe they do not need God.

82. Do you believe that the lack of knowledge of God’s Word has any influence on our health or our finances? I believe that we suffer or “perish” in many different ways as a result of our lack of spiritual understanding. Knowing God’s promises are not just for gaining materialism, but also more importantly for knowing God personally. If we learn to really trust Him, then we can be at peace in our need. This trust is faith and He honors our request when we know Him and His Word and when we pray and obey in faith.

83. Since Mark 11: 22 establishes that faith can bring miracles, can we know that “unbelief” can prevent us from having what God offers? We see in Mathew 13:58, when Jesus was alive and ministering to the masses that when someone refuses to accept God and His Word, it prevents them from receiving His blessings. “And he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief.” There is no difference between what God was saying and doing that day and what He is offering today.

84. Do you think unbelief is a sin? Yes. In Hebrews Chapter 3, God is saying that He was very displeased and even grieved with that generation because they saw the miracles but still would not trust Him. “Take heed, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief, in departing from the living God.” If we can say the opposite of faith (which is pleasing to God), is unbelief then we can be assured that doubt is sin. “And he that doubted is damned if he eat, because he eats not of faith: for whatsoever is not of faith is sin.” (Romans 14:23)

85. Do you believe that some sickness and disease are the afflictions of evil spiritual strongholds and demonic bondage? Yes, we notice that many sick people in the day of Jesus ministry were referred to as having an evil spirit. I am not saying that every disease and illness is demonic because sickness is a general result of the fall, but I am saying that it is possible for some. It seems in the spiritual dimension that demons can enter into the human bodies of the heathen at will. Demonic strongholds can also be aimed at those who are weak, vulnerable and not aware of God’s Word and it’s power to bring deliverance.

86. Do you believe that we as modern Gentiles are now considered spiritual Israel in the eyes of the Lord? In the book of Romans it does seem to teach the reality that Gentiles were grafted into the Jewish tree and that we all are now part of the same family. The Kingdom of God and His people have been made a “spiritual house” not a particular society or nationality. “And that he might make known the riches of his glory on the vessels of mercy, which he had afore prepared unto glory, even us, whom he hath called, not of the Jews only, but also of the Gentiles.” (Romans 9:23-24). “For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: For the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.” (Romans 10:12)

87. Is it the mission of the New Testament Church to equip every saint for the work of the ministry? Do you feel they really do? I believe everyone has been commissioned to the general callings and responsibilities that come with being a true Christian. Also each follower is a member of a larger movement and has been given unique gifts to contribute to the overall ministry of the body of Christ. We are not to depend on a corporate religious organization to develop these warriors because many times people fall through the cracks of politics and selfishness. The distorted model of Pastor and congregation cannot effectively train and spiritually develop the individual in everyday life. Rather we as battle-tested saints are to personally minister encouragement and resources to each other within the daily divine appointments of our network.

88. Should we try to better ourselves by increasing our education, advancing in our jobs and making more money? Is this God’s will? Generally this would seem logical but bettering ourselves may not be what we think it is and does not necessarily pertain to each specific follower. We are so unique, like a world within a world. What is effective for one would not be right for someone else. Decisions sometimes look good on our paper but to get on the same page of God’s plans we may need to throw our paper away. He has a divine will and plan for each of us. It is this chosen spiritual journey that molds us and conforms us to his image and purpose for our existence and the most crucial aspect of our destiny.

89. If someone wanted to give us a large amount of money should we take it? Why? This may sound like a silly question but it is actually loaded with danger and the potential for disaster. Many people have come into large financial blessings and found much distress and regret. To read the stories of seemingly ”lucky” lottery winners and to hear of the misery, one can step back and contemplate the deeper consequences of too much of a good thing. I guess my question has always been, are we able to mentally and spiritually handle it? To me it is similar to a child playing with a harmless water gun and then being given a real loaded revolver. My answer would be to take the money and put it in a safe place where it cannot hurt anyone (including yourself), escape to a quiet place, seek God and pray for a lengthy period. It is true that much good can come from a blessing like this if we are being led by his spirit because God not only knows your ability to handle wealth but also knows everyone you are intending to share it with.

90. Is it wise to carefully plan and invest for our retirement? Why? We see in the story about the talents how wise and pleasing it is to God that we do the best we can with what we have. The other side to this idea of saving is not to fall in love with our growing nest egg. We are to be wise – not possessed. Many people unfortunately become consumed with their riches and allow them to become as a god in their life. We must view money as a tool to help accomplish God’s plans – not a controlling entity. If God say’s give it away then we must be stronger in our faith and spiritual courage than we are in our logical common sense.

91. Do you believe every Christian should tithe ten percent of what they make, as obedience to our Covenant with God? First of all I believe that tithing does not just pertain to money, but also our time. We are to be sensitive to God’s voice and learn how to loosen our grip on what God has given or rather “loaned” to us. All that we are and all that we have are to be freely given away not hoarded. Tithing our money is not a substitute for the unconditional giving ourselves to God and to people. I believe we should obey God, but I am persuaded to listen to the Holy Spirit instead of another human being when it comes to finances because of the possible “wrong motive” factor. If God tells someone to tithe fifty percent, that is between them and God. We should reach our levels of obedience in our own personal development to be cheerful in our giving and be ready to give when we feel the divine appointment from God.

92. Does this mean that God’s principals are based on the conditions of our obedience? My answer would have to be yes. The spiritual world seems to be governed by general spiritual laws similar to certain general laws in the natural realm such as gravity. God has the authority to override the laws in situations where He desires but has designed an existence of divine order as a reality of truth and judgment. The concept of reaping and sowing is one of the basic foundational principals that can be seen as conditional upon our thoughts and actions.

93. Do you believe that prayer without faith is just empty words? Yes. The entire purpose and reason behind talking to God is the believing that He is there and can hear us. This faith is crucial to igniting the power that produces miracles. Without faith there is no communication. Without communication there is no relationship.

94. Do you believe that God can bless a person with divine favor if they ask for it? Wisdom? Health? Prosperity? Since I know the potential power of prayer, I believe that miracles can become reality. We do not need luck, plans, schemes or ideas to receive from God, only a combination of spiritual attitudes. For example if someone is serious about losing weight, first they must know what they want and be willing to suffer for the vision and destination. Second, they can go to God with a pure conscience and faith asking Him to take away their hunger. Without reading books or following an organized plan of self-improvement, they can find success simply by asking God. When we ask for spiritual wisdom, we see its influence in all areas of life because wisdom is the template of peace, joy and success.

95. Do you think Satan is afraid of those who know God’s Word and pray in faith? Why? I have heard all my life that Satan does not care what you do for the Kingdom of God as long as you do not pray. He knows God’s word so He is not impressed with our ability to quote or memorize Bible passages. It is the power of God that he has no control over. When God’s people pray (and fasting even increases the power), God moves in supreme authority and majesty. It is obvious from the abundance of dead works and spiritual apathy that most of the religious world spends more time with programs and entertainment than in their prayer closet.

96. Why do you think most Christians do not want to hear about their responsibility when it comes to having faith? It’s just too much work and too uncomfortable for the flesh. It is much easier to have a form of Godliness (going to church) and a secret denial of the power that can change the world than to stay on our knees and fight on the front-line. Most Christians use their energy complaining about how bad everything and everyone is, but spends hardly any time in prayer trying to improve the situation. Our fallen human nature is very strong and persuasive and does not desire to be humbled or sacrificed in any shape or form. It’s a fact, the flesh HATES anything to do with submitting and yielding to anyone or anything! When confronted with the request to be responsible and accountable, the flesh will either run and hide or angrily stand up strong with a spirit of rebellion. This is why our spirit must grow stronger than our flesh and keep it under submission. Can you see how important it is to pray and study the Bible EVERY DAY? Even one day of not spending time with God gives the flesh an advantage to pull us away from His presence and drain us of our spiritual power. Yes – we leak. Our spirit is just like our cellphone when we use it all day (just one day) and then forget to plug it up at night the battery is dead. This is exactly what the devil and our flesh is hoping for because God cannot use a powerless vessel.

97. Do you think most Christians use the “God’s will” as an excuse for things that happen which could have been prevented? Yes, but on the other hand, God does have a will. There is a legitimate will of God that comes from His sovereignty but too many times His will is blamed as a scapegoat for our failure to pray and respond. We as the bride and remnant warriors have been commissioned to intercede or stand in the gap for those in need with prayer and works and sometimes it is life or death. Unfortunately, many Christians have become soft and lazy, not wanting to “do” anything inconvenient or difficult and I believe this has caused many problems and loss. It’s much more indulgent and comfortable to sit back and blame God for everything that happens instead of rolling up our sleeves and taking responsibility. God has promised that if we will pray that He would forgive our sins and heal our land but the flipside of this is the realization of what will happen if we refuse. We must understand that it is NOT God’s will for anyone to fall into sin or be destroyed by a lack of knowledge. If someone dies of a drug overdose, commits suicide, or gets killed while robbing a bank – this was not God’s will.

98. Is a person really a Christian if they consider Jesus as a Savior, as long as they make it clear that He will NOT try to tell them what to do or interfere in their life? No. I see this as one of the most devastating deceptions in the history of religion. When the clergy distorts the teachings of salvation for the purposes of filling quotas and offering plates, we can see how these errors can infect Christendom. Jesus is not just fire insurance but came to die so that we could know Him personally. We are bought with a price and as the Bible explains, we no longer live according to our own desires. The idea is to accept Him into our lives and then allow Him to rule on the throne of our heart and make every decision! This is why He is called Lord. If He is not our LORD, how can He be our Savior? This makes it sound like we want Him to save us from hell but do not love Him or want Him in our life. It’s a sad thought but in the judgment, many people who thought they had God fooled will be devastated to discover they wasted their life believing a vain imagination that was only deception in their own mind.

99. Do you believe that unforgiveness toward others can bring sickness and disease into your life, possibly even death? Yes. I believe that mental and deep-rooted, sub-conscience attitudes and emotions directly affect the physical body. It’s a fact that stress alone can alter the normal electrical impulses of the nervous system, neurological and circulatory system, our chemical balances and probably every other bodily function. These negative attitudes are also directly related to the spiritual health levels of the individual and can literally change a persons personality and overall behavior. I believe that hatred, jealousy, envy, unforgiveness, and strife that is not dealt with can produce cancer in the bones, heart failure, mental problems, severe depression, anger and violence, stomach and colon dysfunction, along with other life-threatening complications. This is a good example of why physical healing and spiritual deliverance is more complex than just laying hands on someone. It’s clear to see that many people need a deeper work of healing than just a casual prayer of encouragement. Many people all around us are quietly suffering an agonizing existence because they will not deal with these issues and ask God to help them forgive. Most of the time we need to forgive ourselves for acting like the devil. This is something that other people really cannot help us with. It must be between us and God.

100. Do you believe that addictions, all kinds of diseases and sickness, poverty, and other results of sin can be passed down from generations as a curse that can be recognized and broken? Yes. It’s no secret that all types of illnesses and spiritual problems can be inherited through the blood-lines as a generational curse. Satan and his demons have been given the freedom to build spiritual strongholds in the lives of humans that allow him access and yield to his temptations. On top of this, we face the reality of a fallen world that is filled with imperfections, dysfunctions and broken DNA. Whether a Christian or not, this danger of oppression is not only devastating in that individual but can continue from generation to generation unless it is stopped. Of course we are called to pray for these individuals, but allow me to mention there is also an equal amount of accountability for the person who is in bondage to help themselves. I personally know individuals and have seen the manifestation of these curses – they are real! When a grown man will not get out of bed, will not take a shower, refuse to work, will not pick up his clothes or clean up after himself, there is a major problem within his mind, to say the least. It’s common to see dark patterns of behavior such as a poverty mindset, laziness, sexual perversion, alcoholism, violent behavior, drug addiction, low self-esteem, depression and so on. This is where the knowledge and wisdom of God’s Word can enlighten the victim while exposing the lies and control of this destructive bondage. However, the victim MUST be able to see what is happening and have a passionate desire to change. Deliverance can be administered through the power and authority of the blood of Jesus by those who accept this challenge but this confrontation with evil requires a high level of confidence in God and a boldness to diligently intercede for the individual to be set free. This is why it’s critical for all Christians to be instant in season and out of season and maintain a close relationship with Jesus. How can God use us to do anything if we are not prepared? He is calling for His remnant warriors to be filled with the Holy Spirit and develop spiritual discernment before trying to deliver anyone as we must have the clearance from God before attacking a situation like this. Every person has a unique background and reason for their circumstance and needs to be approached in a specific way that only God knows and can administer. We must study and pray diligently about these curses and learn how He wants us to proceed. May God bless you in your continued study and understanding of his Word.