I want to share with you about a wonderful place where God is working. This facility is like a beautiful hotel that has many private rooms, a large kitchen and dining area, a den with fireplace, an exercise room and a computer room all provided for cancer patients at no charge. People from all over the state and the country can come and stay here while they undergo cancer treatment. They even provide a shuttle to the doctors and hospitals so the patients do not have to worry about driving. One caregiver is allowed to stay with each patient and MANY generous volunteers provide delicious food on a daily basis. I have spoken with several volunteers that have stayed in the facility in the past and they were so blessed with the outpouring of love that they now are returning the blessing.


I can truly say that I love this place and feel such a warmth and sincerity. There is a spirit of peace and love here and I know that God’s presence is all around. I enjoy coming here and playing music and speaking God’s Word. It feels like family and just has a sense of unity in knowing that others want to gather together to be with the Lord. Humans can only say and do so much but the Word of God is where the real power is at. I make it a point to take the time to just read scripture because He is the ONLY one that has the ability to comfort the heart and give peace and true encouragement to the soul. I am not there to necessarily preach a sermon or promote a certain ministry or belief system – it is all about just asking Jesus to come and bring His healing balm of love and compassion to those who need the security and tenderness of His presence. His Word is true and NEVER fails and all we can do many times in this life is to STAND on what He says and completely trust Him.


These fine gentlemen were such a blessing to my heart. The one on the left is a choir director for his church and he misses serving the Lord very much. We are all praying that he can recover from his treatments and get back to leading praise and worship this fall. The fine fellow on my right is a dirt track race driver and is also very much involved in his church. He is no doubt manifesting a true miracle from God and is testifying to everyone he sees that God is healing him!  He had a large portion of his thigh bone removed and a rod inserted and the doctors told him he would not be able to walk for a year. As you can see, he is walking (slow but sure) after only 7 weeks! Praise God! I am sure it will be no time before he is back in the driver’s seat and enjoying victory lane but this is the ultimate victory and a testament to the grace and authority of God’s miracle power. I love to hear the stories of triumph and how the Lord brings joy to His people. When I go, I always try to teach on the blood covenant of Jesus and that He is the same yesterday, today and forever!

hope lodge 1I ask you to remember this brother in your prayers as he is facing some pretty serious challenges with his liver. He and his wife are faithful church members and are believing in faith for his full recovery. He told me he had worked hard all of his life and at 84 years old, he is happy and at peace. He said that no matter what happens he will eventually be perfectly healed with a new glorified body as he sings praises around the throne of God. He told me he had joy in his heart and was very thankful for the Lord’s blessings.

I want to share with you an awesome testimony about a very special lady named Rosetta Perry from Bardstown. She loves animals and has been a dog trainer for most of her life and has shown many of her animals and won championships all over the country. She was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer 30 years ago and was in a very serious fight for her life. When she tells the story today you can still see the fire in her eyes. She said that when they told her she had less than six months left on this earth, she boldly proclaimed that she would live and NOT die in the name of Jesus and began to confess and declare that she was HEALED. To make a long story short, the Lord stepped into her circumstance and she was miraculously healed! Later in life, she was ambushed again except this time they discovered she had bone cancer. This is the second type of cancer but she approached the battle the same way she had done before. She became very bold and aggressive against the enemy and once again Jesus heard her prayers and touched her body. She was delivered and the doctors were a second time left with their mouth hanging open in astonishment. Just recently she started having some problems and after going through some test, the doctors have revealed that she has lung cancer that is being blamed on the extensive amount of radiation she absorbed with the last bout of cancer. This now makes the THIRD different type of cancer and you guessed it – she is fired up and setting her face like flint to receive the VICTORY! She is a woman of faith and a true inspiration when it comes to determination and perseverance. I love her attitude and come into agreement with her that God is going to once again minister healing, restoration, and wholeness so that she can continue living for Him. I chose not to take her picture because her hair has fallen out and women are self-conscious about their looks and it is the right decision to be sensitive to her dignity and honor. Praise God! What a wonderful encouragement to see a fighter standing on God’s Word.

20150610_155922I want you to meet one of my good friends that I have met at Hope Lodge. I remember the first time I met Charles Hord and his lovely wife Mavis. I sang one night and gave a devotional and I could feel the love of this couple. After I finished we sat and talked for a long time about the Lord and the Christian life. I could hardly believe it when he told me he was 82 because he looked so young and was so filled with life. He was very strong in his faith and before I left we prayed together. They decided to host a celebration service in June for all the residents that had stayed at Hope Lodge over the years and they called and wanted me to be a part of the program. They gave me a three-hour block to sing and bring some encouraging motivation and everyone had a wonderful time. Charles had been taking some treatments and they were making him very weak, in fact, he had to lie down most of the day because he could hardly sit up in his wheelchair. He was a warrior on this day as he was doing all that he could to hold his head up. It made me cry when he told everyone he was determined to come to the celebration and listen to me. 11 days after this picture was taken, Charles went to be with the one He loved. He is now in the arms of Jesus and walking on the streets of gold that he and I had been talking about the last day I was with him. He was so gentle and kind, he was meek and filled with love. It seemed he had all the fruits of the Spirit flowing through him and you could sense the presence of God radiating from him. Everyone who knew him will miss him terribly but we know he is finally enjoying the wonders and mysteries that are beyond our imagination. Please remember His wife Mavis and the entire family in your prayers. Goodbye, dear brother, we will meet again one day.

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  1. Lavenda says:

    Thank you for sharing these stories. I follow you in the paper in middlesboro Kentucky you have been a blessing to me and my walk with God. Please pray for me, my husband of 61 years passed away in May. Brother, keep up the good work


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