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Greetings, in the name of Jesus! The Lord is pouring out His Spirit upon all those who are hungry and thirsty for His perfect truth. Jesus Christ is coming SOON and is stirring His followers to spread His gospel and demonstrate His character so that “whosoever will” can surrender their life and enter into the family of God. “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions, and also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out My Spirit” Joel 2:28-29. If you would like to send some pictures and information about your ministry, we would be glad to post them so those can connect with you and possibly help you with the vision God has laid on your heart.

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Over the last few years, the Lord has opened doors through this website to meet pastors and ministers from all over the world. For the last year we have been researching and making sure these churches and ministries were legitimate and not scams, we have been helping to supply them with Bibles. Many of these people are new Christians and make less than $1.00 per day and of course, would love to have a new Bible to call their own. We have been wiring money directly to the bookstores in these areas and making arrangements for the pastors to come and pick them up which so far has worked out very well. This has been such an awesome blessing for everyone and is a wonderful way to spread the gospel and place God’s Word into the hands of those who are truly hungry and thirsty for His truth.

If you would like to help us with this outreach, please contact us at and I will explain more details. We sense God leading us to invest in this ministry and we would be glad to send you a copy of my book and my latest CD as a gift of our appreciation. Your prayers and generosity make it possible for the Word of God and the love of Christ to be shared with those who need to know Jesus along with the saints who need His strength and encouragement which comes from His Word. We realize there are many homeless and hungry people right down the street but I also believe we should discern where and to whom God is leading us to help. As a minister and community chaplain, I am surrounded by poverty, those who are homeless and incarcerated, the elderly who are lonely, depression, addictions, and all the other problems that people are facing. But we also cannot ignore those in faraway lands that also need practical as well as spiritual resources. There is so much to pray about and so much to do.


My wife Cheryl and I have been seeking His direction about how to reach out and do more for His kingdom and then I’m always reminded that it takes finances to pay for things that people need whether practical or spiritual. I know there are ministries that waste more money than we could ever imagine and this is very disappointing, but it does not lessen the desperate need in the world or give us a legitimate reason to not support God’s kingdom at all. The key is to pray and be led by the Holy Spirit so that through our obedience HIS will may be accomplished.

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I just want to add that our ministry is not new and I am not someone who just started recently. We have been serving and working for the Lord since the early eighties and I say this in all honesty, it has been some hard-walking. You can listen to a prophecy that was given to me over 30 years ago (top menu ABOUT US) and this will give you a much deeper understanding of what God called us to do. He has patiently guided us and inspired us over the years especially in my writing and with all the practice, time, and energy I have invested trying to learn how to become a better communicator, He is now able to use this gift on a broader scale. Like I said, it’s not been easy and I’ve had a lot of doors slammed in my face, but I am determined and diligent to keep pressing toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. There is no limit to how we can serve the Lord if we will pray and seek His direction. We can start with our family, our neighbors, and those we work with. When I say “serve” the Lord, I am not only talking about doing and giving, but we need to realize that the Christian life is as much about what how we act and what we say. Demonstrating the character of Christ will change more lives for Jesus than our good deeds. “I will not be ashamed of the Gospel of Christ for it is the power of God to everyone that believes; to the Jew first and also to the Greek” (Romans 1:16). When we discover what He has called us to be, we are then faced with deciding just how much we will do! If we will make a serious commitment to God and diligently focus our attention to do whatever He is asking, I sincerely believe He can and will use us to make a positive difference in the world. Below are several ministries that have contacted us with a desire to partner with us in God’s kingdom and to be a friend in Christ. They would love to hear from other brothers and sisters in Christ and make new relationships in the love and name of Jesus.


I would like to introduce you to the ministry of Pastor Briton Obiri. You can contact him at: Here is a word from Pastor Briton:

“Dear servants of God, I am pastor Briton Obiri from Kenya, Africa. By the grace of God, I am blessed to have found this website of Dr. Holland and to see all that this ministry is doing for the lord. I am overseeing an independent church family desiring to work and serve God under your covering as we reach souls for the lord Jesus. My vision is to reach as many people as the Lord leads and to share the love and grace of God. Here is a photo of our small group and some of these precious ones are orphans that we are trying to provide for. I want to thank everyone for your prayers and support as we try to do God’s will. I would love to hear from other saints and to make new friends. God bless you and I hope to hear from you soon. Yours in the love of God, pastor Briton.”



This is brother Isaac Zachary Okemwa and his beautiful family. Also included are photos of a Bible study he is currently leading. The WORD of God has the power to change the world, and as Christians we have been commissioned to preach the gospel to all who have ears to hear what the Spirit has to say. You can contact him at –


Here is a word from brother Okemwa.

“Greetings in Jesus Name of our Lord and Savior the soon coming King. We request you to uplift our ministry in Kenya in your prayers, currently we are undergoing very serious challenges in the ministry more particularly in providing for the basic needs of the little children whom we are taking care of. I am very much impressed to discover your ministry and your excellent teachings of Jesus Christ that you provide to people all over the world. On behalf of our Bible study group here in Kenya, I send a prayer request to all the saints to consider praying for us and to help support us as you can. We are grateful for Billy Holland Ministries and to receive these teachings. We invite you to visit us as well as conduct a seminar in our church here Africa Kenya when God opens the doors for travel. We have a vision to spread the gospel truth of Jesus Christ from the Bible to the unreached. We have a burden for lost souls and to help the widows and orphans that are in our community. Please pray that God will provide food and Bibles for us to do the outreach work of His ministry. We give the Almighty God all the glory and praise for who He is. God bless all of you, brother Zachary.”




It’s an honor to introduce to you pastor Markslay Ondieki who leads a congregation in Nyamira County Kenya. You can contact him at – Here is a word from brother Ondieki:

“We have the privilege to serve Jesus Christ in our small community and we give God all the glory. We are reaching out to the many orphans and trying to do all that we can to help feed and house them as they have nowhere to live. We ask for your prayers and anyone who feels led by God to sponsor a child or more than one, it would be such a blessing to them. We are walking by faith and trusting that God will provide for these precious ones. Thank you and we hope and pray that we will hear from those around the world who could help us with Bibles and support. Blessings in Christ service, pastor Ondieki.”


Please pray for this family as they try to pick up the pieces after their home accidently burned to the ground.



This is apostle/pastor Nestor Ndizeye. He lives and leads a church in Burundi Africa which borders the Republic of the Congo and Tanzania. you can contact him at:
Here is a word from brother Nestor: “Our family is devoted to serving the Lord Jesus and we are thankful to our God who is faithful to protect us and help us accomplish His will for His kingdom. I started a work of spreading the holy gospel and there were people who responded to the gospel and who believed in Jesus as their King and Saviour. Praise God forever! We now have a desperate need for Bibles as the new Christians really need them to grow in their relationship with God. We are short on financial resources and are praying each day that God will provide. If you feel led by the Holy Spirit, we ask that you consider a love offering and we will invest these resources into helping God’s children. May the Lord JESUS CHRIST bless you and your family. Love, pastor Nestor.”


It is my honor to introduce, pastor James Olweny. You can contact him at:


A word from pastor Olweny: “We are a young Growing church and we have been praying to God to direct us to an outreach that we can be part of that will help us in our spiritual growth. Billy, we thank God for answering our prayers through your ministry and we give all honour and glory to Him. Besides preaching the Gospel, we are involved in taking care of orphans and widows. It is our humble prayer request to our heavenly Father that He may speak to others where we can be in partnership since we’re all brothers and sisters born of Him. I pray for wisdom and  discernment; that you may approve the things that are excellent that you may be sincere and without offense until the day of Christ. We have been asking the Lord to lead us to people that will help us and encourage us to learn more of this faith. We are a church who wants to seek the way of the Master Jesus Christ. We have come to know and trust that this is the plan of God.”


“We are always praying for more resources to help feed and clothe these wonderful boys and girls. We want to give these young people a good start in life as we know God loves them and desires that we all try to help each other. I am so glad to hear from you and grateful for the connection of working together in ministry of our Lord Jesus. Thank you for your help. I believe God is bringing revival to prepare us for the coming of the Lord. It’s of great impact to hear what the Lord is doing in your ministry too. Billy, I will use teaching resources on your website to help grow the body of Christ and so far they have been very effective and anointed. Thank you for such encouraging messages. God bless you, much love, Pastor Olweny.”



Here is another post from pastor Markslay Nyakweba. You can contact him at “Our church, exists to share God’s love with everyone to strengthen believers and to Glorify Jesus Christ. My wife and I thank the Almighty God for the opportunity to reach many who are hurting and who need to know Christ. There is much spiritual warfare that is trying to hinder our ministry, but God has graciously given us a vision to care for the broken-hearted and to share God’s love with those who are less privileged. To everyone in the world, please join with us as we labor to help these orphans. We hope to hear from you! Blessings in Christ service.”





I would like to introduce you to pastor Richard Nyakwara in Kenya. What a beautiful church! You can contact him at


Greetings in the name of Jesus! We have forty-eight orphaned and vulnerable children aged 4-17 under my care. Due to the lack of enough food, accommodation and clothing, we are asking the Lord to provide more resources so that we can help more people. Our mission is to be a light in the darkness and help everyone we can as we believe the lord is coming soon. I thank God for the church members and their prayer support along with their families to assist with these children and this ministry. Matt.5:3-12.

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Our vision is to see every suffering soul which has been held in the captivity of sin, to receive freedom from God and to confess, accept and receive Jesus Christ as their lord Messiah, and personal Savior. God can heal and deliver anyone! Ephesians 6:10-19.

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We have home visitations to reach our brothers and sisters for the kingdom of GOD, Bible study groups, and women ministries on a weekly basis. We walk to use computers and we give our testimonies and witness to all that will listen. We desire to hold crusades but we lack critical finances and need sound equipment. We pray for God to make a way to have more Bibles in our local language. It will all come in God’s own appointed time. Many blessings to all of you around the world, we are one family in Christ.

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I would like to introduce you to pastor Oyaro Momanyi and his lovely wife Joyce. They have been called to lead a group of believers in Kenya and are doing a much-needed work in their community. You can contact him at


Below is a photo of their church.

ok2Pastor Momanyi says, “I love to share God’s Word and the redeeming power of Jesus Christ with everyone. I believe the Bible to be the inspired and only infallible written Word of God. We are followers of the King of Kings and dedicated to keeping the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus Christ. May God bless you and fill you with the Holy Spirit! I believe the work of Jesus on the cross is finished, and it is time to unite as one in His love.”

This is a part of the ministry of pastor Danson Nyamatari in Kenya. Below we see a beautiful group of excited children for Jesus. Pastor Nyamatari is quoted as saying, “God is on your side, no matter what, no matter when, no matter how many times, God is for you! In spite of your past, He loves you unconditionally and has a wonderful life planned for you!” His email is:

(Below) Orphans and homeless children receiving gifts, Continue to pray for these little ones that God will provide food, clothes, housing, and school fees.

Pastor Danson preaching in an open air crusade for Christ.



Contact him at –

Billgreat 2

Greetings from your brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus from Kisii-Kenya-Africa. Blessings and glory to God for what you are doing for the poor. We are a Christian fellowship of believers as a part of the body of Christ and as a church, we are all one. Thank you for your website as we are directing our love and grace of God to you always, this is due to the posts that you place on your site which has been now a great seed planted in the souls of many, especially in helping the needy and the less privileged.

Billgreat 1

As a young congregation, we thank you for sharing our ministry so that others can see our labors across the world. Our congregation is attended by homeless children, the aged, widows, and those who are sick and need healing. As a Congregation, we have three pastors, lead pastor Billgreat Omwakire, James Ondieki, and Evans Kombo. They have given their lives to Jesus in spreading the gospel. Our church is based in the accessible interior part of Kenya-Africa. We thank God because He has provided for our needs. We conducted our services under a shade tree for two years, but starting this year, we managed to build up a simple structure. Our church is made up of iron sheets and now heavy rain and strong sun can not disturb us from carrying out our services.

We are praying that God can use us to save many souls and we believe in the power of unity when it comes to intercession. We welcome you to come and teach us if you have the resources as we really need your wisdom to help mentor us. May the love and peace of God continue to anoint and bless what you are doing.

Pastor Billgreat Omwakire


PASTOR ELIJAH OSIEMO – Contact him at:

In the Name above all Names, The Lord Jesus Christ, I send you Calvary greetings. We did not connect accidentally, but God has a plan to connect us. Glory be to the Most-High!


We are located in the western part of Kenya in Kisii County – Nyansakia Gucha District: I would very much appreciate to give you our full information about our ministry so that you may understand us better for God’s own glory! My mailing address is as follows; P.O. box 340-40204 Ogembo, Kenya.


I am a Father and an independent ministry founder. For a decade, I have been truly blessed by God to share His word with many in our community where I come from. Preaching the life-giving truths of God’s word, and teaching practical, biblical principals to aged, young mothers, and widows in churches. In addition to my ministry have been blessed to speak with school students in public schools about real-life issues such as drug abuse, sex abuse, and early pregnancies and marriages. I absolutely love my work in schools and in the community. My heartbeat is to reach those [especially girls] who have been abused, rejected, and wounded by their past and to equip and inspire them to make better choices, one day at a time.

My wife Callen, also a minister of the Gospel, and I make our home in Nyansakia, Kenya with our two awesome and adorable children, Ian and Trusillah. I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior in the year 2010, later I was called into ministry with my wife (whom I had married just 2 months after meeting!!…)


The main focus of my ministry has a heavy burden for women and girls of all ages but is also appreciated by men and young people. I want to teach those who are struggling with how to develop their personal relationship with Jesus Christ, using proven, time-tested biblical principles, to claim victory over the “self” issues that are hindering them from their true destiny. We also do everything we can to help orphans as there are so many children in our country without parents. I welcome you to email our ministry and I hope to hear from brothers and sisters all over the world. I would like to meet you and develop friendships in the Lord.

All praise to Jesus,

Pastor Elijah.



A few years ago, a Pastor from Kenya (Peter Kerongo) found this website, and we have been communicating and praying for one another on a regular basis. Below is a picture of Peter teaching about Jesus and notice how worn that Bible appears. He oversees several independent Christian congregations that are a part of a ministry called, “Gospel Time Outreach Ministry.” I was very humbled when he wanted to know if he could translate and use the teaching material on this site as spiritual resources for those in his community. He is holding one of the few Bibles that is translated into his native language of Kisii. I along with some of our partners have been purchasing Bibles directly at a Christian bookstore in Kenya for $8.00 each which is actually cheaper than the Kenya Bible Society.  Sister Cecilia calls Pastor Peter, and he picks them up and distributes them. If anyone would like to help provide these Bibles, please contact me at and I will explain the details.


This is a picture of the inside of one of their churches as they are having service. It is truly an honor to be associated with these precious brothers and sisters. I am so grateful to the Lord for His mercy and privilege to be a blessing to those around the world. It is truly all of Him and none of me and may Christ receive all the glory. Thank you, Jesus!


Below I have included an example of a devotion that Peter has translated and is distributing to those in his church and community. It takes time and labor to translate the messages and then there is the cost to copy them so they can distribute them. There are many ways to become involved in what we call the Great Commission and we know that when we pray, work, give, and believe, NOTHING is impossible with God!

THE SECRET PLACE – Abiding under the shadow of the Almighty


“Jesus said unto him, thou shalt love the Lord thy God with ALL thy heart, and with ALL thy soul, and with ALL thy mind. This is the first and greatest (most important) commandment.” (Mathew 22:37) Is this our highest priority? One sure way to measure the fervency of our passion is how we react to an article about spiritual commitment. If we yawn and roll our eyes, thinking that we are far too advanced for such elementary instruction, most likely we have a bad attitude problem. Actually, the wise and humble person is always interested in learning everything they can about God and never gets tired of growing and serving Him or His people. The “mature” disciple realizes how easy it is to be deceived with our own pride. If the Christian life seems boring, it is time to listen very closely, because somewhere deep inside of you, there is a blaring alarm that is going off. It is a warning message that is pleading with you to be renewed with blazing zeal and white-hot passion like you felt when you were first born-again. “A wise man will hear, and will increase learning, and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels”. (Proverbs 1:5) Now, allow me to ask a rather basic question that many may feel is ridiculous since they have been professing to be a Christian for several years. Is following God really in your heart? Brother, what kind of a question is that? I am saved, what more do you want me to say? Well, I have been thinking about my relationship with God and doing some “inventory” within my soul and to be honest, I am not satisfied with what I have found. Why are my eyes filled with tears right now? Because I know where I am and where I need to be, but they are NOT the same place. I believe we are not to live however we want – but where He wants us to live!
This is the point in our conversation where many will say they are very busy and do not have time to finish the rest of this. They consider this type of talk for babies and have progressed far beyond this level of spirituality. For those of us who choose to remain, let us pray together, “Lord, the world is harsh and cold and sometimes we get tangled up in it. I love to retreat into your presence and I am learning it is the ONLY safe haven in the world. I do not want you to show me your glory so that I can brag about how spiritual I am – I want to know you just for who you are. I want to learn how to walk with you ALL the time. I do not want the sins of my flesh to keep me from being passionately intertwined with you. Dear God, I desire to make you my highest priority. Please help me, I so desperately need you, Amen.”

Okoebisa base ekeiriri kiomonene


Yeso akabatebia nerikire inga momwanche nyasae oino be chinkoro chiaino chionsi,nebirengererio biaino bionsi,na okwo nakwo ogochika kwe engencho enene mono (Matayo 22:37). Enchera eyemo yo okorenga okwegena gwaito inkori tokoerwa nechinguru chiaito as oboegenwa. Onye tokorigereria ase okogani twarora na amaiso aito twarora okogenderera gwaito okuya ase amorokererio yo omonene. Omonto omokanyeku naende omongaini nigo akoba na okogania gwokomanya kera egento as omonene,omonto Ohio nigo agokina kemoika ase okomokorera omonene nyasae oye. Aborokiwa bari bakinire kemoika,tibakonyara kobugwa ase okwerora konde gwensi ase engencho ya kera omonto omuya nabo enga ekengere gekona korera botuko na mogaso getari gochi korima. Mere buys ase okobeka chinguru Nekemanyererio gete,korende omonto omongaini nigo akorora,oigwa na omenta chinguru.ase okomanya okuya (proverbs 1:5). Tiga bono ingerwanerere as obosio bwa abakori abante abange bari babeire bagoteba barabwo nabakiristo as amatuko amange. Okomanya kwane inkori nabeire inkorigia obomanyi ase okomanya christo ase amatuko amange korende tinanya konyora okomanya gwonsi kori inganetie okomanya. Twaganeriwe tosabe ase obomo,ase obwanchani na okoegena.tiga ngoroki okwegena kwane kori okonene nario ndetogerie ase abanto.nabo igo tinganeirie inkore ebibe ase omobere one, korende nengwenerte inkore onsi ase okwegena kwo omonene oito christo amen.

pastor peter 7

Here we see Pastor Peter and his leaders, giving the Bibles to those who want to learn about God. This is planting the seed into the good ground – Amen! God’s Word is the only source that can transform minds, save souls and change lives! “In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with God, and the WORD was God” John 1:1.


This is Apostle Peter Sidonge preaching to his congregation in Kenya.

A word from pastor Sidonge. “Kingdom greetings and blessings in the Lord to you! Allow me to officially introduce myself to you. I am Pastor Peter Sidonge and I want to share with you about the work we do in western Kenya, Africa. Last year my wife and I planted a church, a fellowship with a passion to evangelize, disciple, and train native Pastors and leaders. It is, therefore, our long-term intention to concentrate on planting and establishing Christ-centered and socially responsible churches in neighborhoods where none exists. We labor for Jesus Christ as He is our Lord and Master.”

Apostle Peter

The work that William Holland is doing in the Kingdom of God has really inspired and uplifted our spirits and vigor for ministry,  and we are deeply moved and desire to learn more from this ministry. In this regard, we are excited about developing a ministry relationship with him and other laborers for Christ and look forward to serving God together. We are also interested in creating new friendships with other pastors and churches around the world and I would also like to extend a personal invitation for any Christian minister and your mission team to visit us here in Western Kenya and help us in spreading the Gospel. We are involved with many different types of outreach including helping widows and orphans, evangelism, praying for the sick, and having open-air revival meetings. There is a great need for prayers and miracles in our area. I look forward to meeting with you and sharing what God is doing in our midst. Thank you again, and may God’s love, peace, and joy be yours; I will uphold you and the work you do in our prayers. Apostle Peter O. Sidonge.

You can contact Apostle Peter at –


I would like to introduce you to pastor Jared Omweri. God has called pastor Omweri to help lead a small church in Kissi Kenya. He has the vision to reach out to the lost in his community and emphasizes much of his time and resources to help orphans and widows. He has a burden for lost souls and is always needing more Bibles. He would love to meet other Christians and to join together with prayers and fellowship. If you feel led to become friends with this congregation or to help in some way, please contact him at –

IMG_20180101_122627 (1)



This dear brother in Christ is working diligently for the Lord Jesus in Pakistan. Shahzad Aneeq has a heart for his community and is declaring Christ as the only way, the truth and the life. I am posting his greeting and a few pictures for you to see. He has a burden for everyone to know Jesus Christ. He sends his warm greetings and welcomes anyone to contact him anytime for fellowship, discussion, and encouragement.

Pakistan 2

Dearest ones in Christ,

I want to begin today by BLESSING you. Be of good comfort, and be glad! The Greatest One who dwells within us is manifesting Himself in great and Unusual ways all over the world. We’d love for you to take a few minutes to browse around and get to know us. It is my great pleasure to contact you and have communication with you for spreading the word of God and to win many souls for His kingdom. I am Evangelist Shahzad from Pakistan and facilitating this Christian ministry for God’s glory called, “ Gospel Faith Ministries Pakistan.” My website:

Pakistan 7

Praise God forever! The blood of Jesus washes away our sin forever and transforms us into a brand new creation! Died and rose from the grave so that we could be saved!

Pakistan 1

We organize revival crusades, teaching seminars, and gospel Singing services in different cities of Pakistan. Along with Gospel Faith Ministries God has put a burden on our heart to evangelize children and provide education programs for the poor and orphaned children. Ministry website:

Pakistan 5

We are maintaining a school called, “Pakistan Christian School” where more than 100 orphan children are studying free of cost. We are providing them with books, shoes, and food. We welcome you to join hands with us in providing education and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ here and around the world. I would be honored to meet you and be united with you in God’s kingdom. May the Grace and love of God be with You and with your family always.

Many Blessings!

Evangelist Shahzad Masih

Gospel Faith Ministries Pakistan



Bishop Noah 4

God is the same to all people, tribes, and tongues. The Holy Spirit and God’s presence in no respector of persons and ministers to the spirit the same way to everyone.

Bishop Noah 3

Praise the name of Jesus Christ forever! There are those who are so excited about Jesus and who are thirsty for His presence. Many times we forget how many Christians are being persecuted for their love of God and many are being killed. We are blessed with the freedom to worship in public, in beautiful churches, without the fear of violence. We know there are Christians around the world that are meeting in secret and yet are filled with joy and hope because they know Jesus and love Him with all of their heart!

Bishop Noah 5


Krifix Mogire 5

Here we see a new shipment of Bibles that has just arrived. Praise the Lord Jesus!

Krifix Mogire 1

It is so good to see these new Bibles being distributed to those who are hungry for God. Is there anything more important than evangelizing and spreading God’s Word? His WORD is the only power that can change and transform the body, mind, and spirit! How wonderful it is to see this church out in the woods! Wherever there are two or three gathered in the name of Jesus, we can know that God’s presence is there!

Krifix mogire 2


Sis shag 3

You can contact this ministry at shagufta>

Sis shag 2

End Time Revival Ministries Pakistan ( E T R M P ) was born on January 25, 2006. As a result of a vision given to me ( Evangelist Shagufta Sumen Jabran ) when I was a student of Medina Town college for woman Faisalabad in 2005. In the time of my MBA ( Finance ) from Virtual University of Pakistan, so that time (For the Preaching of Word of God and for the Testimony of Jesus Christ). God spoke to me and said, “Do not worry, I am with you, but you must suffer for my name. I shall use you for Pakistan Spiritual Revival.”  So I decided to start ministry End Time Revival Ministries Pakistan, as God ordered me. The Lord Jesus Christ said, ‘‘Go you, therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost” and I said, “I will go.”

sis shag 1

Here we see the new Bibles that are in the language of URDU. They are $7.00 each and Sister Sgagufta said she could use 500 copies. I pray the Lord opens the windows of heaven and pours out the resources that His people need in order to do His work for His glory! Praise God! He is moving all over the world!

Sis shag 6


Below is evangelist KENNETH JOHN (on the left) with some of his family and church members. They live in Ibadan Oyo Nigeria and attend the Soul Winners Bible Church. Brother Kenneth, along with his pastor and his fellow brothers and sisters are excited about passing out gospel literature and witnessing for Jesus. They love the Lord and are praying for revival and believing in faith to see a powerful move of the Holy Spirit. God is moving mightily in the hearts of those who love Him and obey Him!


It’s so important to preach the gospel to all nations and all people. Everyone in the world needs to know that Jesus went to the cross and died and rose from the grave because He loves us. God wants to save everyone and offers His salvation to all who will believe. There is many who are lost and blind and destined for an eternity without Jesus. There is also many who are hungry and thirsty for God’s truth and we must do everything we can to make sure that every new convert has their own personal Bible. God’s Word is the spiritual nourishment that fills us with His presence and is the most valuable treasure in the world. If you would like to help brother Kenneth in his ministry, you are invited to contact him at



Sister Noreen Nida is serving the Lord in Pakistan

Noreen Nida 1

Noreen Nida 2