“That the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us, who
WALK not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” (Romans 8:4)



THE WALK OF VISION: I have read how most cultures consider the elderly as having gained more wisdom and are admired as being more intelligent. But I must add – this is not necessarily true straight across the board with everyone that has accumulated a substantial number of “miles” I mean years. I personally know older people that are just as unlearned now as they were fifty years ago because they have made the CHOICE to remain the same. Yes, we can all draw from our experiences and learn from our mistakes but not everyone cares to advance in their understanding of absolute truth. Most people take the easy path with forming opinions and developing attitudes about them. These ideas (wherever they come from) solidifies their personal worldviews and it does not really matter to them “why” they believe it – they just accept that it is true. I have come to the conclusion that very few people have ever actually prayed for God to give them the vision of wisdom and this statement proves itself everyday by just talking with those we meet. I do not claim to have arrived at a know-it-all stage; on the contrary – I am almost considered elderly and just now beginning to see a glimmer of perception about why I turned out the way I am. I realize many of my thoughts and decisions were not God’s will and my lack of vision is a result of the absence of spiritual revelation. There is a world of difference between knowing bible stories and learning spiritual principals. When anyone lacks Godly wisdom they automatically (and with pride) fall prey to the default system of BLIND ignorance.

Would you agree there are more people that watch television than individuals who read, write and study on a daily basis for the purpose of seeking spiritual wisdom? I am not being critical or judgmental or talking down to anyone, I am just asking a question. Do you believe that according to people’s actions, they have all of the spiritual vision and wisdom they want? Only those who have been truly born-again in Christ have the correct “tuner” that can dial into the redemption frequency. Christians are the only people in the world that have been transformed in their spirit and have God Himself dwelling inside of their conscience. This brand new spirit cries out to God for more wisdom like a baby cries for their formula. If a Christian allows Jesus to be the Lord of their heart, they will surrender their will and submit to what God desires to do in their life. What Father is most interested in is developing His nature and character in our mind and this is done by the absorption of His Word. The way we become saturated with His Word is to spend time reading, meditating, writing, worshiping, praying and learning how to apply all of this into a LIFESTYLE. So we see a definite process and until we can subdue our flesh while developing a strong desire and a disciplined work ethic, our VISION to see Godly wisdom will NOT just automatically happen. Selah.

Let us consider the word “vision” for a moment. The Bible say’s, “Where there is no VISION, the people perish: but he that keeps the law (God’s Word), happy is he.” (Proverbs 29:18) What is God talking about in this statement? I believe He is using this word as a foundational platform for SPIRITUAL wisdom along with our natural levels of intelligent insight. We cannot ignore His gift of common sense and the ability to learn all that we can in this world. But the Christian must filter everything through the Holy Spirit in order to obtain spiritual revelation and be led in the perfect direction of God’s will. He is saying how those who will SEEK and receive the illumination of holy truth will understand what an important part Godly wisdom plays in the disciple’s life. This “vision” of Godly truth is Jesus Himself! His Word declares our redemption from the darkness of ignorance and His wisdom reveals His love which is our salvation. This “deliverance” rescues us from sin and the danger of not knowing God’s Word that can further enhance our abundant life. Those who are not enlightened with the vision of Christ and what He offers through His covenant are plagued with misery, emptiness and hopelessness. Nothing they can accomplish in their own strength can satisfy because it is all based on the false trust of humanism – the vision of self.

The Webster’s New World Dictionary explains the word “vision” like this; the act or power of seeing. Something supposedly seen by other than normal sight, as in a dream or trance. The ability to foresee or perceive something not actually visible. We can now also incorporate and connect faith into our platform of “vision” because God’s thoughts are “seen” and developed within the spirit and the fruit or “birthing” is the manifestation of Jesus ministering through us. To claim to be born-again yet not having the vision of Christ being formed “in us” is to be in danger of religious deception. The definition of “perish” is; to be ruined, destroyed. To die an untimely death. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you, that you will be no priest to me: seeing you have forgotten the law of your God, I will also forget your children.” (Hosea 4:6) The knowledge of what? The revelation of knowing God and how to live for Him!

I was raised by good parents who were clean, decent with generally good morals. My dad worked hard in his own construction business and my mom was a stay at home housewife. They provided a loving environment for us kids and we all lived a good life and enjoyed the blessings of what I would call the “normal” middle class, American family. I was raised in a traditional church, went to Sunday school and was born-again as a young teenager. I heard lots of salvation messages and thank God for that, but I do not remember receiving spiritual instruction at home. In fact I cannot recall much in the way of teaching me about anything pertaining to the lessons of life or how to WALK as a Christian. I do not intend to be critical; rather I am actually sympathetic because I believe I finally understand how the LACK of spiritual insight can be a generational cycle. If one has not been personally instructed in spiritual wisdom – they will not be sensitive or aware to teach and pass on the “visions” of God’s divine reality. Since I was not taught the spiritual knowledge and wisdom about how to live in God’s presence, I did not pass these specific instructions on to my children like I should have. My wife and I did join a spirit-filled group of serious believers and did pray and lay hands on them at bedtime and this was an improvement. But I still feel that I failed as the head of the home to plant the seeds of vision and wisdom that could have increased their awareness of God and would have given the Holy Spirit a greater opportunity to influence them even more.

Years ago, my wife Cheryl and I became friends with a Mormon family when our children played sports together. We had read about the Mormons but had never been around them personally and what we learned was very “eye opening”. I do not agree with Mormonism doctrine and this is not the place or time to discuss it but rather I want to share with you how they have discovered the importance of the cycle of passing on the “vision” of Christ to their children. Mormons take every aspect of family VERY seriously. Their dedication and commitment to their church and their family would put the average Christian to shame. Mormons believe in the unity of their faith and are closely connected with each other in everything they do. Education is one of their highest priorities and you will seldom find a Mormon that does not graduate college. It is very common to find Mormons at the top of their field in business and most of them enjoy financial success which enables them to abundantly provide for their children and church. Their Sunday school classes are not babysitting situations but rather are led by qualified teachers (most of the time actual public school teachers and professional leaders). They teach little girls how to cook, clean, sew, wash, iron, changing diapers and every other possible domestic responsibility connected with taking care of a home. Many of their classrooms have complete kitchens as these teachings are presented as serious “seeds” that are planted into impressionable minds that produce a rich harvest of blessings. Little boys begin boy scouts when they are tiny as the boy scouts have a long tradition of being partnered and supported with the Mormon Church. Boys are not only taken out on regular field trips to learn about nature but also instructed on HOW to act and interrelate with others in a Godly attitude. They are shown how to respect authority and the elderly. They receive personal instruction on how to treat other people with incorporating the character, nature and attributes of Jesus. They learn the value of money, the responsibility of working and the awareness of being business minded. As they progress through the scouts they grow more mature about life to the point they can handle a two year mission experience after high school so they can put into practice all of the “life skills” they have learned.

There is usually no question as to whether Mormon children will go to college or not. It is expected, planned and provided as a normal part of life. There is a high rate of success in their work and usually marry within their faith as husband and wife are comfortable in their spiritual values and can share their passion for God and family. On top of being trained by the tight knit community of church friends and mentors, each Mormon family (especially when starting to raise children) is committed to what they call “family alter” each evening. This is a time where the father leads a spiritual teaching along with having special prayer for each person and a time of sharing personal experiences, questions and just having honest discussions about life. We have had the honor to be a guest at these family gatherings and were very impressed with how close this bonds the family as a whole. You can feel the closeness and the joy that is felt in this caring atmosphere. If you have ever really paid any attention to the “Walton’s” you will notice how their family dinner table was the place of unifying and focusing on “each other” and how this genuineness and transparency builds the bonds of love. In today’s world it is not difficult to see how the devil has broken up these bonds of affection and scattered the families with electronic distractions and worldly attitudes. The television, computers and cell phones have replaced the vital “human” connection and consequently have brought a distance and a weakness in the strength of CARING within the family. Sensitivity and tenderness has been replaced with harshness and resentment. Loyalty, respect and honor have now become embarrassing and its cruelty breeds backstabbing even within the sacred presence of family. Husbands and wives easily drift apart from each other and lose their vital spiritual and physical connection. When couples do not pray together they lose their spiritual adhesiveness. They actually drift so far apart they do not even really know each other anymore. Parents forget about their children and are satisfied with allowing them to make their own life as long as they leave them alone. Parents expect the public school system to teach them everything they need to know but have become so busy they do not care about the lies and poison their children are absorbing. It is easy to see how the average family has become a victim of sin and has suffered from the lack of making Christ and His Word the CENTER of the family. I am not saying that Mormon families are perfect and I’m only using them as an example of those who are grounded and committed to living and leading in their faith. And I am sure there are many good Christian parents that have “walked” and taught their children in the same path. The point is the LACK of personal instruction is why people do not know how to live in Christ. And when they grow up they in turn do not “pass on” the crucial truth of what it means to be a true disciple of Jesus. When the principals of God are not planted deep within the heart of a CHILD it is difficult for that person to find the buried treasures of God’s divine reality. This glance at understanding why people do not know how to live for God is not meant to be condemning neither am I offended by not receiving instruction from my family. I am blessed to have been given what I received. I simply recognize why things are the way they are and pray this developing Christian generation will plant spiritual seeds and build their “vision” within God’s Word as their highest priority. “Receive my instruction, and not silver; and knowledge rather than choice gold.” (Proverbs 8:10)

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