“That the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us, who
WALK not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” (Romans 8:4)



Dear Father, we feel the conviction of your Holy Spirit to re-examine our life. We sense that you are knocking on our hearts door to convict us, to provoke us and motivate us to a higher enthusiasm to WALK as Christians. Dear God, we ask for more of your FIRE! More of your PASSION to live what we believe! We repent of our sins of laziness, of being lukewarm, too comfortable, not caring, being judgmental, critical and arrogant. Open the eyes of our heart that we might see how you feel and how you think. Give us wisdom and maturity that we might become more serious about love and compassion. Put a guard on our mouth and do a work of patience in our heart. Today is the day to CHANGE the way we talk, the way we think and the way we act. Take our hand and lead us out into the deep waters of your perfect will. Give us the desire to pray for more ZEAL! For your glory and in your holy name we pray, amen.

THE WALK OF PASSION: Our Lord is presenting a challenge to us this day. He is saying that if we really desire to go to the next level with Him, we must have a burning PASSION for Him! How can we generate this spiritual craving to go all the way with Him? We cannot! We can become extremely emotional but that is all we can create. The same way that humans must be drawn unto the Father to be born-again under the convicting power of the Word and the Holy Spirit – we also must have the super-natural revelation gift of PASSION! If we really want to completely be sold-out to everything God has planned for our life, then it is time to ASK HIM to do a deep work in our heart so that He can be the Lord of our life. Are we AFRAID to ask Him because of what He might call us to do? Selah. If we surrender our will and pray with a sincere, fervent intensity, I believe that Father will begin to pour out His power which will renew our mind and strengthen our faith to a place we have never experienced before. The reason why many have never had spiritual doors open for them in the ministry is because they have not had enough PASSION to support their calling. Some of you that are reading this have been waiting for answers and miracles to bless and confirm the direction you have been seeking but Father has been waiting on you to be consumed with His passion so that He can release His anointing within you. If we are serious about seeing our ministry bloom then we must get off the couch and fall on our knees pleading with God to give us His passion that will fill us with courage, strength, faith and confidence until we explode with the brightness of His glory. A zealot is one who is FULL (in this case filled with God) – showing a fervent enthusiasm to an EXTREME or EXCESSIVE degree! Are you saying that we are to be a fanatic and even a militant? Yes, exactly! Many have forgotten but we are soldiers that should be interceding in spiritual warfare against the dark spirits that hinder the advancement of the Kingdom of God. If we are not fanatics for Jesus Christ we will never be a sold-out, faithful follower. Selah. If we become nothing more than a religious spectator we will fail in our mission, our calling and our responsibility as a Christian. If we never become light or salt, if we are not obedient and our mind is not renewed, then what are we? If we have no attributes of Jesus and do not feel the haunting of His conviction to change – then it is evident that we are either severely backslidden or we need to be born again.

What makes our faith worth dying for? How far and how long are you willing to stand for what you believe? Are you positive that Jesus is your Lord and that you personally and intimately know God? Is there anything that could cause you to abandon your convictions? Of course not! What about your love for comfort and pleasures? If today is not the day to re-evaluate your spiritual attitude and position with the Lord, then is there a day in the future that would be better? There is a huge difference between possessing the knowledge of it – and being a disciple for it! There is another crucial difference between rightly dividing (interpreting) the Word of God – and conveniently ignoring it! Selah. The church is filled with knowledge and the average pew sitter has heard many sermons and teachings about what the Father expects from us, but unless the passion “wires” are connected, the words will fall by the side of the road and the distractions (birds) will eat the seed before it has a chance to grow. All of this talk about how we are to WALK is just “words” unless we obtain the revelation of what it means to be PASSIONATE for Christ! Well brother, I go to church. That is wonderful but that does not automatically place you in an elevated status of higher spirituality. I am not referring to what we “say” we are – I am talking about what we “really” are! Christianity is not a fan club and does not give exclusive memberships to be a religious spectator. This type of attitude is what makes religion an enemy of the cross! Why do you think Jesus came against the church of His day? Because they had twisted God’s Word into a legalistic, shallow system of do’s and don’ts until they had pushed the presence of God completely out the door! It is easy to see why every church fights against each other because they are operating under the influence of the same spirit. They are only looking to the differences in their doctrines instead of seeing each other through the eyes of love and unity. Jesus was trying to explain to them about a personal relationship with Father and they were correcting Him about how to live the religious law. They were blind to the truth then and are still blind today. Christianity is being a follower and a vessel that Jesus Christ can flow through which includes obeying and demonstrating His character and all that His Word demands. Yea, yea brother we know all of that. Well, ok that’s great but maybe the reason you keep HEARING it is because God is still waiting for you to PRACTISE it! I am not talking about selling everything you have and moving to Africa, I’m talking about demonstrating the character of Christ in the grocery store! How about not back-stabbing everyone you know at work and at church because they are not doing what you think they should do! Ouch!

It has been said that if we are truly born again, there is no possible way we can keep Jesus a secret. What is our new mission in life after we receive the God of the universe into our conscience? Well, to put the Christian objective in everyday language, “we are to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable”. Some may want to know what this means and then again maybe there are those who do not really care to hear about it at all. I am sad that some would desire to exercise their religious politics but avoid dwelling on their ultimate spiritual responsibility. And, of course there are those who do not want to talk about Christ at all, like it is every man for his own self. I remember my Mother in-law telling me about her friend who would become anxious and offended every time a discussion would take place about the Lord. She believed religion should be a private, personal subject which everyone should keep to themselves. It seems the point of being a light holder would be for allowing the world to SEE the light of God. Could it be that in their shame, they realize how embarrassing it is to not possess what they profess? Or are they afraid of being criticized for being a fanatic from the humanistic world of scoffers? How can we keep the fruit of the Holy Spirit a secret? And how can we screw a lid on the jar (us) which contains the presence and power of God? The Holy Spirit in us should be an automatic comforter to those whom we come in contact with and who need to feel the encouragement of His compassion and joy. And those who avoid His spiritual peace, hope and happiness, should also feel their need for Him when we are around them because of Fathers convicting presence in us. WALKING in His Spirit is the constant awareness of Him being in us and all around us and the lack of understanding about this is one of the hidden mysteries of spiritual development. Sadly, most Christians are generally not aware of God or His divine appointments as they live their own busy lives. The revelation of awareness can only be realized through an “enlightenment” of spiritual truth. This gift can be received through prayer but until we see how crucial this “ingredient” is to being a true Christian we will never incorporate it into our life. Everyday we make an impact or impression on everyone we meet whether favorable or negative which is exactly why we should be constantly sensitive to His voice. Spending time with God will sharpen our sensitivity and increase our PASSION. This is why there is such a war against us to steal our time away from Father. When we become filled with His presence – He can use us! Faith is learning to follow and trust His plans and will grow stronger when our obedience becomes more IMPORTANT to us than living our own destiny! We are NOT called to “blend in” or compromise – we are called to WALK holy and produce an awareness of JESUS with everyone. If we are not making an impact we are backslidden and need to sincerely repent for not asking God for more FIRE! The world is asleep, spiritually dead and we have been called to wake them, but we need to WAKE UP first! If our neighbor’s house was on fire in the middle of the night would we feel the responsibility to wake them and try to help them out? Is not their eternal soul more important than what we fear they may think about us “disturbing them”? If we had the vaccine to cure a deadly plague, would we not give it to the world? People are convicted of their spiritual condition when their conscience is pricked by the light of God’s truth and who do you think is holding the light! Jesus wants to be released as the TRUTH that can change everyone – everywhere. He is the “Christ in YOU” the hope of glory! The reason why He is not overflowing and “spilling out” constantly is because we are not filled with Him to capacity! WE ARE WHAT WE CHOOSE TO BE! Selah. Will we ask God to give us His PASSION that will increase our love, zeal and devotion or will we “remain the same” and enjoy the level of comfort and security we now live?

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