As Satan goes about trying to “rewire” our conscience, anyone that is walking with God can see that in the last 50 years our Christian standards have become anemic. “And be not CONFORMED to this world: (Satan’s idea of independence) but be ye TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your mind, (surrendering your will) that you may prove what that good, and acceptable and perfect will of God.” (Romans 12:2) Depression has become very widespread with the common diagnosis generally considered an imbalance of our hormones and chemicals, and in many cases, I am persuaded to agree. This intricate matrix of electrical codes is considered one of the most highly complex grids of intelligent design. When it is functioning correctly, it should be regarded as one of God’s greatest miracle of creation, however when there is system failure, it will effect the entire “machine”. No doubt, our diets have most likely contributed to the depletion of many important nutrients and minerals intended to sustain a higher degree of overall health and with increased physical exhaustion along with an elevated emotional stress level, our overloaded central nervous system causes the body to become like a candle that is burning at both ends. As our “temple” labors to release the constant, perfect chemical mixture of a mini laboratory including a complex, immunity security system, it would seem likely that when the body works overtime with very little rest, there will be neurological malfunctions and breakdowns. Our lack of “rest” as a preventative maintenance in the physical, mental and spiritual areas of our bodies has been proven a deciding factor in most cases. For instance, many believe the Sabbath was created as a day of spiritual, mental and physical REST for allowing triune man to relax our mind, rebuild energy and increase our spiritual sense of inner peace. Fasting not only sharpens and increases our spiritual sensitivity; it gives our tremendously overworked digestive system a time to shut down and be still along with a “time-out” for our exhausted mind. The Sabbath is established for being thankful, meditating, praying, worshipping, listening and clearing our conscience because Father knew we would need it to maintain the perfect balance of work, enjoyment, clarity, contentment and peace. As keeping low miles on our vehicles helps them last longer – our quiet rest is God’s idea for practical preventative maintenance.

I want to say that it is not my intention to oversimplify or disallow legitimate malfunctions of glands and organs that cause infirmities. Nevertheless, the probability of our mental and spiritual influence on our physical bodies is very real and this is adding or possibly causing many of the health problems we experience. There are consequences to our actions! This principal law of nature needs to be incorporated into our health education instead of handing out prescriptions of “serotonin reuptake inhibitors” like candy. Of course, the rulers of this world have designed effective “devices” and snare traps to keep “spiritual heart disease” and the variety of mental disorders that are associated with sin – a secret. Satan is successfully implementing the idea through secular psychology that taking medications to help us cope with living is normal. God’s Word demands that people examine their heart in the light of God’s Word, but society has thrown His standard of living out the window. Our culture does not believe in sin, which means they do not have to deal with it or feel guilty about it. Carnal man knows that God’s Word exposes the darkness of his heart and since he was unwilling to repent, he just discarded holiness as ancient legalism. So now with a brand new philosophy that promotes freedom to do whatever feels good, he spends all his time concentrating on how to generate “guiltless” pleasure.

Many are held prisoner in their own mind with lies that directly effect how they feel about themselves, society and God Himself. I have completed the courses and training in the principals of theophostic counseling and psychological first aid and have seen first hand how effective this ministry can be. When people become truly connected to God and begin to understand the revelation of who they are in the spiritual realm, they will experience a positive mental and physical change. Unfortunately the masses of western culture have been misled into the idea that every problem has a quick fix with nothing more involved that swallowing a pill filled with a synthetic pharmaceutical. When those who DESIRE TO SEEK man’s methods of healing choose to step back and see a more complete picture of spiritual warfare, they will find covenant mysteries that will lead to a greater revelation of God’s power.

Many would find it hard to believe but it is most likely that our modern society is being drugged for reasons the masses have not considered. One sobering reality for us to never forget is the objective of our spiritual enemy to shut down the ability of our temple to receive communication from God and our intimate relationship with Him. Satan’s mission has always been to break our heavenly connection to our Heavenly Father by filling our lives with distractions, pleasures and worries. As our neurological stability continues to erode we are finding increasing amounts of adults and children being herded into a fog of nothing less than a drug-induced form of mind control. From a military perspective what better strategy to subdue your enemy than to disable your opponent from the inside out, by taking away their ability to think and discern? Could this be a part of the strong “delusion” that was spoken of in second Thessalonians 2:11? The importance of having a strong spirit life is that it acts as a “defense system” against the spiritual attacks that we face. Without this protection our mind is left vulnerable to be sabotaged with a deep sense of hopelessness and heaviness. Many just want to attack people with their Bible but are not defending their own conscience! Selah.

Secular psychology has always thought they could “fix” the human conscience and not be dependent on the creator of all things. Many humanists that labor in the field of modern science and mental health have become filled with pride and blind to the reality of absolute truth. Like those who tried to build the tower of Babel with dreams of power and control, they work night and day in their precious laboratories and classrooms trying to figure out how to bi-pass God and discover the secrets to the perfect world. How many are racing to find another trillion-dollar SSRI antidepressant? Think for a moment about who would desire for the masses to walk around as a numb, desensitized zombie? Could it be possible that a higher spiritual entity has influenced man to become the great healer and savior of his own destiny with pharmaceuticals and humanistic psychology? The masses still cannot perceive who is in charge of building the hype and false promises of a better life all the while denying the existence of intelligent design. How could anyone not see a deceiving conspiracy that offers an improved personality, happiness and balanced emotions without mentioning a spiritual transformation? Nothing would please the kingdom of darkness anymore than to possess a world of robots because the events that are coming in the near future will be so bizarre that the majority of the world would have to be in a partial coma to accept them.

The Christian’s conscience and spirit is the command center for meditation, prayer, understanding, sound judgments and wisdom, so obviously we do not have to wonder why it is also the target of attack. Those who comprehend the workings of the spirit realm know if the enemy can control the mind, he has won the war without firing a shot. It is a fact, the personal battle against evil as well as the decision to dedicate our lives to Christ is made in the deepest places of our consciousness. This is also where our internal true self resides and functions, where we fellowship with God, receive His instructions, meditate, grow and mature in His word. Christ was crucified on a hill called Golgotha which means “the place of the skull” and that is exactly where we must surrender our nature and will, so that our spirit can accomplish God’s desire. If this secret place of refuge is disrupted, our spirit life will fall into a very serious and dangerous condition. Staying sensitive and focused on this higher realm will allow us to stay tuned to His voice while at the same time separating us from the “pull” of this worlds system. Our lack of respect and understanding for this spiritual reality has led to the downfall of nations, kingdoms, empires and the eternal futures of countless individuals. It is not judging to say that hell is filled with millions of souls and that millions more are waiting to join them – it is a fact! Satan’s influence is not a “powder puff” hindrance but rather a deadly plan of attack that has been studied, discussed and tested since the creation of Adam and Eve. What will it take for us to realize the kingdom of darkness is trying to destroy us so that we will never finish the race that God has called us to run? The answer is in the gathering of perfect truth and more importantly the revelation of that knowledge. We need to not just know about Jesus but we must “abandon” the chains of carnality and sin so that we might know him personally. An individual must become a seeker of spiritual truth and desire to discover the mysteries of the highest reality, which in turn requires the discipline of serious study and prayer. Selah. Unfortunately, we conclude that very few people really care about life after death or growing their spirit to be the strongest of the three parts of their being. People generally do not want to sacrifice this life to inherit the next life – but YOU are different! You have been called out of this worlds system. You are faced with a very strong “resistance” because of the power of the light within you. Resist the confusion of this life and invest your energy into helping others know Christ. Protect your mentality at all cost because every thought and image is recorded and stored for either good or bad. Do not allow the media to overwhelm you with the negative flood of lies, deception, fear, despair, discouragement, sadness and disappointment. Satan wants to fight us and defeat us in the battlefield of the mind and he has an arsenal of mental and spiritual weapons of “mass destruction” to use. Alarmingly most people do not even realize they are already captured as a prisoner of war waiting to be executed. Selah.

The mind and the eyes are fragile and tender. Be careful what you look at and what you hear. More medicine is not always the best answer because medicine cannot heal the spiritual reasons for spiritual problems. To mask our emotions, our past hurts and pains, our doubts, fears, unforgiveness, resentment and pride without dealing with the “root” cause, would be like wrapping an ace bandage around gangrene. Man cannot save us or heal our soul – they can only hold our hand and agree in faith with us in prayer. Jesus the great physician does not desire to dull or mask our pain but rather He is interested in going to the reasons why we are suffering. He is the balm of Gilead and desires to do a COMPLETE work in us but we must allow him to have His way. In many cases pharmaceuticals are the enemy’s way of “preventing” us from dealing with the real sickness in our spirit and sadly most people would rather take a mind-altering drug so they can continue living a self-absorbed lifestyle. The popularity of any type of addiction that leads us into a dream state is for the purpose of running away and escaping the absolute truth of God’s divine reality. This is exactly what popularizes alcoholism and other sinful addictions where people choose to “hide” from the responsibilities of holiness that are known within the recesses of their conscience.

The Lord created the spirit to be in charge of our mind and body as it states, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind” (II Timothy 1:7). We are seeing the inability to discern right from wrong because the enemy has infected the mind with lies and polluted the heart with the fruits of carnality. We as Christians cannot become distracted with the pleasures of this world because souls are dying without Christ! How can someone truly believe and not be a fanatic that warns others of certain danger and spiritual judgment? If a deadly plague broke out and you had 500 gallons of antidote would you help others or pull a blanket over it and act like you didn’t know where it was? What is the difference between that and knowing the truth and keeping it a secret? There is a time to speak and a time to be silent but there is never a time to fear speaking the truth in the spirit of love.

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