Before we get started, I just wanted to share with you some minister opportunities the Lord has provided. After a series of events, I was asked if I would be interested in becoming the chaplain for the Jessamine County Fire District. After praying about it, I felt God’s peace to go in that direction. There had not been a chaplain in the district before so the vision was presented to the board of trustees by the chief and assistant chief of the department. I was unanimously approved a couple of weeks ago and I look forward to helping in any way I can. I believe there are endless possibilities to minister Christ to these men, their families and the community. In addition, I am in the process of becoming a member of the Kentucky Community Crisis Response Team. Along with my education in pastoral counseling, extensive crisis training will be provided so that I can help minister to not only those who are being directly affected from a disaster but also those who are assisting. As we know, the days ahead will become perilous and this could be a “field” for divine appointments. It is not “our ability” to know what to say or do in this life; it is ONLY the powerful anointing of God’s Word and Holy Spirit that has the power to save a soul. Thank you for your prayers as I plant the seed of the Gospel. “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believes; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.” (Romans 1:16)

After several weeks of seeking God’s will about the direction of “The Walk”, I feel in my spirit to NOT spend the rest of the year writing about politics. The Lord has been giving these weekly messages to me for a while now, and the only reason they are even worth reading is that He anoints them. As I stay close to Him and listen to His heart, the words flow so smoothly and I sense His peace as I write. However, in the times that I have chased rabbits concerning things that I know little about, I have found that it is easy to become sidetracked. I have no doubt that all of us know very little about what really goes on behind the scenes of politics and I feel that if I invest large amounts of time and energy trying to express and expose political views, that I will hinder the anointing along with causing unnecessary division. Lately, I have been reading some very astounding material concerning the founding of our nation and the influences of our political leaders and have been very stressed out and discouraged. I was in tears the other night as I was reading about the dark shadows that have been present in the background of our nation’s authorities. It is these disturbing emotions of discord, hopelessness and being “cast down” that I sense to be coming from the enemy. I sense a danger of drowning in the flood of words that is being unleashed upon our conscience. Why should we subject our peace with God to the intrusion of filth and deception? It is nearly impossible to keep from discussing politics with people everyday but I have discovered that hashing the issues does NOT edify my spirit. Does this mean that I am weak and cannot handle being involved with the issues of truth? Not necessarily, because I can choose to become saturated with world events and board a “one way” flight to stress and anxiety just like many others. What I am saying is that my relationship with Christ is so precious and being sensitive is worth much more to me than focusing all of my attention on things that I cannot change.

Now brother, we are to have faith that our involvement in politics can make a difference for Christ. I am not saying that prayers of faith are useless in this society; I am saying that we should hear God’s voice FIRST, before we speak. It is imperative that we be grounded in God’s Word to know right from wrong but it is also just as important to know God’s TIMING about WHEN to say or do something! Prayer is not just a collection of nice phrases – prayer is coming into an agreement with what God desires and moving when He says to move. Father already knows what is going to happen in the future of this world because His omniscience gives Him the divine power of foreknowledge. It is not profitable to pray against what He has allowed or decided. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and this reverence for God’s ability to know how to handle everything is a result of “knowing” God. Selah. I believe we should vote and pray for our leaders but we also cannot deny (as the song says) that He has the “whole world” in His hands. For those who are walking with God and are discerning His truth, it is clear to see good and bad. If you and I are really walking in His Spirit, you do not need me to confirm what you already know! In addition, you do not need another avenue of communication to repeat the same knowledge that you can learn – if you choose to do so. If you desire to know the “real” history of the United States, nothing is stopping you from researching it. If you want to listen to political opinions there is talk radio, news magazines, editorial sections of the newspapers and numerous television programs that pour out political views, rumors and stories constantly. In this world of violence and desperation, we must find our secret place with God and run into Him like a strong tower where we can be safe.

Have you ever watched the news at night and with being bombarded with so much bad news that you felt your countenance drop? If I cannot sleep at night because I am so mentally tortured with the condition of the world, I must get a hold of myself and find the peace in Jesus that passes all understanding or I will begin to weaken. This is not something that God is going to MAKE us do, but it is our responsibility to maintain and “GUARD” our high level of spiritual love, fervency and hope. Prayer, worship and Bible study are NOT options in the overcomer’s life! They are mandatory “logs” that we need DAILY to keep the FIRE of the Holy Spirit burning red-hot! I know people that are so consumed with political issues that it is affecting their physical, mental and spiritual health. I do NOT want to become another messenger of fear and discouragement as I believe there are enough of them already. The point is, I feel that I have been called to bring strength and nourishment to those of you that are serious about living for God. Yes, I do challenge you along with myself because The Holy Spirit wants us to bring our “A game” in our everyday walk with Father. Believe me, I cannot tell you the times I have cried with conviction as I was writing. These messages keep me grounded and minister God’s grace to my spirit to which I am grateful. I realize that you do not agree with everything I write and I understand, but to share with you all of the political ideas that I personally endorse could end up being a disaster that causes more harm than good. Our modern politics are a train wreck and most all of it needs to be taken to the dump and buried! When we attach ourselves to the darkness of lies and deception, we become a representative of that carnal kingdom. We need to be “independently” connected to the King of Kings and His ETERNAL Kingdom of TRUTH and PEACE. “I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks , be made for ALL men; For kings, and for ALL that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all Godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior.” (I Timothy 2:1-3)

Allow me to say this; we know these are the last days and if you are like me and some of the readers that contact me weekly, I know you also believe that major change is coming soon. In the Name of Christ Jesus, of all the things we can say or do for His Kingdom, staying close to Him MUST remain our highest priority! Just like with the political arena that is swirling all around us each day, its main purpose is to cause our guts to grind with anxiety and our spirit to be heavy with depression. I realize we are worried and concerned with this election, as it seems to be one of the most important in history. However, all the anger and pacing the floor is not going to help anything! It is PEACE with Father that will comfort us. It is being in His presence that reassures us that we are secure in His arms. We must channel our frustrations with our government into the spiritual sanctuary of abiding in His presence. Remember, it is God that places authorities in power even if they win the popular vote. Our calling to intercede for our leaders is a result of our spiritual maturity and wisdom. Our constant complaining is just making us all feel worse. Listen, please hear me this day, while the world chooses to jump into the “blender” of chaos, our heavenly Father is saying, come away from the confusion and get alone with Me in the secret place. The Bible mentions about the “overcomers” as I am sure you have read. I am also convinced that you along with myself hope be to be one of these remnant warriors. There are many things that I do not understand but I do know that we will never “WALK” as an overcomer without LIVING under the shadow of the Almighty! Yes, God desires to use us, even if we are here during the tribulation, but we must be “FILLED” with His Spirit. What does this mean? It means that we must abandon our love for this world and be filled with faith, love, mercy, vision, strength, power, courage, confidence, wisdom and the heart to stand in the face of fear and NOT BUDGE ONE INCH! I have sad but truthful news for you today; you and I are not going to change the direction of this nation or this world. Yes, we can have divine appointments and minister to those whom God brings across our path, but our ship has a large hole in the bottom and it will not be fixed. This is not being negative but rather aligning with the spiritual reality of God’s prophetic Word. I am not saying there are not good people here and there, but for the most part, we are surrounded with multitudes that are cold-hearted, blind and deceived. Our government is heavily influenced by Satan and most of the people’s conscience has been seared as with a hot iron. DO NOT BECOME DISTRACTED AND CAUGHT UP WITH FEAR! Our confidence BELIEVES that this world is perfectly on course with the destiny that God has known since the beginning of time. Selah. GOD IS IN CONTROL.

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