I have something very exciting to share with you. I know that most of you have been Christians for a long time and many of you have ministered about God’s love and even taught classes, preached and written articles concerning His mercy. I too have heard about God’s never ending love all of my life and have shared this great revelation. Nevertheless, as I was driving to work the other morning, I was reminded again within my spirit, how that God KNEW every sin that I would commit – yet still loved me enough to die for me. It is not that He died for me and then I have disappointed Him to the point where He feels He made a mistake. That way of looking at the situation is like the human way of seeing. If we bailed someone out of jail and they promised to be good, then turned around and robbed and killed while laughing at us, we would feel that we were used. This is not the way God operates. He knew every detail of our “entire” life. Everything we would do in secret, and every thought we will ever have. As the psalmist relates the wonderful statement that “His mercy endures forever” it is beyond comprehension the patience and compassion He had and has for us. It is the supernatural power of His love and His commitment to saving us that should give us the constant attitude of thanksgiving. This great, awesome covenant that He has signed with His own blood is the final say to the reality of His promises for our inheritance. Whenever the devil tries to bring discouragement or condemnation to us for failing God, let us remind him that our Father loves us with infinite forgiveness! The devil may run to God and tell on us, but The Lord knew about that sin from the beginning of the world. I can see the scenario of Jesus telling the devil to go away and forget about it because it is “covered” under HIS blood! We learn about news everyday but this is the BEST news the world could possibly know! We do not have to preach sermons or write books in order to witness to the lost. This “good news” of God’s love is the arrow of conviction that can pierce the heart of the hardest sinner. This good news has the power to transform lives but it must have someone to tell it! When is the last time you shared the message of God’s love? Ask Him for a divine appointment to share this simple truth about how the Fathers love sent Jesus to shed His blood for those who will receive by faith the truth that He KNEW us – yet still LOVES us? All Praise and glory to His Name forever!

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