I had every intention last week to begin a new series of articles about politics but I feel led to share another message relating to abandonment. I work in a busy environment of freight shipping that involves the constant incoming and outgoing of truck drivers that pull eighteen-wheelers. I see regular drivers that come in every day and pass through on their way to other states. This past week a Louisville driver came in and while he was out in the yard, he felt a little dizzy and out of breath. He came in and sat down and one of our managers (a longtime friend of his) offered to run him down to the clinic and just check it out. He told him that his arms were feeling tingly but he was feeling better and needed to get his load delivered. He left and later that evening had a massive heart attack and passed away. He was 54 years old and was planning to retire next year with 30 years service. A young man in every sense of the word and now his family must try to pick up the pieces of what could have been. I was thinking today about our existence on this planet and how our spiritual sensitivity should always be our priority. Of course, we are to prepare for everyday living in the secret chambers of our intimate prayers and worship with Father; however, it is crucial to actually “use” this anointing to touch others. The idea is to abide within His Spirit and be ready to say or do whatever He is “leading” us to do. This is being AWARE of His presence and our calling to obey is the heart of being a follower of Christ.

We are faced every day with people we know and those we have never met, but it is the moment of “contact” that God can use to accomplish His intentions. It is very common for me to chat with these drivers, listen to their stories and even eat lunch with them. However, in this particular case, here was a man that many people were in contact with throughout that day, yet did anyone hear God’s still small voice to warn him, or witness to him? I personally believe we are so caught up in our own “world” of what we are going to do and what we need to do, that we drown out the tender instructions of The Holy Spirit. I do not know if this man was saved and I certainly pray that he was, but if he was not, he is lost for all eternity. This bothers me a great deal and I am very sad to think that I or someone else could have discerned God’s directions to minister to him. I realize we cannot literally save anyone but we can be a communication “vessel” within the network that God has placed us in. We are not living in contact with those around us on accident – but rather on purpose. Selah. How many people are we walking past everyday and how many divine appointments has God been trying to connect with us that we are unaware of? We have not been called to focus all of our attention on OUR success and enjoyment. We have been called to become so close to God that we can hear Him when He whispers. When we sing about God opening the eyes of our heart, it means that we are pleading to be used and then by faith we are expecting to be used. If we are not looking for divine opportunities then no wonder we are walking right past them! What good are we to God’s Kingdom if we are investing our thoughts and deeds on ourselves? How can God use us as His last day remnant warriors if we are sleeping on the bed of selfishness? Let us not forget; we are NOT earthly people trying to be spiritual, but we are spiritual people trying to live on earth. This is not our eternal home and we need to stop investing everything we have into it! We are only using this body as a temporary shell and this earth as temporary housing, so that we can do “heavenly” labor. The reason why God said the highest attribute of all eternity is LOVE, is that until we develop an agape love for Him and His people, we will not know Him.
I do not apologize for repeating myself, as I cannot escape the urgency I feel for the remnant to be enlightened with the divine understanding of their spiritual sensitivity. At the core of our personal relationship with the Lord and Master of all things, there must be a solid foundation of the reverential fear of who God is and what we have been called to be. The reason why many Christians are not “living their knowledge” is that they have never received the revelation of being aware of God’s constant presence. It is this awareness that will control our thoughts and our intentions. This in turn will “lead” and guide our words and deeds as a direct connection from the Father to those we come in contact with. Our confidence to obey Him even in the tiny things is a part of the big picture of the gospel. Our sincere kindness, compassion, patience and generosity can open the door to introduce Jesus as the loving Savior of souls. “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle and cover it under a container, but they put it on a candlestick; as it gives LIGHT unto all that are in the house.” (Mathew 5:14-15) His remnant will NOT live in a mediocre, “middle of the road” identification. Selah. “And Jesus said unto him, follow Me”. (Mark 2:14)

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