“And this I say, lest any man should beguile (deceive) you with enticing words.” (Colossians 2:4)

To continue in the same pattern of thought as we left off in the last commentary, we are seeing the reversal of God’s truth because the masses are “walking” in the opposite direction. The war of words is intended to “sear” or burn a specific political worldview into the conscience of the carnal minded. Many of us are old enough to remember the time when those who had no regard for right and wrong made immoral decisions. And, why was it considered wrong? It was not wrong because it was “out of style” but rather because it was against God’s law. For example, 50 years ago, if a woman became pregnant that was not married; it was a shame and a disgrace to the family and the community. And why was that? Because it revealed a sexual encounter called “fornication” that was a spiritual SIN according to God’s Word. The masses that held God’s Word in the highest regard knew it was wrong and chose not to sugarcoat it within their own spiritual convictions. Promiscuity used to be recognized as irresponsible and rebellious but now is advertised as having the personal “right” to be an independent freethinker a.k.a. (unashamed sinner).

In today’s world, the act of having sex with anyone (that shows an interest) is so common, that it seems normal. In fact, unmarried mothers are viewed as heroes because of their brave “choice” (as opposed to the divorced or widowed) to have children without the long-term dependence of a man. Another example would be the act of married individuals having sex with someone other than their spouse. Having an “affair” is a modern term that took the place of ADULTERY. Hollywood has built an industry on the deception that “secret sexual sin” is exciting and stimulating. Entertainment plays on the carnal emotions of humans and leads them to destruction with the mirage of a “happy” promise land. In reality, a powerful LUST is blind to what is right and opens many doors that lead to curses that affect more people than those directly involved. The idea of destroying one marriage to build another comes from our own carnal fantasies and evil imaginations – not God’s perfect will.
When the painted facades of lies are torn away, the ugly sins of perversion and debauchery reveal God’s truth. There is only one power that has the ability to change a heart and give sight to the blind, and that is the Holy Spirit’s conviction that comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ. All the counseling and arguing over politics cannot take the place of delivering God’s Word at the appointed place and the appointed time! It is time to stop trying to fight against the darkness with our ability to debate and start operating in the spirit of prayer and love. We do NOT have a vision to change the world to fit our own political views but rather desire to see souls delivered and saved from the possession of Satan and the eternal destruction of hell. We are trying to illuminate God’s presence – not our own agenda!

Today’s tolerance movement is trying to eliminate absolute truth, teaching that good and bad depends on “individual” convictions and the ideas of a particular culture. This is the platform for our modern euphemism – “socially acceptable”. This carnal agenda is working fervently to tear down the old system of Christian morality that follows God and to replace it with “political correctness”. The “thought police” are not just on their way – they are already here! The strategy of Satan is to begin teaching our children his evil philosophies within the public education system and by the time students are ready to enter college, they have been exposed to the basics of the new world order of liberal politics and are ready to embrace and ACT on a stronger, carnal ideology. The doctrines of the Christian faith are laughed at and scorned as an ancient, legalistic mindset that is filled with prejudice and discrimination. This next commentary comes from a group of Christians that is trying to explain the hidden agenda of this dangerous strategy to teach evil propaganda that influence our children’s minds.

“Moral relativism is more easily understood in comparison to moral absolutism. Absolutism claims that morality relies on universal principles (natural law, conscience). Christian absolutists believe that God is the ultimate source of our common morality, and that it is, therefore, as unchanging as He is. Moral relativism asserts that morality is not based on any absolute standard. Rather, ethical “truths” depend on variables such as the situation, culture, one’s feelings, etc. Several things can be said of the arguments for moral relativism, which demonstrate their dubious nature. First, while many of the arguments used in the attempt to support relativism might sound good at first, there is a logical contradiction inherent in all of them because they all propose the “right” moral scheme—the one we all ought to follow. But this in itself is absolutism. Second, even so-called relativists reject relativism in most cases. They would not say that a murderer or rapist is free from guilt so long as he did not violate his own standards.

Relativists may argue that different values among different cultures show that morals are relative to different people. But this argument confuses the actions of individuals (what they do) with absolute standards (whether they should do it). If culture determines right and wrong, how could we have judged the Nazis? After all, they were only following their culture’s morality. Only if murder is universally wrong were the Nazis wrong. The fact that they had “their morality” does not change that. Further, although many people have different practices of morality, they still share a common morality. For instance, abortionists and anti-abortionists agree that murder is wrong, but they disagree on whether abortion is murder. So, even here, absolute universal morality is shown to be true. Some claim that changing situations make for changing morality—in different situations different acts are called for that might not be right in other situations. But there are three things by which we must judge an act: the situation, the act, and the intention. For example, we can convict someone of attempted murder (intent) even if they fail to (act). So situations are part of the moral decision, for they set the context for choosing the specific moral act (the application of universal principles).

The main argument relativists appeal to is that of tolerance. They claim that telling someone their morality is wrong is intolerant, and relativism tolerates all views. But this is misleading. First of all, evil should never be tolerated. Should we tolerate a rapist’s view that women are objects of gratification to be abused? Second, it is self-defeating because relativists do not tolerate intolerance or absolutism. Third, relativism cannot explain why anyone should be tolerant in the first place. The very fact that we should tolerate people (even when we disagree) is based on the absolute moral rule that we should always treat people fairly—but that is absolutism again! In fact, without universal moral principles there can be no goodness. The fact is that all people are born with a conscience, and we all instinctively know when we have been wronged or when we have wronged others. We act as though we expect others to recognize this as well. Even as children we knew the difference between “fair” and “unfair.”
Other examples of how the upside down kingdom is using code language to attack holiness and deceive the masses into accepting it. Alternative lifestyles offer an “alternative” to the Godly institution of man and woman marriage and family, Judeo-Christian morality, health and longevity or in other words; not something good! The sales pitch is that anyone can choose to do whatever they want and whatever feels good to them. Same-sex unions, is another euphemism for homosexual marriage, other wise known as state sanctioned perversion. We now have laws that endorse two people committing acts formerly called “unnatural” as being perfectly normal and even have the blessing of the legal system to raise children. In the past, the idea of a same sex couple adopting children would be a story from a land of fiction but is now – our neighbors next door. How are we as Christians to act toward them? We are pray for their spiritual condition because we have been given the LOVE of God for them and the burden for their souls. This is no different than all of the people that we are surrounded with everyday that need our compassion, intercession and spiritual intervention. The question is how far do we go in our acceptance of their SIN and where do we draw the line of tolerance and compromise. The answer is asking God for more wisdom and discernment and trusting Him to show us the way.

Cohabitation is the new catch phrase that sounds more socially acceptable than shacking up together, living in sin or long-term fornicators. This is the “breeding ground” for producing a world- view of immaturity and less responsibility. The nature of God is commitment and He wants to incorporate this character trait into us with everything we are involved with. Sexually active is decorated with nice ideas and the freedom of love and peace, besides who would want to say there is anything “wrong” with having multiple sex partners in the same week? What used to be referred to as trashy, slutty and licentious is now seen as healthy, adventurous and confident. Safe sex is the view that sex is perfectly good and correct as long as there is birth control. The thoughts of honor, virtue, decency and abstinence have all been thrown out because these ideas are connected to God’s nature. We could go on and on and I am sure you are aware of other areas of society that are being twisted from what is wrong into something that seems right. Jesus was not afraid to “associate” with society – but never compromised! He walked “right side up” with no apologies! The wicked of today hate the word “repent”! The wicked of the past wish they could hear it just once more…

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