Searching for the Mind of Christ

“He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High
shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” (Psalm 91:1)



The most important tradition found in ancient civilizations has been the passing of knowledge to the next generation for the simple reason of preserving the heritage and legacy of the past. One sign of a dissolving society is when the older leaders become deceived with error, laziness, apathy, and sin. As they fail to stand for truth, the up and coming decision makers begin to reject traditional thinking and eventually the original established philosophies are set aside and replaced with new and seemingly dynamic concepts. If moral convictions that were once a normal way of life are allowed to be transformed into unfamiliar worldviews, the next generation of movers and shakers can actually change the thinking and complexion of the culture. Change is good as long as it brings more of God’s truth, but when mixed with secular humanism, it can be just as dangerous as it is helpful. Moreover, society must not become so angry and frustrated with their condition, that they accept a “new age” of change out of desperation. This is an old “hat trick” from Satan, which falls into the category of spiritual witchcraft with the consequences being damaging and deadly.

There is nothing more important for us who know biblical truth than to devote our lives passing the spiritual baton of “soul saving” secrets of divine wisdom to the future. It is the hope and security of God’s Word that has the ability to sustain and empower those who have been chosen to embrace its principals. For example, modern education is openly teaching young minds, the politically correct idea that the evolution theory is uniformity; that is, it seeks to show that life in all its various forms and manifestations probably originated by causes similar to or identical with forces and processes now prevailing. They teach the absolute supremacy and the past continuity of natural law as now observed. Uniformity says the changes now going on in our modern world have always been in action, and these present-day natural changes and processes are as much a part of the origin as anything that has taken place in the past. This fairytale view of nature and matter tries desperately to disprove God and his Word for the purpose of establishing an atheistic order of laws and precepts to live by. In reality, the truth is that man is evil, and as he continues to destroy the earth, even the atmosphere, the ocean or the animals will not be able to survive his greed. In turn, God is bringing judgment upon man because of his selfishness, and is very displeased with the way humans have treated His beautiful creation.

It is sad that many have been brainwashed into these deceptions and choose to rely on fiction instead of trusting the wisdom of God who has already proven his validity. It is with complete confidence that I proclaim that man did not evolve from a microorganism, a monkey or any other animal form. The theories and daydreams of such thoughts are an insult to God and to those who are His disciples. This is not to say there is no such thing as evolution, because it is possible for certain things to change, however everything was originally made by the One and only God of Alpha and Omega. For example, breeding certain animals and coming up with a specie modification is completely different from saying that a whale can morph into a elephant or that a rhinoceros can transform into a wolverine. Creation was not a process but rather was “spoken” directly and plainly into existence and instantly manifested by the authority and majesty of who God is. The liberal, humanistic leaders of modern intelligence cannot accept this magnitude of the miracle of creation. God is deity, from His nature to His name and He is the only one who can create from that which does not exist. He is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. He has always known everything from past, present and future, the beginning, the end and everything in between. It is a blind and deceived fool that would belittle God’s divine omnipotence by explaining away the power of His Word. If every human tossed God’s Word in the garbage can and decided to write his or her own worldview it would not affect the truth. God’s Word, ability and authority is true whether “anyone” believes it or not!

To better understand God, one must bow down to him with not just the physical knee but also a surrender of the “will” of their heart. This has always been where humankind draws the line. It comes down to the attitude of pride every time, which reveals the condition of the carnal conscience. Man wants to control his own destiny and believes he can. This mindset has brought floods, fire and great destruction to the world since time began. Those who remain calloused automatically become a hindrance to the progress of the kingdom of light and cannot comprehend what is spiritually or morally correct. They cannot see through the altered lenses of delusion. This transformation process called “salvation” or being ”born again”, that consist of yielding and bowing our will, has not been taught correctly neither has it been understood by the masses. Our mental, emotional and spiritual plans and ideas must be totally surrendered to him before he can intervene. He has come to rescue us from ourselves and we need him desperately. God’s kingdom is the opposite of man’s religious system. We “descend” into greatness; less is more because the less there is of us the more God can minister through us. Pride is the evil spirit that puffs us UP – but humility is a downward mobility that is required to manifest Christ. In Psalm 51, there is a verse that speaks about this attitude “adjustment”, “Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.”

If you are a student of the New Testament you have already seen the outline of its message; the world hates the message of surrender and the messenger is Jesus. Christians and non-Christians relate to Christ many different ways and how much they accept His message depends on which Jesus they choose to tolerate. For example most people love baby Jesus because babies are so cute and non-threatening. He is not confronting them and they love the feeling of being larger and stronger than him. Adults are naturally in total control of a baby and the human conscience can rest easy in the presence of an infant. At Christmas most people are in a festive mood of cheer and good will and can go along with the story about the wise men and Bethlehem. For the masses Jesus is harmless as long as He is kept in the manger. It is when He is allowed to grow up and express His absolute truth that He becomes a ruling King.

Another picture of Jesus that is widely accepted is when He fed and healed people. Our mind registers this view of Jesus as a provider and supplier of our needs. We like the idea of someone presenting us a delicious buffet or relieving our pain. This is a positive image that is tolerated among those who do not acknowledge God until they “need” something. These simple-minded thoughts about Christ are easy to deal with and are about as much of God as most people want. Where the masses begin to turn away from Jesus and walk away is when he is presented as teacher and master. This turns the tables and places him in authority and control. When the world is introduced to his anointed instructions and requirements the room begins to thin out, as people grow uncomfortable and rebellion begins to rise up from their human nature. To most individuals life is an amusement ride built for their enjoyment. Humans love pleasure and desire to stimulate every nerve and indulge in every pleasure with constant gratification – and to consume it all in lust. The world does not want to be told what to do in their personal thoughts and actions and they certainly hate to develop self-discipline or to be governed. They will have the last say or die trying. It is the ever-present attitude of pride that breeds rebellion and the age-old battle of control between the spirit and the flesh. In fact, the more that people understand what Christ desires, the more they begin to realize that he wants to rule their every thought and decision. Bingo! Religion has always compromised, distorted and watered down the Word of God because it is too difficult. The churches are being deceived with cupcake lessons in socially acceptable thinking and a logical tolerance to SIN! Sadly, the masses are generally NOT becoming closer to God – they are drifting farther away.

The religious system feeds the masses what they want to hear in order to keep up the salaries and expenses to finance their existence. The truth is that religion loves their non-threatening, “pleasure programs” but actually hates the real Jesus and would never support Him or His doctrines. The religious world seems to be powerful in pomp and ceremony but spiritually they are shallow and powerless because they do not know God personally. The attitude toward Jesus has not changed since the religious system cried out for his execution. It is basically the same – He stood before them as an innocent man and they denied His uncompromising word of truth! Selah.

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