The Balance of Truth

Hurt me with truth and never comfort me with a lie
I believe that Christians should be filled with the light of God’s love. I believe this light is a REFLECTION of God’s positive, encouraging aura of compassion and forgiveness. The language of hope and faith builds up and edifies the spirit, mind and body and has the power to change and transform. However, in the spiritual dimension of God’s law, the balance of eternal symbolism reveals the two edges of blessing and judgment. The absolute truth of God is “complete” wisdom of all things and the fullness or “big picture” of all knowledge and intentions. This validates God’s position of almighty judge as His attributes of being omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent proves His authority as the sovereign ruler of heaven, the earth and the entire universe. Many representatives of God’s Kingdom teach extremes pertaining to how good we are or how bad we are as human beings, but we must use the BALANCE of both edges as responsible sword users. There is an accountability to using His sword correctly and it has a divine idea behind it – it’s called being “anointed” with the Holy Spirit to be able to speak under HIS control. Is there a more serious responsibility than to be a spokesperson for the God of all creation? It would be better to live in silence than to speak our own agenda in the name of Almighty God as we “pose” as His holy interpreter. Selah.
Many ministers have laid out strategies concerning their style of ministry and have felt “led” to concentrate in certain areas. If you notice, it is common for teachers, politicians and preachers to not stray very far from the passions within their worldview. I have actually been involved with churches where the pastor would teach the same subject every week, only reshaped into a different disguise. This is good if the Holy Spirit is leading in this direction but if not it can become stagnant by lacking the anointing that gives it the life and power of God’s presence. For example, an evangelistic person who is focused on winning souls may preach hell fire and brimstone every Sunday, while ignoring other topics such as love. Like I said, I am not saying this is wrong as long as the LORD is leading. In His infinite understanding of people’s hearts and minds, He knows what words will penetrate and convict their conscience to develop their understanding into genuine and lasting transformation. But, if we are just focused on an emotional extreme, we may be promoting our own agenda instead of being led by Him to teach the “whole” or full gospel of balance. Our heavenly Father is the healer of our body, mind and soul, our comforter and the one who can and will restore. He is the miracle giver and specializes in the impossible! He is filled with love, mercy, and encouragement, the glory and lifter of our head, our shepherd, our provider, our protector, our Savior, Lord and King. Being instant in season and out of season is being in tune with what God is telling us to say EACH MINUTE! He wants to prepare our words to fit every person individually for each divine appointment. If God commands a messenger to talk about peanuts, it would be wise to follow God’s orders than it would for them to preach an in-depth expository that attempts to make them look intelligent and super- spiritual but instead saturates the atmosphere with a lethargic deadness. God has a fresh word for all of His children all the time and He knows the perfect way to minister to everyone all at once.
Another example finds many pastors that have figured out it’s easier to draw bees with honey. Again, if God is telling someone to preach “chocolate cake” all the time, then so be it. However, if we are doing it for political motives that will enhance our personal gain – shame on us. The ministry is not for our glory and pastors are not to “rule” the local assemblies as a way to promote their agenda. When pastors feel like they own the church they see themselves as Kings, but when they realize they are nothing more than messengers they see themselves as servants! The two edges of God’s absolute truth bring the perfect balance of love and judgment. Sadly, compromise and fear has thrown a wet blanket over the fires of God’s holy anointing and has caused many churches to become nothing more than smoldering heaps of religious activity. The reverential fear of God is a humble, broken and contrite heart that realizes how serious it is to LIVE His exact message even if it cost us everything. The bold anointing to stand before one or one hundred thousand begins with the emptying of self and continues with being filled with HIS burdens that evolve from Agape love. Passion for God and people are developed in the closet of prayer and worship. Humans are depraved sinners that desperately need to be saved and seeing God for who He is – will open our eyes to who we really are! How “Christ like” we can be – depends on how much of our will we can lay down and how much of His image we choose to reflect. Selah.

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