The Path Less Traveled

Hurt me with the truth and never comfort me with a lie

“Enter in at the straight gate: for WIDE is the gate, and BROAD is the way, that leads to destruction, and many there be which go into it: Because straight is the gate and NARROW is the way, which leads unto life, and FEW there be that will find it.” (Mathew 7:13-14)
How easy it is to follow the crowd. It is true that personality has much to do with how people think and act, and no doubt is a direct influence when it comes to being a spectator or a performer. It seems the masses are not concerned about what to think because they are confident and eager to wait and watch for the next trend. Our modern technology and the conveniences of pleasure has taken much of the worry about “survival” away and replaced it with laziness and apathy. In other words it has become easier to depend on floating by the seat of our pants than to plan, coordinate, concentrate, learn and develop the skills of practical thinking. It is being said now by scientist that our new generation of young people are actually losing a portion of problem solving intelligence along with their ability to effectively communicate. The era of computers and cell phones that have become the focus of mental attention is causing the personality to be altered and the basic instincts of mechanical and motor skills to not be developed because the lack of functioning is allowing the brain to be re-wired. In the days before television for example, time was spent trying to figure out how things operated so that when they broke people could fix them. They were more independent and self-sufficient, whereas now most young people cannot fix anything because they have never spent the time learning practical problem solving skills. However, for those who pay no attention to the “popular path”, the determination to follow the heart has been allowed to be more independent rather than longing to follow the crowd.
Within the Christian world, there is even a more refined definition when it comes to the decision making process of those who enjoy blazing their own trail. Instead of a rebellious attitude that intentionally rides off into the sunset, the Christian follows the inner voice of the one who rules their soul. When Christ is allowed to sit upon the throne of someone’s conscience, the blood covenant of salvation declares that the redeemed must surrender their will – as a spiritual allegiance of servant hood to the King. This sacrificial obedience is developed in the intimate, personal relationship of worship, devotion, reverence, purity, faith and most importantly – love for God. This concept of commitment is not a religious ritual – it is based on the awareness of God’s presence every second of the day and night. It is very easy and comfortable to join a religious club and support an organization. It is quite another thing to allow our heart to be melted and created in HIS image and our mind to be renewed and transformed into HIS constant way of thinking.
I have read much in my life about spiritual warfare and I believe that it is a reality. It is clear the devil is against God and His people and will do anything he can to disrupt or destroy. However, it seems what we as Christians do not like to talk much about is another enemy that is equally as dangerous – carnality. In many cases, I believe that Satan does not even need to implement strategic attacks or the snares and devices of military combat. Unfortunately, many Christians are very effective at ruining their life all by themselves and this includes the damage from a hypocritical personal witness. For any of these things to be realized within our heart, there would first need to be a willingness to take a personal inventory of our own conscious. This is an act of humility that is as popular as going to the dentist and is the main reason why people are the way they are. Until we can defeat “denial” and become honest with ourselves – we will NOT enter into the change process. We may realize it and even sympathize with it, but facts are just thoughts until we deal with them. Selah. Dreams are accomplishments that have NOT been acted upon. Maybe this is the problem. Could it be that most people have no desire or vision to be anything more than they already are? Could we assume that our human nature opposes the idea of surrendering its power to being controlled? I absolutely agree. This is the very reason humankind hates being told what to do. The power of the human brain is much craftier than it has been given credit. It has the ability to know what it needs to do to deny the truth and live in the la la land of happiness. The battle between our spirit and flesh will have eternal consequences that we could have changed. However, it may be futile to absorb more information about how and when to change – until we decide whether or not we want to.

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