Who is that person in the mirror?

Abiding under the shadow of the Almighty



If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then maybe wisdom is “gleaned” with the sensitivity of interpretation. There are many different ways to see things, especially when it pertains to the Bible. It is common knowledge around the world, that Jews have played a leading role in human civilization. It is also a fact they are one of the most hated people on the planet. Having the privilege to be named as God’s “chosen” nationality, is truly a blessing and honor, however, it has also kept them in the spotlight of criticism, persecution and judgment. Of course, the holocaust is a sickening reminder of how this culture has been looked down upon as a lower, “sub-specie”. This horror is a clear example of how racial supremacy can envision nightmares like eugenics as a way of “filtering” the human race. Sadly, this ideology is still alive today and strongly believes that many races should be exterminated in order to preserve and maintain the purity of humanities genetic evolution. This barbaric hatred and delusional prejudice is a result of carnal ignorance that refuses to harness the depravity of a Godless soul.

We have all seen some type of prejudice in our lives and maybe in the past we ourselves have even been infected with it. Nevertheless, in the case of the Jews, we cannot ignore that many have a strong resentment against them because they along with the Romans are blamed for the death of Christ. It is clear that a week before his death, the Jewish community was praising him as he entered the city of Jerusalem. They even laid palm branches before him as they shouted and worshipped his “royal” entrance as their highly anticipated king. Amazingly, a week later, these same followers chose to release Barabbas while unanimously agreeing to crucify Jesus. I realize this is a difficult issue to process in our mind and spirit but before we go any further, let us “reason together” and examine the truth.

First, let us establish that even though the Jews have been selected to be “special” – that is a decision made in the mysteries of God’s sovereignty. I am not sure that anyone understands exactly what “God’s chosen people” contains, but we can agree that He has used them to be examples of ALL of us. This concept can destroy the arrogance of prejudice – IF WE ALLOW IT to change our heart! Making the decision to see the Jews as a “mirror” of our own weakness and failures may be the reason God has held them up in front of the world (like show and tell) allowing everyone to see the REALITY of OUR human nature. It is no secret the Jewish Nation has always struggled with being faithful and has fallen on their face so many times it is embarrassingly surreal. However, this open drama of the riding high in the good times and the humiliation of being exposed as an adulterous, stubborn and rebellious people is actually a representation of us ALL! How many times have we enjoyed God’s blessings and then turned around to chase after sinful temptations? How many times have we seen His miracles and within no time we are found crying in doubt and unbelief? They are not any “better” than we are – that is not the point. The point is that we are not any better than they are.

It is always a sobering thought when we hear someone say that we were (metaphorically) present when Jesus was crucified. If you had really been there, would you have bravely cried out for Pilate to release Jesus? Or, would you have been hiding at a distance when they were driving the nails into His hands and feet? If you had been a part of the five thousand that He fed with the loaves and the fish, where would you have been when He was at Golgotha? It is a very important thing to remember in our journey with Jesus – every single detail of His life, death and resurrection was planned and fulfilled by His Father. Jesus did not ACCIDENTALLY save us from eternal death – He did it on PURPOSE! Seeing this event in the light of God’s holy plan, we can say in confidence that NO MAN “took” His life from Him; no one overpowered Him or defeated Him.

In order for God’s will to be accomplished, the payment of the blood of Jesus was the only possible ransom. There is nothing more precious or more powerful than the blood of the Lamb and in order for all of this to take place the Father had to arrange a situation where humans would willingly destroy their Savior. Jesus was predestined to redeem fallen humanity; however, “WE” as blinded sinners made the choice to kill the messenger that was the Word of life. This same spirit of hostility against God is alive today as the world still despises Him and will never tolerate Him intervening in their affairs. The Jews were just like us and we would have done the same thing because our nature is selfish, dark and violent. That is why the love and forgiveness of Jesus longs to change the hearts of men and women like us.

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