Preparing for the Future II

Abiding under the shadow of the Almighty

It is not a secret to the person who is following Christ that we are in what Jesus called, “the beginning of sorrows.” When reading Mathew chapter 24, we notice between verse 8 and 9, a drastic change of the atmosphere and evidently a sudden shift in the laws of the world. In verses five through seven Jesus is talking about the hardships and struggles of the world with natural disasters, famines and wars. The news is filled about these things every day now and it seems we have even become numb to the chaos and destructive forces that happen almost daily around our planet. We have talked about this before but it is true that we are being bombarded with so much negative information that we can hardly sleep at night from the stress and anxiety of the world’s problems. However, the conversation turns drastically in verse 9 when Jesus continues by saying something that changes the scenario from something we hear about – to something we are directly involved with. “Then shall they deliver YOU up to be afflicted, and shall kill YOU: and YOU shall be hated of all nations for my names sake.” Did you notice how quickly his context went from something that is happening around us – to something that is happening to us? I believe this is a warning sign and significant revelation to how sudden things can and will change in the world we live in.
I am concerned that many Christians including myself are living in a “coma” like state of mind because we are tired from working all the time. It is normal to look forward to having time off and to anticipate and enjoy our weekends and vacations however; many times we are not aware that our life could change very quickly. We run to the security and coziness of our homes each night as we try to rest and relax from the stress and harshness of the world but we should also remember to pray diligently that our discernment and sensitivity of the Holy Spirit will be sharp in order to hear God’s instructions. May we not become soft and weak while waiting for Jesus to come and rescue us in a pre-tribulation rapture. When He does return that will be a glorious day and we will definitely Praise Him but if He does NOT come when you think He will, there is no doubt you may be required to do things you never dreamed you would need to do. As we have said before, the world will continue to spiral down into darkness and this includes becoming more hostile toward God and His people. The world “hates” Jesus and the authority of God’s Word and this increasing animosity will include eliminating the Christians. This statement has no intention of causing fear but rather a trumpet warning call to spiritually prepare NOW as one would secure their house before a storm.
Within our generation we have witnessed this nation shake its fist in the face of God and now we grieve with sorrow. There have been very intelligent people in the past trying to guide and inform our government about decisions but carnal Politian’s have surrendered to the temptations of corruption. Human nature is weak when it comes to being blinded with power and control, and politics is the highest arena where men and women can promote their own agenda on a very large stage. There may be humble beginnings when passionate people begin their quest into the political world but they all seem to fall prey to the lobbyists who operate like the mafia that whispers secrets in the shadows. It does not take a Politian long to understand how the games are played. The tragic disappointment is realizing it is not the political office that really has the power – it is the outside interests that actually make the decisions. Money controls political offices and they use public officials like puppets to get what they want all the while taking care of those who cooperate. With career politicians, it is either go along with what the rulers of the world desire or face the consequences of losing everything.
We must remember that Christians cannot change Biblical prophecy that God has already seen and written. This world is controlled by a system called the beast and a handful of good people who desire to change it will not overturn it. We have been called to be overcomers of sin in our own life – NOT force the masses to embrace Jesus. If we can live a life of obedience with abiding in the vine of His truth, we will be a reflection of His image. The Holy Spirit convicts those who “see” Christ in us and this is what God has called us to do. The witness of how we live is much more convincing than what we say. Selah. The world has always hated Jesus because He exposed their depravity and would not compromise just so He could be seen as a “nice guy”. His ministry was not a campaign platform but rather a sacrifice of His life so that everyone could experience the freedom of His truth. It is this very truth that has the power to redeem and deliver the soul from being eternally damned. Are we not to stand for certain issues, absolutely! But the key is to be led according to God’s gentle voice – not to speak or react within the logic of our emotions. Yes, we must pray for our government and our politicians because we cannot conquer evil with our physical strength and intelligence. We “wrestle” against the system of darkness through spiritual warfare but this is only developed with spending time in the secret place. Without the spiritual anointing of sensitivity and discernment it is easy to become sidetracked which breaks our concentration away from our personal mission.
Let us edify one another and say that even though we are heading into “deeper waters” so to speak of the last days, we can rejoice in knowing that Jesus IS returning! Each day that passes is a day closer to seeing the face of Christ and adoring Him in all of His GLORY! Amen! Shout and dance in the streets my brothers and sisters for we have so much to be excited about! Yes, the problems and troubles of this life are very heavy but cast off the spirit of heaviness and put on the garments of PRAISE! Enduring to the end is all about staying strong in the power of God’s might and keeping our focus on HIS face. This is not the time to throw in the towel because we are exhausted. It is time to be refreshed by the fresh wind of the Holy Ghost and rekindle the embers of our spiritual joy into a bonfire of zeal. Instead of backing off in the ministry may we step forward and commit even more time and resources to His Kingdom. Christianity was never intended to be a “tithe” of our money and time! It is a TOTAL dedication and complete sacrifice that reveals our highest priority! “He that has my commandments, and keeps them, it is he that loves me: and he that loves ME shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him and will manifest myself unto him.” (John 14:20)
Why not pray about starting a mission in your town that helps the poor and feeds the hungry? Why not pray about starting a new Holy Spirit led ministry? Why not pray about being a missionary? Why not pray about starting a radio program that teaches God’s Word? Why not pray about teaching Sunday school? If there is anything that you are complaining about that you believe your community NEEDS then maybe you are the one God will use to start it. If you do not see it happening maybe God will use YOU to make it happen! We are twenty first century people needing first century Pentecostal power but we must arise from our comfortable slumber and rebuke the intimidation and fear! Will you be a voice crying in the wilderness or will you just roll over and pull the covers over your head? Selah.

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