Where are we headed?

Offend me with the truth but never comfort me with a lie

I know this is a loaded question but at the same time, I do wonder what the future holds for God’s people. Of course I know that Jesus is coming back and one day we will be with Him for all eternity, but as you all know there are many events yet to take place between now and then. There are several disagreements when it comes to prophecy but we can all agree that Jesus will defeat the armies of the world and remain in total authority over the kingdom of darkness. So, why do we want to know where we are headed? Because we are curious as to how the last days are going to affect us. As I have said before, it seems many do not really worry about the future as they live day to day and are just content to survive with food, shelter, a check coming in and the freedom to live the way they want. I am not trying to be the bearer of bad news nor do I claim to be a prophet but, allow me to ask a few questions; do you feel that maybe we are experiencing the “calm” before the storm? Can you discern in your spirit that things will not always be like they are now? If there is severe persecution on the horizon, will we be ready to endure its fury? Will we stand for God’s truth in the face of violence? Are you strong enough today to forsake everything you have and follow His voice wherever He may lead you? Having HOPE in Christ is a beautiful fruit of spiritual maturity in knowing that God never fails and whatever the future brings we will confidently hold on to His hand. However, before we go further, we should dress for battle and lace our combat boots as we prepare our conscience for a few sobering thoughts.
We have programmed our mentality to sort incoming messages into organized compartments. We like to hear positive words and we love encouraging speeches. We become instantly turned off with negative comments and views that paint pictures of suffering and adversity. I realize that many of us have read articles, books and listened to prophecy teachers and our pastors speak about the future. We also know the Bible and may have a general outline of eschatology, but to be honest, many times we find that we do not have a firm grasp of the details. If God’s Word was broken down into more detail, the Bible would not be just one book but rather a very large “series” of commentaries, but one thing is perfectly clear; the Lord had every intention to give us “keys” that would unlock layers of divine revelation. Much of God’s wisdom is hidden in the depths of His Spirit and it is within the realm of His presence where we find the treasures of His intentions. Handing someone a sword does not mean they skillfully know how to use it – it takes years of constant seeking and God’s heart in order to become a wise counselor. Reading the Bible is not necessarily studying it. We can receive much from reading but the heart of His enlightenment lies “below” the surface. Those who are hungry for His truth must also have the equal passion and desire for His righteousness. We cannot be just archeologist of information unless we are first lovers of His person. We do not glean His fields so that we can celebrate knowing more – but rather we receive according to our humility, motives and responsibility to do His will which is “intertwined” within His absolute truth. We must proceed in His way (He is Master) and with the sanctified attitude (we are the student) as His holiness discerns the desecration and blasphemy from the darkness of pride.
Let me ask another simple question; do you believe we will change the world and bring revival that will sweep the globe and restore God’s peace and love to the planet? Or, do you believe the world will continue growing darker, filled with hate and more violence against God and His people? I realize we do not want to think about this. There are people I am very close to that will openly reject this type of talk by saying why should we worry about it because there is nothing we can do to stop it. I understand this view but at the same time, how can we work fervently in God’s Kingdom with our head in the sand? I know that emotional fear desires to grip us and paralyze our mind and emotions but this is where FAITH must rise and be a stronger influence on our thoughts than our “feelings”. It is crucial to keep our eyes on God in these last hours because it is a constant reminder that we are conquerors because GOD is who He says He is! Saturating our heart with His truth will enable us to function in this world – but not become entangled in its lies.
With God’s grace I will answer the question. We will NOT turn the world around – not because God CANNOT but because He has seen the future. It is not being negative to say, “It is too late”. In His foreknowledge He has revealed that sin will increase and society will become no less than savage barbarians (again) without a conscience. This part of judgment is relatively clear and it will include Jesus coming in the clouds with a holy judgment of wrath that will destroy the wicked inhabitants of the earth. With His Omnipotent Word of TRUTH, He will slaughter all those who have risen against him in hatred and this demonstration of power will be like none has ever imagined. I am sorry and do not mean to dash your dreams that we can evangelize the masses and convert Satan’s kingdom into a glorious world for God, however we can work within His divine appointments and look forward to the New Millennium with the Holy City of Jerusalem descending from heaven where Jesus will rule and reign as King for a thousand years.
It is not my intention to bore you or depress you with pages of facts about how vile we have become as a society. If you want to study the darkness of people’s hearts, you can read all you want at the touch of your fingertips. I will mention however, that we must realize a very important aspect of our daily routine may not be exactly what we believe it is. I am speaking about communication – the media world of which we receive our news from. It is common knowledge the majority of every television network, radio, and newspaper is owned by just a handful of very powerful people. Each of these individuals has an agenda to control the minds of every human. They realize the power of words can manipulate and influence the brain into believing what it hears and in turn can plant seeds of information that can be used to lead the masses. We are not only heading into a mind control state of existence – we are already there! The heaviness and discouragement we feel in our heart is not only from drinking in the dark events but also the result of listening to lies. We may feel we are not doing anything wrong intentionally but the absorption of “twisted truth” nevertheless has a direct “impact” on our spirit and conscience. We need to consider who we listen to as we ask the Lord about pulling away from the dragon’s flood of lies. “Now brother, you are starting to sound like some fanatic weirdo that is afraid of everything.” Call it whatever you will, there is no positive reason that a true Christian can explain that would justify listening to Satan’s lies concerning his worldviews. If we have nothing better than to wallow in distorted half-truths, then we need to examine our heart and see why we feel the urge to be made a fool of. The nightly news will continue “feeding the listener” because the strategy of Satan is to keep us pacing the floor with worry and fear while we sit and do nothing to actually fulfill or accomplish our divine calling. Since the media is not filled with the Holy Spirit, pray and ask the Lord about limiting your intake of what the world’s humanistic philosophy has to say.
It is common to see large crowds gather when the subject is blessings, heaven, or bragging about how wonderful we are. It is not difficult to make lots friends and financial supporters when your message is one that exalts human goodness and how God is going to pour out His riches on those who follow Him. Though some of these promises are true when placed in their proper context, we need to be cautious when they are presented out of balance and in a form of extremism. Yes, it is true we have been MADE righteous because we are in Christ, but as far as our “goodness” I am afraid I have bad news. People do not want to hear it but the truth is that our old nature is corrupt and depraved. Our righteousness is as “filthy rags” because our old nature is filled with sin. The only good we can do is what God “helps” or empowers us to do. The only good we can say is what God speaks through us or anoints us to say. This is why secular psychology usually does not really help anyone because it emphasizes its power in the ability of “human” ability and intelligence. Churches will continue using humanism to draw the large crowds and generate the finances needed to support their programs. Compromise has “reduced” the level of God’s Spirit in the church while increasing the level of carnality. Preaching against sin is not popular because people love to sin! Selah.

Death is the “gift” that homosexual behavior has given to the world. Despite this truth, people in positions of influence and power, such as our government and legal system, now defend homosexuality as a normal and wholesome lifestyle. Soon it will be against the law to even speak about this issue in a negative light. America’s leaders are promoting homosexuality as desirable because it gives them favor as they receive political support from the masses for their policies and laws. Our culture of death believes there will be no consequences to their actions. The sin of Homosexuality is NOT harmonious with divine life. Far from being conformed to the image and likeness of God, homosexuality is a manifestation of the spirit of anti-christ. It is antagonistic to life, and a vehicle of debauchery and corruption. Satan is a liar, and so too are the men and women who support this abomination.
America became a culture of death in 1973. That year the Supreme Court declared it to be a woman’s right to murder the child in her womb. It was the same year that the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from their list of mental illnesses, declaring it to be normal, and healthy behavior. America chose death over life. Throughout the Bible Godly women are consistently portrayed as desiring to bring forth life. However the widespread use of birth-control has now become the substitute for abstinence. It is not anyone’s right to kill an unborn baby just because you do not want to be bothered with it. This is truly contrary to the nature and character of God, which is life-giving. America has not been able to “escape” the consequences of her actions as God’s judgment is “at the door”. The most prosperous nation in the world has intentionally chosen death and is now dying morally, spiritually, and physically. America’s once mighty economic and manufacturing dominance has been destroyed. The dollar is dying and when it falls it will cause a financial collapse “domino effect” throughout the entire planet. America has bloodstained hands with so many deceptions and evil deeds in the past that are hidden behind the scenes. This nation produces the abundance of pornography and “Hollywood” rebellion to all the nations of the world that are poisoning the minds of billions with evil imaginations. Where are we headed? This nation will eventually present nudity and sex on regular television and pedophiles are the next slice of society that will cry for the right to express their sexual needs just like the gay movement. Where there is no repentance for sin there is judgment.

The question that is in the back of everyone’s mind is, “what will happen to our economy”? Well, you do not have to search very far to see people preparing for an economic collapse. People laugh and call them doomsday preppers or fear mongers but one thing seems to be prevalent is that many people are becoming worried. Not to intentionally be negative again, but it is clear that the world will experience an economic collapse. The United States is (or used to be) a front-runner when it comes to the world of finances and no matter how the experts try to decorate it or present it – we are in trouble. It is only common sense that if we are blowing up a balloon, that it can hold only so much air. The result of over filling is an explosion, which is exactly where we are headed. History proves that when a nation prints an overabundance of currency, it becomes worthless. Our debt is spinning so out of control, it is agreed that we will never be able to “justify” our checkbook so to speak. This mammon melt-down will come to pass in order for Satan to establish his New World Order of control. The mark of the beast will be a part of his world government and will identify who chooses to serve him – and who will perish. “Father, we humbly bow before you. We love you. We choose to stand with you even as a martyr and in your power – the gates of hell will NOT prevail against us! We choose to seek your face in the secret place and for your glory we live, amen.”

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