Seeds in a Jar Will Not Germinate




“Let the Word (spoken by) Christ (the Messiah) have it’s “home” (in your hearts and minds) and “dwell” in you in (all it’s) richness, as you teach and admonish and train one another in all insight and intelligence and wisdom (in spiritual things, and as you sing) psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, making melody to God with (His) grace in your hearts”. (Colossians 3:16 AMP.)

How many times have we as Christians heard this? Yet, it can be possible to hear something and shake our head up and down that we believe it is true – but not really listen or believe it can transform our life. Many keep biblical facts or “seeds” in a jar but have never experienced the reality of planting them. In the minds of people there are various amounts of knowledge about certain things but when something becomes a “revelation” the individual is filled with energy, passion and vision that changes them and touches all who come in contact with them. When we allow ourselves to be enlightened by God’s super-natural, living, Rhema Word we are never the same because we cannot deny that we have encountered absolute truth. Contrary to popular belief, everyone who goes to church is not a Christian and everyone who has read the Bible does not “know” God’s Word. God’s Word is more than ink and paper – it is a living, breathing source of life that germinates God’s Spirit and terminates our carnality but how fervent are we to “get it”?

The Bible is not for a coffee table decoration – it is filled with the seeds of wisdom that have the “potential” to become manifestations. For those that are willing to take these seeds out of their mind (jar) and allow them to be planted into the fertile ground of the heart, then Divine order can begin to move in the perfect flow of mans obedience and God’s will. This is where thoughts are transformed into life-changing revelations and religious attitudes are converted into sold-out spiritual warriors. God’s Word IS His will and when His Word becomes revelation to our heart then we will follow God’s voice and this generates the power that enables us to accomplish our destiny.

So how does God’s seed find its way from our mind into our heart so that spiritual growth can begin? I am so thrilled that you ask! We will change when we “see” that we have been deceived and then we must CHOOSE to make a radical decision to become “sold out” to Him! When an athlete makes the decision to win a gold medal – nothing can stop him because he is dedicated and completely focused on his goal. Only when we raise our spiritual experience up to God’s standard can we begin a “genuine” journey within the Divine Reality of His presence because we have willingly crawled upon His alter and surrendered our will to Him completely. “Then Jesus said to His disciples, if any man will come after me (desires to be my disciples), let him deny himself (disregard, lose sight of and forget himself and his own interest) and take up his cross and follow me (cleave steadfastly to me, conform wholly to my example in living and if need be, in dying also). For whoever is bent on saving his (temporal) life (his comfort and security here) shall lose it (eternal life); and whoever loses his life (his comfort and security here) for my sake shall find it (life everlasting).” Mathew 16: 24,25AMP.) There is no plan B with a true disciple.

We have heard about faith since we were old enough to crawl. Without faith we cannot pray and without revelation we cannot have faith. We cannot understand God’s absolute truth without “knowing” His Word and we cannot walk in His presence without following His voice. You see, when we were children we believed, hoped and expected Santa Clause to come on Christmas and bring us our toys. But if you think back and consider how that became so strong of an influence with us, we can see an interesting principal. It was something very special to us and very exciting. We dreamed about it, wrote letters, read books and magazines, saw all the lights and decorations all around us, watched the tv shows and movies, and every time we went to the store we were mesmerized with the displays. We talked about it constantly and became so saturated with these magical visions that it consumed our mind and conscious. (I do not agree with lying to children about this holiday but just using this as an example of how faith works.) Until we realize what being a Christian is we will never be one. Is Jesus exciting to you? Until we become completely “sold out” to investigating what the blood covenant of Jesus contains for us and the responsibility we have to live the gospel – we will remain in bondage to the default. It takes constant awareness and constant communion to develop a LIFESTYLE! The religious world in Jesus time had plenty of knowledge but did not know God personally. They went through all the motions of trying to look the part but all of their seeds were stored in jars (mental realm) between their ears. The veil was torn to illustrate how that now God would LIVE in His people and that His SEED could grow in their heart to produce the image of His character.

I talk about confessions and decrees all the time and I believe in the power of the tongue there is life and death. But, many pull away from this theological view because they just have never received the revelation of what it is. I do not speak out loud because I am trying to tell God what to do or demand MY ideas to come to pass. I am not trying to create a formula or a magical spell to give me what I want. I am speaking out loud to remind my brain that I am going to be transformed whether it likes it or not! I am strengthening and encouraging my spirit to believe in what I am saying while at the same time I am commanding my body to surrender its crying, whining, begging and fleshly negative influences that is fighting to hinder me from obeying God. Confession is CONFIRMING what you believe and where you stand. It is not trying to force God to fulfill your carnality – it is trying to line up with HIS will! It takes a long time to understand His Word to the point you can stand on it. It will take reading passages over and over, memorizing, meditating, researching and confessing it over your mind and body EVERYDAY! It may takes years to get the revelation of His Word and it may take more years to peel back the layers of His truth to see even deeper insights and enjoy fresh manna. You will not advance into His Kingdom if you do not “press-in” to His Word! You will not enjoy the blessings of His Divine Reality if you do not enjoy spending every minute of every day in His presence. This is why it is so crucially important to get the revelation NOW before something happens in your life that can overwhelm you. Many live in the default system and when a crisis occurs and the storm clouds rise up, they are clueless about how to deal with it. They have planted no seed which leaves them with no faith. This weak and helpless condition makes them vulnerable to suffer loss or be destroyed. I have personally seen people who have not dedicated their life to living in the Divine Reality have a sudden crisis where they are facing a very bad situation. Saints begin to pray and encourage by trying to “cram” God’s word into them. But most people that are ambushed with a life or death situation are in shock and while they are trying to grasp the revelation that can manifest God’s miracle, the enemy is attacking with fear and doubt. The devil will take advantage of ignorance if God’s Word has not been planted and producing the fruit of faith. Even the cries for help to God will not always move Him to act because He is moved by faith. When the seed is in the jar – there is no harvest.

Would you like to be possessed by God? Well, brother Billy you know I am filled with the Spirit. You are not filled with the Spirit just because you went down front once and someone touched you on the forehead. And for that matter, just because you went down during an alter call somewhere does not mean you are saved either. Being born again is not buying fire insurance but becoming a new creation from the inside out. The evidence of being saved is having Jesus as the Lord of your life. Everyone wants a Savior but few have given him control! The evidence of being filled with His Spirit is walking in the fruit of His Spirit. The church is the body of Christ, the true believers that are members of God’s remnant. The church meetings are pep rally’s to give God glory and a “supply house” so the body can stay refreshed with God’s presence and receive more of His revelations. Religion is “play acting” and religious people are the tares that sit on the same pews and sing the same songs but have never allowed Jesus to be their Lord. The lukewarm are those who have tasted the Divine Reality but still hold on to the default system and are in a very dangerous spiritual condition. Those who are truly saved have already experienced a resurrection! Their old nature has died and they are filled with God and their old spirit is transformed into a NEW creation. Those who are saved do not live in their own desires, make their own decisions or follow their own directions. If the evidence is not there – then maybe salvation did not happen. How many people operate on a religious mentality without genuine redemption? How many on judgment day will be stunned to discover they built their life on deeds and opinions instead of knowing God personally? Those who are possessed are 100% CONTROLLED by the one who possesses them!

The amount and type of “return” will depend on how much and where you have invested! Selah. How much victory do you want? Do you want to be filled with Him or have your carnal comfort zones caressed? Pastor Chris said the other night that God is not telling us to TRY harder – He is telling us to DIE harder! Only the seeds that are planted in the fertile soil of a pure heart will take root, germinate, grow and yield God’s fruit. Only those who are “sold out” ( the overcomers) will desire deeper intimacy and press toward the high calling of Christ.

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