The Battle to be Transformed




It seems every political platform uses the same “WE NEED CHANGE” campaign slogan because even though it is as old as time – it is still the most effective. It is a very basic strategy to have people desire a fresh new start and as they say, if it works keep going with it. The Holy Spirit has the same idea when He encourages us to digest God’s word because He knows it will “change” everything about the way we are – into the way God wants us to be! Change, is one of the most popular words in our Christian vocabulary and the definition is to;” transmute, transform, to make a difference in the state or condition of a thing so that it is distinctly not the same as it was. The old identity is lost and a new identity is revealed.” Of course there are some very interesting things to consider when talking about change; just because something CHANGES – it does not always mean it is a good thing! Things can change for the better or things can change for the worse. For example; we can stuff ourselves with unhealthy food, lie around on the couch, absorb trash entertainment and become negatively “CHANGED” into a person that is completely LED by their flesh – or we can eat healthy, exercise, study and obey God’s WORD and be TRANSFORMED into a loving, giving person that is LED by God’s spirit! Spiritually conforming to HIS “will” is what our training on earth is all about. We daily cry out that we want to SEE our circumstances change, so we wait and wait on God to fix our problems… but could it be that He is waiting on us to receive the revelation of His Word – that will change US and release the miracles we need and desire? I believe so!

Another important issue is how there are TWO different AREAS that we all will deal with in our life that are directly related to change. Number one; there is man’s idea of feeling the need to CHANGE the OUTSIDE – (remember the slogan WE NEED CHANGE)? BUT – if you recall, the Pharisees were only clean on the outside – they had never been “changed” on the inside! They invested all their time with learning how to live religiously (experts in the law) but did not know God Himself. They had not allowed their heart to be transformed. They wanted to live their own “homemade” religious lifestyle their own way and were willing to fight to keep it that way. Is there any difference in the mindset of today’s followers of religion?” You senseless (foolish, stupid) ones (acting without reflection or intelligence)! Did not He who made the outside make the inside also? (Luke 11:40) “But woe to you, Pharisees! For you tithe mint and rue and every (little) herb, but disregard and neglect justice and the love of God. These you ought to have done without leaving the others undone.” (Verse 42)

Number two: God’s idea is re-creating man from the INSIDE which will change his identification and eventually change his outward image! The Christian life is all about relationship with Jesus and is about walking with God in the Divine Reality of His presence and the absolute truth of His Word. But it is walking according to God’s destiny not our own opinions. Walking in His Spirit is surrendering our decisions and obeying His voice no matter how extreme or costly. Religion does what feels right and seems logical in our brain – Walking in God does whatever God says, whenever – period! When the saint and Christ become one, the image of God is manifested and the fruit of His character is seen, heard and experienced. Can you see the huge difference in the default system proclaiming “WE NEED CHANGE” and God’s holy requirements that constantly beckon us with – WE NEED TO CHANGE? “But The Lord said to him; Now you Pharisees cleanse the outside of the cup and of the plate, but inside you yourselves are full of greed, robbery, extortion, malice, (spite, evil intent) and wickedness.” (Luke 11:39) “Woe to you, lawyers (experts in the Mosaic law)! For you have taken away the key to knowledge; you did not go in yourselves, and you hindered and prevented those who were entering”. (Verse 52)

It only takes an opinion to say WE NEED CHANGE! It takes a personal enlightenment to know WE NEED TO CHANGE! Since Lucifer was thrown out of heaven – to Adam and Eve being thrown out of the garden, it is the same problem – MAN CHANGES GOD’S WORD – TO KEEP GOD’S WORD FROM CHANGING HIM – – – Selah.

Allow me to say we were never called to change the way the world thinks because you and I cannot change anyone. If we could, we would go down to the bars and drug rehabs and empty them out, then go on to the government and bring our country back to God. But He built His divine system on grace through faith – He opens the door but we must make the decision to go in. The Holy Spirit convicts the heart of the individual by His Word and they are faced with the choice to arrogantly walk away or humbly submit to God Himself. If God uses us as the messenger then PRAISE His Holy Name! But if we are just running around in our flesh criticizing people without God’s divine appointments then we are causing more harm than good. There is only one person that can change another person and that is JESUS CHRIST! GOD is the changer! And he uses what “changed” people say (HIS WORD) and uses how “changed” people act (THE CHARACTER OF CHRIST) to open the floodgates of mercy through “conviction” and the POWER of His LOVE and MERCY to create an environment for the miracle of salvation.

You see, the reason why God is saying that WE NEED TO CHANGE is not ONLY for us, but because He also wants to change everybody that is in our NETWORK! When we change – then God can use us to help change others and that is what our witness and testimony is all about. Each Christian is to be a light in their network which is the responsibility of “walking the talk”. And when will we change from the inside out?

When we see our self the way God sees us and we become sick of the way we think and live, to the point we do something about it! God’s word is our mirror!
When we make that gut wrenching decision to DECREASE so that Christ can INCREASE – Descending is going higher!
When we begin to love people enough to actually pray for them – – Are we keeping a confession and prayer journal?
When we allow God to come with His refining fire and burn-up our carnality and make us holy – A living sacrifice!
When we receive the revelation of the power of words and begin to SPEAK God’s will – As we think – so are we!
When we can become determined to stand in faith no matter how long it takes – – Open the eyes of our heart –
When we realize that we might be the only LIGHT and the only JESUS someone may ever see – Burden for the lost –
When we allow God to CHANGE OUR MIND, it will CHANGE the way we act – This will put us into the POSITION to be used. How many know that an untrained boxer is not ready to fight a champion? An untrained pilot cannot fly a plane? An untrained surgeon cannot operate?

Father is asking all of us this moment – are you in position to be used as a good and faithful servant? If you are not ready, when will you be? God is hoping that we will let Him do a COMPLETE work in us! Why is He hoping? Because He knows it is up to you and me to choose to be “sold-out”. In the free-will that He has given to each of us, He realizes we are constantly making decisions to either follow the default or the Divine. The Almighty has already seen and written the destiny of the “world” and we not expected to change its predetermined course – He waiting for us to take up our cross and completely commit to Him. We know this satanic system will continue to grow more violent and evil until Christ comes back on the DAY OF THE LORD and His glory will melt everything that is not covered under His blood. Ungodly man believes his might and power is above the courts of heaven. He believes that his humanism is a force to be reckoned with and that he knows how to run his own world. He thinks that “HE” can change what needs to be changed – WITHOUT GOD! But we must remember we are ambassadors from another realm not representatives of this dimension. True, we function in this world everyday and there is a strong pull to become distracted from our spiritual mission and focus our attention on trying to “fix” this corrupt system but, we must snap out of our trance and remember that;

Philosophies of socialism or democracy will not save us!
Government dictatorship is not going to protect us!
Man’s attempt at controlled healthcare is not a replacement for the Great Physician – Jesus Christ!
Man’s secular psychology or his mind altering medicines cannot bring us a clear mind or true peace!
Man’s education teaches tolerance but refuses God’s spiritual wisdom and revelations of absolute truth.
And man’s legal system will never bring God’s justice, holiness or reverential fear – only confusion and chaos.

Is it depressing to think about the carnality of religion and the coming destruction of this world? It depends on how you consider it. If your intimacy is imbedded in this default system you will be sad because your soul has become a part of this generic realm. But if you know the revelation of God’s Divine Reality and have made the choice to live in it, then you are excited because you understand who you are in Christ! Soldiers: we are on a mission – not a vacation! “Do not love or cherish the world (the default system) or the things that are in the world (materialism, fleshly idolatry). If anyone loves the world (carnal devotion, allegiance), the love for the Father is not in Him”. (I John 2:15 AMP.) “Watch and pray”. (Mathew 26:41)

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