Abiding in His Blood VIII






As we continue with our parallels of the blood, let us realize this mystery of covenant has been given to the heirs of salvation. The same faith that is needed to believe in Christ as our Lord and Savior is also required to accept His promises of abundant life. His blood paid for our sins and we accept this act as true – by faith. His blood also re-opened the door to His divine reality and the dominion of His authority in us. This truth must also be seen with our spirit and known in our heart. I personally know Christians that do not believe that God wants to do miracles in their life and consequently they do not receive His perfect will. This is not to say that He does not help them at all, but works with each individual at the level they are at.

9. BLOOD GIVES STRENGTH: Our digestive process breaks down our food with enzymes into soluble molecular components that are absorbed and transported through our blood. Our organs and muscles STORE what is to be RELEASED as energy. This “power in the blood” reveals a perfect metaphor of how our studies and prayers are absorbed into our mind and spirit to be released as the faith anointing of God’s wisdom and power. “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and OVER all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” (Luke 10:19) “I can do ALL things through Christ which STRENGTHENS me.” (Philippians 4:13) “He gives power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increases strength. Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall. But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary and they shall walk and not faint”. (Isaiah 40:29-31)

10. BLOOD CLEANSES: Our blood has a continual purifying ability all of its own. As old cells die and new cells are born, we have what is called a “scavenging cell system.” These scavenging cells eat the dead cells and release energy back into blood stream to be distributed. As the blood works as a transporter with the kidneys to remove all waste, the blood works constantly to keep our “internal” body clean. This is a perfect picture of how the blood of Jesus works night and day to forgive us and keep us pure when we repent His blood is pure, holy and perfect which is the fountain of forgiveness, restoration, healing and sanctification. Obedience is a choice that we make to STAY CLEAN and sin-free before God. It is our refusal to change (repent, humble ourselves, awaken, listen and obey our convictions, (fall on our face to God) that causes our own pollution and misery. The natural progression of our faith is to learn from our mistakes and grow stronger in His grace. Our lives should be growing cleaner as His presence grows stronger within us. The blood of Jesus not only cleanses us from our old sins but also keeps us “current” when we stay in an awareness of prayer (without ceasing) and humility (grace). “Hide thy face from my sins, and blot out ALL my iniquities. Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me “. (Psalm 51:9-10)

Listening to God’s voice and responding with obedience is the heart of knowing Father. If we do all the talking He does not have a chance to lead us or explain His personal will to us. Religion spends their energy trying to do things they “feel” and that fit their agenda. God simply wants us to do what He says. When learning how to receive God’s super-natural intervention it is crucial to remember that Christians must learn self-control. Well, brother what do you mean? One reason why Christians do not receive from God is because; they are living just as carnal as were before they accepted Christ. We cannot serve God while operating in our own emotions because the mind being renewed is what transforms us into His image (thinking and acting). If the mind is not changed under the influence of God’s Word and Spirit, the character of the individual will remain the same and this is NOT God’s concept of being a disciple. This is the foundation of our spiritual development and yet the most difficult to understand. One reason this could be such a struggle is the confusion of receiving Christ as Savior and not comprehending the “fine print” of accepting Him as Lord. The responsibility to submit our will to God includes our thoughts, attitudes and feelings which in turn keeps our focus on His voice. The discipline associated with our free-will is crucial to experiencing the reality of walking in His Spirit. Without surrendering our mind there is no chance of abiding as an anointed overcomer.

Another reason people do not receive from God is because they do not understand the concept of prayer. Prayer is not an independent wish-list apart from the journey that God has carefully planned. Our life is not open to whatever we desire in our flesh because it would be filled with confusion and disappointment. Trusting Him to lead us through this life and fulfilling His hope and desire FOR US is why we talk so much about FOLLOWING Him. I have been guilty at times of talking so much that I did not take the time to hear HOW God was going to answer my crisis. Prayer was never intended to be completely left up to our intelligence or the etiquette of our orator skills but instead was designed to flow with God’s desires. Our prayers should be an agreement of His will. After all we must come to terms that He chose us, created us and called us by His mercy because He has a specific destiny for us to reach. As we draw near to Him and listen intently He will reveal His divine appointments to us and then we pray and ask Him to help us according to what He has allowed us to understand. This is not to say that we cannot ask Him for specific needs but the closer we are to Him the more we can perceive His perfect destiny for us. If we ask for something over and over He may not respond immediately but that does not necessarily mean He will not make it happen at all. If a request does not manifest it could simply mean that He wanted to do it HIS way, in HIS time and not how we imagined it. Maybe there was unrepentant sin that was hindering our prayers, unforgiveness and bitterness, resentment, praying amiss, selfish intentions, bad attitudes or other failures on our part concerning our present spiritual condition. If the timing was not right, if the request had wrong motives or if we did not produce genuine faith – we prevented our own miracle from happening.

So, what is “genuine” faith? It is more than making a wish when we throw a coin into a fountain or blowing out some candles. It is a “knowing” connection that generates God’s power. He is not always moved by our begging, hoping, crying and pity parties – He is moved by our confidence that He will do it – not that He “might” do it. Could it be that what some people have thought was faith might not have actually been true faith?
People become offended when you mention that because no one wants to admit that maybe they missed it. Maybe, that is where the traditional, religious idea came from to explain that whatever happens “good or bad” was completely God’s will.
You see, there is no way to really know what was in someone else’s mind or heart even though they may “seem” to be a spiritual giant. So, some people would rather say that God chose not to answer prayer rather than take the blame themselves? Is real faith becoming extinct like the absence of weeping at the alters? You see, something has to give. It is impossible to say that someone had perfect faith and God did not come through! That makes it sound like God missed it – but GOD NEVER FAILS! I don’t care how many times someone goes to church or how many chapters of the bible they read each day, if they are not being transformed by the renewing of their mind, they are not walking in the divine reality of faith! When disaster happens I do not want to hear about how God made an exception or forgot or denied a genuine faith request. God is not mocked, He knows if someone is using Him like a gum ball machine and He will not tolerate it or compromise His Word. Overcomers walk in His Spirit! They know who He is and ABIDE in the revelation of who they are in Christ Jesus.

People will try to use Paul’s thorn as a way of proving that God does not desire to heal everyone. I have never seen this train of thought because the only people the Lord did not heal were the ones that did not believe. I see this as Paul whining about a demonic attack and Jesus trying to remind him about the authority of the covenant to SPEAK to his situation with covenant authority. Jesus has already paid the price to establish the authority of the believer to generate the power needed to overcome. Again we see that God is not always moved by crying or begging but His grace THROUGH our faith is sufficient to change circumstances for His glory. This is in no way to be interpreted that it was God’s will that he (or anyone else) live in misery or defeat. The Lord is using this example to reveal our responsibility to speak to our bodies like Jesus spoke to the wind and waves. This is a reminder to seek the available, infinite power of God’s Word and to dedicate our life to allowing Him to move mountains in Jesus Name! Revelation is the unveiling and illumination that brings to light what was once hidden. To learn this mystery of blood covenant salvation is unfortunately the part of the iceberg that most cannot see.

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