Lord, Help Us to See



Would you not think that as a Christian, the most awesome event in heaven and earth would be to talk to God in person? Brother Billy, I talk to God everyday! I know, so do I – but I mean to sit down at the table and to look Him in the eyes as you both carry on a conversation. Would you like to embrace Him and ask Him questions about everything you have always wanted to know? Would you like to have His undivided attention for a whole day with just you and Him in deep thought and discussion? Moses had conversations with Him many times within clouds of smoke but he too also really wanted to “see” God and touch him – up close and personal. He thought he could get to know the Almighty better if he could function with Him physically like a close friend and companion. We sing the song, “Show me your glory” as it comes from Exodus chapter 33 and verse 18, but in verse 20 we see that His glorious presence was just too powerful and overwhelming to the natural human as it could not withstand the power. “But, He said, you cannot see my face, for no man shall see me and live”. Not being able to have a physical relationship was just as frustrating to God as it was to Moses. The Almighty made man in His image with His own hands but man’s sin had caused this terrible separation. The divine dimension where the spiritual eyes of the heart could once see was now closed, leaving man to stumble in the darkness of a “natural” realm. Man was left with a substance of things hoped for and only an evidence of things invisible. Just out of curiosity I wonder how many people during this time really wanted to see God and know Him? To be honest I also wonder how many people right now that really wants to walk with Him? I believe that wherever you invest your time, energy and focus is where your treasure is and your treasure always has your heart captivated. Selah.

Not unlike many of you, bible study has been a normal part of my life. People have different interest where they invest their time and mine is reading and writing. I thank God for the internal drive to be interested but still believe that I understand very little. I in no way want to give the impression that I comprehend all spiritual mysteries or that I am walking in total perfection. I just want to know the way it really is. Philosophers have this type of brain that are never satisfied to just accept the views of tradition and I guess you could call Christians who love to seek knowledge about God – “spiritual philosophers” because they are building a personal view about life. They have studied God’s Word and have researched and cross referenced the doctrines with prayer until they settle on an interpretation that confirms their convictions. God’s front line warriors are LEADERS because they learn how to pray, they know what God is saying and have the faith to do it! Followers accept what their family believes or their church and really do not concern themselves with it at all. They have put their trust in other scholars that have built a case for the “cause” and are perfectly at peace with the conclusions. Oddly, they are always ready to build walls around their religious views and argue how they are right and everyone else is wrong even though they are not exactly sure why. These individuals presume that God thinks the way they do and in their attempt to construct their own concept of how they want God to be, they pull Him down to their level. In a lifestyle of unbelief, they can create the comfortable, understanding, forgiving “image” of God that perfectly fits their philosophy. Many walk in a false peace and have convinced themselves that everything is good, God’s Word is lenient and all that is done or not done will be alright someday in the bye and bye. Lord, help us to see.

Before we finish with the blood covenant series I just wanted to take a break and share my heart. I am amazed at how many Christians do not know about blood covenant. I have talked with several people over the last few weeks and have received some very interesting comments. I am naïve to think that all Christians sit around every night studying the bible. I am naïve to believe that all Christians are thirsty to learn about God and desire to expand their spiritual knowledge. Guess what? I can hardly find ANYONE that is really interested in anything spiritual AT ALL! Yes, of course I am worried about the condition of the body of Christ. And I struggle with discouragement about this just like all the pastors who lead tiny congregations all over the world or Sunday school teachers that feel they are not really making a difference. And what about missionaries that work for years preaching the gospel but find very little enthusiasm or interest? The more I talk with Christians about their faith the more I realize they already have all the gospel they want! Some might read a verse per day or listen to song but I am talking about the desire to know how they can increase in their spiritual authority so they can fight on the frontlines. I wonder how someone who claims to be born again can ignore the hunger cries of their transformed spirit man to feast on God’s Word. How can the Christian spirit man not have a desire to pray, worship or live in the glory of God’s presence? It seems that many will go to church but that is all. I know our flesh competes for control and our free-will chooses what it wants but why do many Christians live carnal? Could we say, those who claim to be Christians that do not feel the “drawing” of the Holy Spirit to be with Father, along with not sensing His burdens and convictions are either lukewarm and backslidden or have never been truly saved? I know that is a tough question but are there other reasons? I realize the remnant will be small in comparison to the religious world but just how tiny are we talking? In this last hour push to deceive the masses, the darkness of Satan’s media is attacking the mind and spreading the depression of hopelessness? Does the conscience being seared and becoming a victim of a strong delusion apply only to the lost – or can this include Christians? Worry and fear will drain our joy and victory! Everywhere we go and almost everyone we talk with has become heavy with panic, anxiety and negativity. We must not become so absorbed with the condition of the world that we become a part of the problem! Instead of agreeing how everything is sliding down the toilet we should not lose focus that we are ambassadors sent from heaven to promote the GOOD news! Lord, help us to see.

In order for spiritual metamorphosis to occur there must be more than emotion, more than going to church and more than just reading the bible and knowing its stories! How can that be? Because there is a huge difference between general knowledge and spiritual revelation! There are people that have read the bible all their life but do not have a clue what it means or have allowed it to change them. Unless the seed is planted and allowed to grow – there is no fruit. I am not trying to judge who is saved and who is not because only God knows a persons heart but at the same time I believe that what I am saying is a true fact that all of us are surrounded with. The Pharisees are an example of how someone can be religious and live in a “legalistic” knowledge but not necessarily having it absorbed into their spirit man as rhema. Their heart had not become softer and closer to God but actually through pride had become hard and defiant. Some might say that Jesus was blasting them with condemnation but the truth is that He was presenting a spiritual reality that pricked their heart with Holy Spirit conviction. You can see that small congregations are the evidence of how the crowds do not want a deeper Word of truth that convicts. In today’s world of “feel good church” we see large assemblies that concentrate on politics and entertainment that satisfy the need to be a respected member of the community. I wonder how the religious world would react if Jesus was allowed to speak at the pulpit on a Sunday morning? I know that everyone is at a different spiritual level and that God will take that into account, so the best thing we can do is to be available and sensitive to help everyone all we can. What I am trying to say is that God wants us to grow-up listening to HIS voice instead of being distracted with mans traditions and programs. The narrow path is keeping our eyes on His face as the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace. Lord, help us to see.

One more thing before I close. I have been talking to people lately about what I have been writing and to tell you the truth it has bothered me. Like I mentioned earlier I have also asked several that is on the mailing list if they even read the messages and most have said they do not have the time. I do not want to be a pest by filling up people’s e-mails with more things they have to delete each week. I receive messages each day and I also just do not have time to read it all. If you want to continue just let me know that you want to keep reading but if you would rather not receive any more v-mails just do not reply and I will understand and remove you from the mail-out. Now, about the covenant. In my pursuit of truth, I am not trying to insult or offend anyone. I am simply trying to learn if God’s Word can be applied straight across the board or if there are exceptions. I understand about God’s sovereignty and that He can do whatever He wants – but does that include being a respecter of persons? Can God cross over His Word to make unique provisions for certain situations or is His Word perfect and unchangeable without exception? Most of the people I have talked with have brought up scenarios of disaster where it seemed that faith did not work and that God caused disease, poverty and death for His own purposes. My view is that man fails in his revelation knowledge and faith to embrace the blood covenant as the answer (and deliverer) to every problem. I have yet to see where God changes His mind about His promises according to each individual circumstance. If that is true then it would put us all back to square one with praying that everything is done according to God’s will. I believe that God’s Word IS His will and His desire is that we walk in this divine reality of authority. (Share with me your insights). Lord, please help us to see your absolute truth and not our opinions. Amen.

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