Prayer VIII: Responding to the Call




It is not too late to begin today to convert our complaints into seeds of hope. I hear people all around me everyday murmuring and criticizing in anger about hating where they work, the government, the economy and so on, but if all that energy was transformed into fervent prayer, it would have the potential for changing the way things are – to the way they should be! If each Christian would develop a prayer journal for their personal network of associations the world would be a different place. Who will receive this insight as a life changing revelation? Who cares enough about people, neighbors, family, the government, the churches and pastors, missionaries, and all those in need? Who will spend their evenings in the secret place with God instead of being entertained? What if you knew that your prayers could really change other people’s lives and yet you were too lazy to do it? What would you say to someone like that? The problem is that in order to pray, a person must allow themselves to undergo a total self-examination of their own heart and life. The burden to intercede must become stronger than the desire to pleasure the flesh. It is much easier to shake our fist in disgust at the failures of the world than to close our mouth and put on the prayer garment of humility and love. The mind must be renewed through the wisdom of truth and then with repentance the heart can be filled with the power and confidence of the Holy Spirit. God’s soldiers are prayer warriors!

Prayer is a very serious approach to God’s throne and only with holy sincerity can we connect with His presence. No doubt that is why there is way more talking “about” prayer than actually praying. How many will sacrifice to pray? Love is the foundation for praying which is another reason why praying has dried up like a river bed in the desert. Our love, respect and trust has drained out of our hope container and the new attitude that is spreading like a plague is “Why should I care anymore”? Our society has been exposed with so much failure that our subconscious is convinced that we can trust no one. It is difficult to accept that most humans are more carnal than we can imagine but we cannot allow that fact to damage our faith in God. This dangerous feeling of depression can bleed over from our emotions into our spirit and cause us to become withdrawn and possibly backslide away from God’s Word. The intention from Satan is to amplify disappointment in the heart of the saint for the purpose of causing hopelessness and lukewarmness. The Lord wants us to know that He never intended for us to put our hope in man, but to keep our eyes and hearts fixed upon Him! The darkness of the world should make us want to stay close to Him even more now than ever!

Here is a key point; no one has ever been made to sin which means that sin is preventable. It is not God’s will for anyone to sin. As we see in the Old Testament how that God brought severe punishment for disobedience and Jesus in the New Testament emphasized very sternly to “go and sin no more”. Every time we make a wrong turn from God’s will we have wasted an opportunity to be used for His service. He can help us salvage from the wreckage of our disobedience and with our repentance and His miracle power, He can make all things work together for the good. But, our rebellion will not always be excused without consequences. God’s perfect will does not make room for our carnal addictions or personality dysfunctions because we have been commanded to allow Christ to “manage” us completely. Yes, we will completely blow it from time to time but even though our destiny is altered, we can still learn from our experiences and become more determined to change. But, brother everyone sins, plus I am not being intentionally perverted with filth. Well, good for you! You may be avoiding the “committing” of sin but how are you doing in the “omitting” department? The sins of omission are where most Christians are failing because they are “NOT doing” what the Lord is telling them TO DO! Just because we are not going to the bar every night or robbing a bank, does not necessarily mean we are living as a faithful and obedient disciple of Jesus!

One problem is that most people do not know what God’s perfect will is for their life. Most children are not raised in homes where the parents stand for God. Thus, they are not trained in the Word of God neither do they understand about the divine reality. The lack of knowledge and the failure to develop wisdom definitely damages their chances of finding God’s perfect will, which is why it is so important for parents to be “real” Christians (not just religious) and to help spiritually guide their children. Am I talking about living in a monastery and praying all day within a dark dungeon? Well, I see where that idea came from – but since we need to function within society on a daily basis we need to “manage” our walk with God and not excuse our responsibility to follow His voice! It is time to stop straddling the fence and be totally committed!

“Sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly, gather the elders and ALL the inhabitants of the land into the house of the Lord your God, AND CRY UNTO THE LORD”. (Joel 1:14) I am a believer that prayer has always been a direct opportunity to listen and speak to Father with the purpose of accomplishing His perfect will. Since God is perfect – everything He thinks, says and does is perfect! When He does not intervene, things become distorted and confused – which I believe it is our prayers (or the lack of our prayers) that are connected with this revelation. Well, now brother are you trying to say the fate of the world is in the hands of some people praying? In all humility that is exactly what I am seeing! I know that most people want to “hitch a ride” on a fast train to heaven but they need to be careful about the intentions of their heart. If people had the Agape love of the Father it seems to me they would want to stay and help others find their way to the train station. The commitment to intercede is not a special gift that only a handful of people have – but it is a divine requirement for all who call themselves a disciple of Christ! Many say they are looking forward to His appearing but may be shocked when they realize that He was very disappointed in their laziness and their lack of caring. He may be more interested in why they ignored His commands to love others and stand in the gap for those in need than the “golden ticket” for heaven they are waving. Selah.

When God’s people pray, miracles change the course of circumstances and when they do not pray, situations can suffer which also includes the destiny of those who choose NOT to pray. This is the point of this prayer series; everything is CONDITIONAL and involved in the benefit of prayer or the consequences from the lack of it! Repenting of our sin may not be the only trespasses we will answer for – it may be explaining why we did not invest much more of our time in the meditation of prayer. Well, brother, doesn’t God do what He wants to do whether anyone cares or not? It is true that God is sovereign in His holiness and He is perfectly free to do whatever He wants BUT – this does not nullify the validity of how we have been given the responsibility to love and intercede. It’s useless for us to know how to pray effectively if we do not actually take the time to pray! It does no one any good for us to know how much Father wants us to be a giver – if we do not give! Jesus said, “If you “continue” in my Word – then are you my disciples indeed”. (John 8:31) Lord help us, as we take a moment and ask for your wisdom. I love you with all of my heart, mind and spirit.

I pray for a guard to be put on my mouth. I realize in order for me to live a life of peace and effectiveness I must become a positive influence to myself and others. Lord, cause my tongue to reveal your nature and character and reflect your wisdom.

Please help me to be spiritual salt and light to all people. It is easy to become relaxed and lukewarm in a comfortable environment. Father, use me some how, some way in this last hour to help encourage others. Give me strength to stand even if everyone turns against you. Familiarity can ruin our influence if we compromise our witness. Make me aware of your presence that I may stand strong in the hour of temptation.

Lord, cause me to be sensitive of other people’s feelings. Draw me closer to you and remind me that you live inside of me. Please help me develop self-discipline so that I might pull away from the lies, distractions and confusion of this world’s system. If the economy falls and if life becomes difficult, please use me to help lead others to you and anoint me to teach your truth.

I pray for the entire government structure in this country. From the President down to the local authorities, I pray they will choose to draw near to you and your Word. May my words be nothing but positive concerning their character and may I pray for their salvation instead of cursing them and their decisions.
Help me to remember that YOU are the one who places leaders in authority to do your will. You use these leaders to carry out blessings or curses upon the masses according to the people’s obedience. Lord, help me to realize that you are sovereign and in control of all things and that we are – what we say and do.

Give me hope and courage and faith to stand in the hour of persecution. Help me to overcome my critical attitudes. Teach me to appreciate my job as a blessing and not complain. Teach me that working hard and doing a good job is an important witness as a Christian. I ask you to make me more generous and compassionate. Help me to do the walking and not just the talking! Please give me a desire to intercede for those I work with and everyone I hear about that needs prayer. Give me a burden to pray for those going through trials and to not be so haughty and judgmental. I cast down depression, fear, apathy, discouragement and anxiety in Jesus Name, amen.

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