(Break Me) – Everyone is Waiting on You


“Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit is truly ready, but the flesh is weak.” (Mark 14:38)
I have personally experienced the stress and disappointment of unwanted weight gain. When I was a child, I was very skinny and really could have cared less about food. I could go all day on a tuna fish sandwich and some Kool-Aid. My parents were always worried that I would experience malnutrition so they tried everything they could think of to get food inside of me like putting raw eggs into milkshakes. (By the way, I have heard the experts agree that parents should not worry about children that do not have strong appetites, because it is believed they will eat when they get hungry). Nevertheless, I was “forced” to clean my plate and I sometimes wonder if this may have contributed to my adult dysfunction of cleaning my plate whether I am hungry or not. Whatever the case, unfortunately since I have grown up, the hunger switch has been flipped into overdrive and now I am trying to turn it off. (And for the record, I also am not the skinny kid I was.) As a matter of fact, I became “alarmed” looking at our Florida vacation pictures when we visited my Uncle Carl a few years ago. I looked more like a barrel with arms. I have tried pills, and dabbled with diets but they do not last because it is trying to fight a spiritual problem in the flesh. I just love food – any kind of food, especially the buttered, smothered, greasy kind topped off with dessert. But it is time to face the hard facts; this lifestyle of eating rich foods, along with a slowing metabolism from growing older, unfortunately puts everything in the “visual” perspective.

I have never thought that much about what I put in my mouth because I’ve never really “needed” to worry about it. A few years ago had a small heart blockage problem and they installed a stint in my artery, and of course they pleaded with me to start eating healthy. However, making a life-changing decision comes from the free-will part of our being and the problem is that most of the time we do not really want to do it. After we eat we might remind ourselves that we need to do better but after the meal wears off and we become hungry again we seem to forget all about the sacrifice and return to allow our cravings to lead us. I have also noticed that our nature usually does not worry about changing our bad habits until something bad happens. We do not seem to get “serious” until the doctor sits us down and delivers a diagnosis that scares us into a state of panic. THEN, we are all “gung ho” about buying a treadmill and watching the food labels. I realize the human body does deteriorate over time and I am not trying to say that we can live to be 150 and look like we are 20, but I am saying there is wisdom concerning how we look and feel – IF we will follow God’s voice. It only makes common sense; the reason we gain is because we eat rich delicacies and we eat too much! If our craving levels were to be turned down, our clothing sizes would also go down. If we could “break-up” this love affair with unhealthy food and realize we are being used and “abused” we could become emotionally and physically stronger or “whole”. Many will say, “Asking God to help me is just too easy” but what are we disputing, God’s power or God’s love for us? Are we thinking that He does not care about things like this? If wrong eating practices are going to cause us health issues (and they do), then it is very important to our quality of living! I would rather PREVENT diseases rather than ask people to pray for me AFTER I am disabled! How can we be strong for Him and work in His harvest fields if I am bedridden with diabetes? No one ever said the Christian life was easy but like everything else that is God’s will – it will be worth it! “Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear:” (Isaiah 59:1 KJV) “Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: Is there anything too hard for me?” (Jeremiah 32:27)

Being led by God is probably the most thought about and talked about theme in the Christian life, but what exactly do we think this means? Could it not include what we eat and how much we consume? The weakness of our flesh and areas where we are suffering defeat are issues that He wants to help us with but He can only act when we stop fighting against Him. Many times our problems are the consequence of our “pet sins” and it is impossible to remove the problem while embracing the cause. Selah. We must realize these so-called dysfunctions can be used as agents of control and manipulation against us that hold us in captivity. In many cases of addictions and health issues that actually can be helped and healed, many people will never find relief from the consequence as the cause helps them manipulate others. In even more severe situations some might “embrace” their problems because it gives them a monthly check and to be healed would shut off the false security of their financial support. So it is easy to see the dangers of becoming attached to destructive behaviors and in the light of asking others to pray, we must admit that if individuals do not desire to change their thinking and way of living, (whatever the problem may be) then what is the next step?

Let it be established that if we do not see the battle between our flesh and God’s Spirit as an all-out WAR, we will not have the enthusiasm or courage it is going to take to win. Much of our problems and disorders come from the habit of not really considering what we are doing. Try this if you dare: buy a package of whatever you would consider to be your strongest temptation such as a certain candy, cake or super-fattening delicacy. Take it home and in a place of privacy as you close the door behind you, stare at it and seriously think about how you have allowed it to influence, persuade and tempt you over the years. Take it out of the package and tear it apart. Talk to it and declare IN FAITH that you are now taking the steering wheel of your body and that it does no longer dictate your direction! Within the principals of Theophostic counseling is the practice of pulling up an empty chair and inviting Jesus to sit down and be a part of the session. Since He is already watching, it is a way to acknowledge His presence and establish an awareness within our faith that He loves to be “actively” included in our therapy. This is a powerful addition to your private session with an example of food that symbolizes your battle of temptation. Can you see how you can bring “whatever” you are in a battle with to the table, and go through this declaration with Jesus sitting beside you? (It is only silly to the ones who live in a low level of love and concern for others.) Our declaration would be something like this as we speak directly to the object: I confess this day, with Jesus as my witness, that I am asking Him to help me to resist you. I believe in my heart, that He will give me the strength to not allow you to tempt me anymore. I will no longer lust after you because my craving for you is now BROKEN in the Name of Jesus! I love Him more than I love anything else, and choose to allow Him to make me into what He died for me to be. My Father is filling me with self-control and aligning my life into His perfect will and I will walk in HIS Spirit – NOT after the desires of my flesh from this day forward. Amen! After declaring your victory speech, make sure you throw it away as an act of authority, control, your will-power and closure. Do not regret your decision but rather begin to praise God for the awesome work He is doing in you. Feel the liberty to use your imagination to custom design your own private, face to face confessions between you, Jesus and ANY other idol that is trying to keep you in bondage as a slave. How can we proclaim to the world with confidence how God delivers, renews and transforms if we have not experienced it ourselves?

It would be a good thing if we were not driven by hunger but rather was focused on things like enjoying the time we are spending with the ones we are with. I have been guilty of fantasizing about the food while sadly not paying much attention to those who were with me. It is terrible to only be concentrated on the food and not appreciate the relationships we have with those around us. When we are in a food “trance” we may be missing the beauty of the surroundings and atmosphere along with not having a spiritual sensitivity to the needs of others. Eating is not to be a Neanderthal, lust filled affair but rather a blessing that has been given by God for our nourishment and strength. A great idea is to only put food on your plate that you really enjoy. (You do not need to load a spoonful of everything just because it is sitting in front of you.) Try an experiment; when you have dipped out your food, sit down and look at it very carefully. Many people are guilty of “mindless” eating. They do not think about what they are putting in their mouth but are just ready to devour it until they are stuffed. Take small bites and chew it like you are enjoying it – not like you are a wild animal. This will allow you to focus on your favorites and the brain will have plenty of time to blow the internal alarm to stop before you have crossed the point of no return. Also, do not convince yourself that you need to eat everything on your plate or on the table just so it will not go to waste. If you are in a restaurant and you must save it, take a leftover box home with you and eat it later. I have been guilty of going to a buffet and thinking that I must eat my “money’s worth” in order to feel that I have done something smart and frugal. Do not fall into the habit of seeing how much you can eat as a game of trying to take advantage of the situation or get something for nothing. Also, if you are weighing yourself everyday remember that we all fluctuate throughout the day with fluid retention etc…and this can become discouraging. It is much more rewarding to peek at the scales once per week to reduce anxiety and depression.

Eating beyond the point of satisfaction into the stage of needing oxygen can be a habit that is sometimes linked to a psychological need and desire to be fulfilled in other areas of life. Selah. Many people that are “unsatisfied” in other areas of life can easily turn to eating as a comforting fix and a temporary relief from the torment of personal disappointment. This is only one example of how humans try to emotionally heal themselves by wearing a mask to cover and deny their weaknesses and failures instead of dealing with reality. It seems the mind and body has a “self-preservation” gear that can be engaged to help ease the pain, and a life filled with denial does not help correct the root cause. Everyone is not the same and does not have issues in the same areas but most of us do struggle with something. People that are overweight and have problems with overeating might be strong in other areas while thin people who do not even think about food might be tormented with something else. But be encouraged! You have the power of heaven and earth on your side because God is watching you and trying to get your attention so that He can show you the way! “There hath no temptation taken you but such is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that you are able; but with the temptation will also make a way to escape, that you may be able to bear it.” (I Corinthians 10:13) He is saying that even while we are struggling, He will figure out a game plan and come up with a solution that will make sure that we overcome. Let us pray for an EXTRA measure of faith as we remember that it is not God’s will that we stand alone and face the challenges of life all by ourselves…we definitely NEED His help.

When awareness becomes the core of our lifestyle it will include our thoughts, our emotions, what we say, how we act, our attitude, our love and forgiveness, and how we treat our temples which includes our diet. If we are not living for God, we are living for the enemy and to live completely dependent upon our own strength might be a noble idea in the eyes of the world, but in the light of spiritual reality – it is a sad illusion. We are designed to be a light holder, not the light – because we are only as “bright” as the measure of God within us. Father God is the creator and master of all things and we are to serve Him – not ourselves. Those who have been spiritually redeemed have been “bought” with a price, and we are no longer our own. We do not guide ourselves but rather we follow HIS plan and purpose for our lives. Our responsibility is to be aware of what is going on all around us including what is going into our mouth (and for what comes out of it for that matter). The revelation of our Christian life is “listening” to His voice, confessing His will, and doing what He says. You see, we never rise above our confessions. A negative confession will lower us to the level of that confession. It is what we confess with our lips that really leads us and controls us. Our confession has the power to “imprison us” if it is negative, or set us free if it is positive. Until we receive our manifestation or destination we must say to all who inquire that we are STANDING on the promises of the Word of God! Every time we confess our doubts and fears we are confirming our trust in the impossible and denying the authority and power of God to create the substance of things hoped for! “Thou art SNARED with the words of thy mouth; thou art taken CAPTIVE with the words of thy lips.” (Proverbs 6:2) Being His disciple is not just walking around with a knowledge of Biblical history, but rather it is ABIDING in His Spirit with an ear to hear His voice while seeking every opportunity by faith to do His will. The fruits and attributes of His character are not performed from a sense of duty or memorization, but rather define a spontaneous, sincere demonstration from a heart that is actively ENGAGED in the awakened state of His divine reality. Selah.

What a great idea; praying over our food! When we pray over our food we usually thank Him for providing, for those who prepared it and we ask Him to bless it which can include making it pure and unspoiled, free of disease and bacteria and to help with digestion, absorption and to receive its strength. Have you ever thought about including the petition of helping you not to overeat? Those who have had their stomach stapled or had gastric by-pass surgery, lose weight because they can only eat very little. What if we skipped the surgery and just ate small portions at every meal? What if we used a certain sized container or maybe a smaller sized plate and stopped when we only ate that portion? Do you believe that drinking a full glass of water before meals could help us not be as hungry? What if we could get into the habit of eating slower so that our stomach would have time to tell the brain that we do not want any more food? The world wants to sell us all kinds of expensive exercise equipment and diet foods that are low in calories but they cannot sell motivation or discipline! What if I told you that you can pray for a special anointing of inspiration to change your eating lifestyle? Would you agree that even though we already know that we can be whatever God has called us to be, we are usually rebellious and do exactly what WE want based on the way our will decides? “For as he “thinks” in his heart, so is he.” (Proverbs 23:7) Where the mind goes – the man follows, which is the reason why we need renewal. If we are curious as to what level we have advanced in our spiritual life, we can examine the amount that God controls our mind and this will measure how spiritual we are.

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