Is It Well With Our Soul?


“A possible you” is all about changing from who you are now to the person God longs for you to be. It is definitely “possible” but it will not come without a price. You have already been purchased with the blood of Christ which is the most valuable ransom eternity has ever known. This was done that we might have the possibility to develop into the image of the one who created us. The question remains with whether or not we will “allow” God to break us, melt us, mold us and use us within the specifications of the journey He has selected for us. Yes, it is true that if we refuse to invite God into our private life, He will never be our Lord. You see the idea behind praying for God to help us is not just asking for things. To many, prayer is making a “grocery list” of items that we want and then hoping that God would fill our request out of His desire to make us happy – this is not a realistic view of intercession. We pray because we love Him and know that to be pleasing to Him, we must become transparent. Our highest honor is bow before Him and our most worthy motive should be to know Him deeper in the power of His resurrection. Some of His children have already been in this spiritual evolution for many years and have made wonderful progress while others are just starting to see the personal “map” that God has drawn for their destiny – (and by the way have discovered they have a long way to go). And then there are those that have been a Christian for a long time and have absorbed volumes of religious knowledge but have never really come into the revelation of what transformation means. As we have said before, it is EASY to accept what Christ has done for us without ever yielding our will to Him, but to become one with Him calls for the emptying of one’s self so that we can be filled with His nature – and this is the “possibility” we are talking about.

I know that God is speaking to me about personal change and I am convinced by the witness of His Spirit that as Jesus is preparing to return, He is trying to relay this message to all of His children. I was sitting around tonight watching some show about Alaska state troopers and I could hardly concentrate on what was happening because I am meditating in my spirit about what God wants to do within His disciples. Once again I have come into my office to write and empty my heart with what I feel He is trying to communicate to those who love Him and who desire to follow His Word. I believe He is attempting to reveal to ALL of us His will – not only about “things” that are going on around us but about who He is, because if we can know Him more intimately, we will know what He wants us to do. And if we can know what He wants, we will at least find ourselves in the crossroad of decision to obey or walk away. Maybe this is the very reason why people do not want to go deeper in their relationship with Him is because they are afraid of what He will ask them to do. I have said many times that it is much easier to visit God at church than to be constantly aware of our responsibility to accomplish His commands. Sadly there are many who are convinced they have already done everything necessary to fulfill their commitment for eternal life and that has given them a false sense of security. Could it be that eternal life will still be given to the religious spectators who praised the Father for His mighty deeds but refused Christ to be their personal Lord?

Since change is what we are focused on, allow me to say again that God is ready and willing to help any of us with whatever is preventing our spiritual success. This success is the fulfilling of what He has called us to do and to become. He will not be satisfied with a half-hearted, lukewarm attitude that allows the flesh to control our life and no matter how much we cry on the shoulder of His grace, we must grow up and become accountable. I realize that God is filled with mercy and compassion but He will not betray His own integrity just because we memorize confessions or use our weakness as an excuse. We must support what we really believe with action which is the demonstration of faith. This means that whatever weakness or dysfunction is causing us to stumble, we must be willing to lay it on the alter and watch it burn to a crisp. Until we are ready to sacrifice these “idols” that bring us great fleshly satisfaction we will live our life at the gates and in the outer courts of His presence. It has never been acceptable to bring idols into God’s camp and this idolatry is seen by God to be an abomination and a direct enemy to His holiness. We love to hear about God’s understanding and forgiveness but we back away from hearing about how strict and uncompromising He is! The only place for anything that competes for God’s attention is the smoldering pile of burning rubbish. Selah.

Let us go to the book of Joshua and be reminded of the seriousness that God is trying to relay to us about purity and how there is no room for any other “thing” in our heart that tries to share His glory. Being a disciple is abandoning and setting our heart free to follow Him with the “single vision” of love. In Joshua chapter seven, we find that Joshua and his army have just defeated Jericho with the super-natural intervention of God’s power. They were given instructions to gather ALL the spoils and bring them into the treasury of the Lord. (This is an example of how God wants us to view our treasures of highest value as being dedicated to His service and not our own control). The people obeyed the orders from God except a man named Achan who stole some of the spoil and buried it in his tent. God became very angry at this act of rebellion, deception and theft. In fact, His anger burned against the entire nation of Israel. While this was going on, Joshua sent a few of his scouts to spy on a land called Ai. The spy’s returned and told Joshua that he would not need to send but a couple thousand of warriors because there were only a few who dwelled in Ai. To the surprise of everyone, the small group of soldiers from Ai chased the three thousand warriors and killed thirty six men before they could escape. The people cried in fear and Joshua fell on his face to beg God to show him what happened to their favor with the Lord. God spoke and said that someone had taken some of the spoil from Jericho and that now the entire nation was cursed. They went through a process and discovered that Achan was guilty of “loving” a material possession more than he respected God’s command. Achan admitted that he coveted the gold and silver and told them he buried it under his tent. Joshua sent his messengers to dig up the treasures and lay it before all the people. Listen to what happened in verses 24 and 25, “And Joshua and all Israel with him took Achan son of Zerah, and the silver, the garment, the wedge of gold, his sons, his daughters, his oxen, his donkeys, his sheep, his tent, and all that he had; and they brought them to the valley of Achor. And Joshua said, why have you brought trouble on us? The Lord will trouble you this day. And all Israel stoned him and those with him with stones, and afterward burned their bodies with fire.” Do you actually believe that you can have secret idols, habits, desires and indulgences that are wrong in God’s sight, and not be experiencing closed doors, failures, depression, anger, hatred, disappointments, frustrations, and the misery that goes along with having a distance in your soul with Him? Do we want our carnal comfort zones caressed or do we want the truth? If we love ourselves more than we love God – we are idolaters and are cursed!

I know we all want to be in control but we are the temple of the Holy Ghost – we do not “own it”. Our life has been given to us for a purpose and that calling was NOT to do whatever we want! It is time that we raised our expectations to His standards because He is not going to “skip over” holiness and sanctification. You see God is not telling us to “try” harder, He is telling us to “die” harder! We only need a one step program and that is to embrace the revelation that we have been called OUT of darkness into His marvelous light! This message of His divine reality will only be manifested when we decide to sell out completely for Him. This means holding nothing back because the amount of return depends on the investment! Would you like to be totally possessed with God? Do you see yourself as being seated in heavenly places? The heart that is completely yielded to His Word will spend time at each level within God’s tabernacle that portrays the level of their love and devotion to Him and eventually will come to perfect rest and peace in the holy of holies. This surrendering and abandoning of our nature is exactly what Jesus is saying in this hour to His beautiful bride so that we can become adorned for the grandest wedding of all eternity. Can you hear His voice today? Can you hear Him calling you away, to let go of the world and embrace His instructions and to seek Him with all of your strength and mind? “And I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude, and as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of mighty thundering’s, saying, Alleluia for the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth. Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to Him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and His WIFE HAS MADE HERSELF READY. And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of the saints.” (Revelation 19:6-8) Did you see that? His wife has MADE herself ready! That my friend – is the Word of the Lord to His people in this hour! Changing our life is more than just cleaning the spots and ironing the wrinkles, it is embracing His commands to reach out to the hungry and homeless with God’s love. It is using our resources to help finance God’s work and not worrying about 30 years from now. It is stopping OUR plans to hoard up everything we can get our hands on and start allowing God to pull our fingers away from our idols that we love and hold onto so strongly. It is time to ask God to renew our mind and give us love and mercy for those we have a hard time with. Let us ask Him each morning to cleanse our heart and to see situations the way He sees them. Let us forgive and pray for those who need Christ. It is the hour to walk in His peace and His anointing to think, say and do what is right! Amen!

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