Let Us Keep Ascending Together

“Jesus said unto him, if thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth”. (Mark 9:23)
This is part one a brand new series about the most personal aspect of our being – our spiritual evolution. Some may think immediately that it is arrogant to believe that humans can discover God’s will and would be impossible to accomplish however, what most people never stop to consider is how could the creator ask His creation to accomplish something without knowing who He is or what He expects from them. The divine reality of absolute truth includes the revelation that God desires to share His mysteries and to work alongside His children to help them perform HIS will. Will this be easy? Of course not! Many begin the race with the hopes of success but only a few can endure the grueling yet rewarding finish to victory. The front-line lifestyle of the overcomer is not a religious demonstration but rather an isolated spiritual intimacy with God Himself known only to a few. I want to clarify right from the beginning that unless we become “sold-out” to press toward the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus, our labor with reading these pages will be counted as nothing more than digesting another self-improvement plan and our motives will be revealed as simply wanting more respect.

Those who call themselves Christians are NOT Deist. Deism is a theological view concerning the relationship between “the Creator” and the natural world that believes God does NOT intervene in the affairs of men. It is no secret that deists find it a waste of time to pray and ask God to help with anything or anyone. It can be noted that deists look to themselves as the only power to accomplish and of course when they do succeed, we know who is worthy to accept all the glory. For Deists, human beings can only know God via reason and the observation of nature, but not by revelation or supernatural manifestations, (such as miracles) a phenomenon which Deists regard with caution if not skepticism. Deistic viewpoints emerged during the scientific revolution of 17th-century Europe and came to exert a powerful influence during the eighteenth century enlightenment. Deism stood between the narrow dogmatism of the period and skepticism. Though deists rejected atheism, they often were called “atheists” by more traditional theists. What a waste and a pity that masses of people have allowed their heart to be deceived with the vain philosophies of humanism. It truly would be a lonely and miserable existence to be convinced that humans were unable to fellowship in personal intimacy with the God who created them and loves them more than anything. Selah. Thank God we do not have to rely on our own “power” to change ourselves, or that it is all up to us as to how hard we can work or how much we can do. We must realize that good deeds that have been manifested to the glory of God were spiritually “empowered” by the one who inspired them to be done!

So, how can we begin this personal change process the right way? We must have our priorities correct, our vision in line with His will and the realization that we must follow His ideas and timing. Do you want to be ALL that He has called you to be? Of course, we can be energetic in our own strength and have a sense of vision and accomplishment, but this is not the same as following the blueprints of HIS PERFECT destiny. You see, I believe that God has a “general will” and a “perfect will” for each of His children. His general will is our obedience to the absolute truth of His Word. His perfect will is the unique, specific, “individual” path that He has chosen for all of us to travel in the journey of life. Each calling, each plan has been drawn and authored by the one who knew us before we were born. Only when we fall at His feet and completely surrender our will to Him – can we begin to actually become His holy “lantern” which not only lights our own path but can illuminate the world for His glory. What is waiting for us at the end of this wonderful journey? We pray and look forward to hearing Him say, “Well done my good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make you a ruler over many things: enter into the joy of your Lord.” (Mathew 25:21) What happens to the unprofitable servant? Unfortunately I cannot find anything good or positive about it and I do not want to find out about it firsthand.

I realize the high percentage of those reading this are experienced Christians seeking more encouragement as they continue trying to improve and grow in the Lord. Yes, we all have made many mistakes and please do not feel depressed if you think that somehow you have failed. Humans are weak and very vulnerable to temptation. We can start out on Monday morning declaring that we are going to start fresh toward becoming a “brand new” person spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically, and end up before the day is finished watching an erotic movie while finishing off a bag of jelly donuts. Why? Because our level of determination has not risen to the conscious state of “total” dedication. “We will only succeed when our desire to change becomes greater than our desire to remain the same”. Allow me to continue repeating these words of wisdom until they become written upon our conscience. Until we develop an attitude that cannot be defeated or discouraged, we are a “sitting duck” to defeat. Change does not happen with a “whim” or a passing thought or suggestion. Of course it is a wonderful and noble thought but so is visiting Jupiter. It will take more than money, happy thoughts, or confident conversation – it will take a complete transformation of our mind. “Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail.” (Charles Kettering)

Have you ever watched people at a bookstore picking up books and reading small amounts before they put it down and select another? Most people before they begin a reading journey want to know what the travel is going to be like and where they are going. Well, I am going to give you an insight for what is ahead by asking you some questions and I am sure you will decide if this is a direction you dare to go in. My first question is; do you love yourself? I would say that most people would answer yes and that is good. You would need to believe that you are worthy to learn and grow before you could have enough confidence to consider changing. This leads us to the next question; are you satisfied with who you are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? Now this is a little more complicated because it would seem that anyone who is completely honest would admit they could improve on who they already are. You may have guessed what the next question is going to be; are you ready to abandon your old life and commit to becoming the possible you? This is the point where you, (like the people in the bookstore) decide to either take the book home to finish it or lay it down. Most of us humans do not like drastic change because it is too “expensive” (to the flesh) but in reality we can’t afford not to! “Most of the things worth doing in the world had been declared impossible before they were done.” (Louis D. Brandeis)

In the satisfied state of mind, the cost is just more than we are ever going to pay. I am not trying to be rude, but please allow me to be honest; if you are satisfied with staying the same, then it is time we said goodbye and I hope that someday the desire to change within the seat of your soul will burn with more passion than it is today. I am sure you will be more comfortable reading about how God wants to continue to bless you – “just like you are.” Praise God! You have finally reached your highest potential and will not need the Potter’s wheel anymore. No more purging or refining fire for you, just more prosperity, luxury and indulging in the pleasures of life. “Now that’s what I’m talking about” said the flesh!

There have been many examples where adventurers boarded ships and sailed away in search for a new world, while leaving the fearful and the satisfied standing on the shore waving goodbye. It is time to board this vessel of possibilities or continue in the same way we have always been. For the rest of us that are weak and concerned but still willing to continue, I have another question. Just how determined are you willing to become in order for this miracle to happen? These types of questions separate the spectators from the participators. We know there is so much more to become, so much more to accomplish for God and that He is waiting for us to “ignite” us with His faith and enthusiasm to come aboard. It is not too late, nor impossible to demonstrate our faith BY our works and allow Him to change us from glory to glory! “We all are faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.” (Charles Swindoll)

These writings are not just about dreaming but rather turning HIS visions into REALITY. We must go beyond our fantasies and imaginations! Remember when we first discovered that “change” was an important part of the Christian life? As we stood at the base of the mountain and looked up, it seemed impossible but we started climbing one step at a time and eventually saw progress. The problem with many of us now, is that we have learned about the many base camps along the way and how easy it is to stop climbing and become satisfied with living “halfway” or in the middle of our journey. This is NOT finishing the call! Let us pack our gear and continue to ascend – together. I thought that Jesus was our Lord and that HE gave the orders about where to stop and for how long. If you truly believe that you have been called to fulfill His will; just when do you plan to get serious? Maybe the reason Jesus is being delayed in His coming is because the Father is extending His invitation of salvation to the lost and WAITING for His people to progress in their spiritual development. God’s children are waiting for Him to rescue them from the “elements” while He is waiting for them to “overcome”! Will you agree to start today to work hand in hand with God to manifest THE POSSIBLE YOU?

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