The Reality of Spiritual Authority


“Fear them NOT therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known. What I tell you in the darkness, that speak ye in the light: and what you hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops.” (Mathew 10:26-27)

Let us declare today that God is wonderful! He is fair and just in all His ways. His decisions are perfect and even when things are not going as we would like, He is completely aware of our circumstances and is working and interceding on our behalf. This life may seem to be easy for some but I promise that it is only an illusion to those who are peeking through the window from the outside trying to see what is inside. Many times the way we observe things that others enjoy are only the fleeting moments of good fortune and favorable situations. What we fail to see is the other ninety nine percent that people struggle through and have to deal with. I am not saying that everyone’s life is bad or that there are not individuals that walk in the peace and calmness of God’s presence, but rather I am saying that this earthly life was never intended to be a “yellow brick road” without challenges, temptations or tribulations. The lost try to do everything they can to figure out their own destiny and control their own directions. While many may find times of generic satisfaction, it is always temporary and never fulfilling neither does it bring any true contentment. The saved will discover that everything they learned when they were young needs to be re-filtered and adjusted to fit the standard of God’s divine reality. The heart must be recreated, the will refined and the mind emptied out and renewed so that we can be on the same page as the one who saved us. In each person, I believe the Lord is at work to get their attention and draw them into His love. He is coming soon. I can feel it in my spirit, can you?

We have heard many times that it is not what happens to us but how we handle what happens to us and this is a wise and worthy saying. I can promise you that if you have not been through a sorrowful, life changing event in your life – you will. I can also say with confidence that the Word of God is the strongest fortress, the most solid rock and the most stabilizing anchor that can be found. When we allow His Word to saturate our mind, we are digesting truth within our heart and spirit and this is where our faith evolves into confidence and a KNOWING that can hardly be explained. Many people confuse the emotional realm with faith because it is so similar. Our emotions come from thoughts and these are like images that flash across the screen and have the capability to influence us. For example “fear” is always a party crasher no matter how much we want to celebrate our boldness. When we read an inspiring story or have a motivating and exciting thought about doing something, many times these are only what are called – “whims.” This means they are great ideas but can be shot down with a certain amount of discouragement. When the dark side hears someone talking about what an awesome idea they have or boldly speaking forth a positive confession about something, the demons take notice and will immediately begin to draw up a strategy of attack. Our enemy has been taking notes throughout the years and is quite aware of our weaknesses and soft-spots. Of course why should they change now since the former ambushes have always been so successful? When the influence of doubt is launched toward someone who is trying to gather faith, it becomes a tug-of-war to see which side has the most pull. The deciding factor of course is our free-will and whichever position we decide to go with is the side that will be victorious. For the Christian it is a “win-win” even when faith cannot be found and it seems as though the enemy has won because the person may leave this world but instantly be in the presence of God. In this light, there is no fear of death even though things could have been different had they been more prepared for battle. “And the SEVENTY returned again with joy, saying Lord, even the devils are subject unto us THROUGH THY NAME. And He (Jesus) said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven. Behold, I give unto YOU power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over ALL the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” (Luke 10:17-19)

So how can we tell the difference between believing in something with our emotions and having faith in something? I admit it is deceiving but I also know it is the difference between receiving and not receiving. Let us establish a very important fact – God and His Word do not fail! He has never missed an appointment, forgotten someone or been unable to hear someone’s prayers. He has heard every cry, seen every tear and felt every pain. He does not favor anyone, exaggerate, lead people on, make false claims and neither does He delight in seeing His people suffer. His Word can be counted on – no matter how bleak the situation, how many people say it is hopeless, or how many demons gather around to laugh. There is nothing too difficult for God and there is nothing that He would consider outrageous or impossible. He can heal your body or my body by speaking it into existence just like He said “let there be light.” Every word that God has ever spoken did not return void or empty – but it went forth and accomplished everything that He intended. The difference between being enthused and “locked in” about an idea is whether or not the thought has been transformed into a “revelation.” A personal revelation is KNOWING within your spirit that something is not only true but it is for you! Knowledge is the gathering of facts and wisdom is understanding knowledge but revelation is receiving the Word and will of God into our heart. It is knowing that God has literally spoken to us and there is nothing or no one that can take away, destroy, remove, cancel or discredit this holy communication. Faith comes by HEARING and hearing by the Word of God! Faith comes when we hear God with more than our natural ears – it comes when we listen with our spiritual senses! Thomas Edison is said to have made this statement before he finally invented the light bulb; “I have not failed – I have just found 10,000 ways that will not work!” It is common for many people when they receive prayer and do not see any results to allow the Ocean waves of doubt to flood upon their shore because we are automatically programmed to come to the conclusions of failure and defeat. When these negative reactions are accepted into the conscience, we are as the old sailors would say – “taking on water.” With outside influences and the mocking of our trust, it becomes an all-out WAR to prevent our ship from sinking. Is generating faith easy? Of course not! However the more of God’s Word we fill our heart and mind with – the stronger our faith will be! If you notice the life of Jesus and the short time that He was on the earth, He was so filled with the Word (He was the Word) that the Word constantly came out of His mouth and directly into the situation. Yes, you guessed it – that is how we have been called to live! Filled with the Spirit means to be “overflowing” with God’s Word so that we speak into every need or problem. Jesus spoke to the forces that were against the people and against His Kingdom. He did not hesitate or run in fear because He KNEW that when He spoke – His WORDS would do what He said! Being filled with God and renewed in our mind means that we speak the “will” of His Word! Selah.
As I grow older, I do not see things the way I used to. The most important treasure in life is God’s Word! There are many events happening in the world today and we can say without fear that life is becoming more challenging. Today is the day to draw near to God! Today is the day to become saturated with the Word of God so that we are STRONG in our faith. I believe the type of person that God intended us to be, is an individual that walks in a very high level of spiritual sensitivity. This is only achieved with the study of His Word and constant prayer. These are the ones that will overcome because they understand the meaning of perseverance. The remnant saints KNOW God’s will and have a CLOSE personal relationship with Him. Those who are walking in purity and confidence will remind Him of His Word and remember that He has never broken His promises! This is truly walking in the Spirit! When our life lines up with His will and testament – He will HONOR our obedience and provide the miracles that we need. He is not holding back our blessings or playing games with us – He is waiting for us to give our lives to Him completely so that He can fulfill His vision for our destiny!

Allow me to say today, that God’s power has never declined or lost energy. When the Father sent His Son to live and die on this planet so that we might be restored into fellowship with Him, He had a beautiful plan and a holy vision of expectation for us. May I take my liberty to say this hour that He has never re-considered or changed His mind in any way. When Jesus walked this earth as the “man – God” He was all about saving the lost in whatever way it was needed. You do not find Jesus telling anyone that it is not God’s will that you be saved, healed or delivered. Actually, if one researches the life and ministry of Christ, it is recognized that all who came to Him in faith received His blessings and power to change their circumstances. The “good news” of the gospel is that Jesus established His covenant with those who believe in His Word and His Word explains how His blood holds Him accountable to what He has promised. The general message to the masses pertains to the born-again experience and how God forgives sin and creates within us a brand new spirit. The continuation of “being saved” includes whatever is needed in this journey to enjoy and maintain a Spirit filled, obedient, abundant life.

What I have been noticing lately in my life is the strong temptation to be distracted from what I should be thinking and doing. When we have situations that we know requires fervent prayer, do not presume that it is going to easy sailing! Becoming too busy is a clever tactic used by the enemy to get us off track from what we should be focused on. Concentrating on our prayers and confessions will take a strong self-discipline and determination in order to be successful. Vacations are a perfect example of putting our spiritual life on hold just for a little while, but it is just long enough to take our attention away from the task at hand. Believing for our physical healing is something that requires our faith and the enemy is very active trying to keep us from receiving our miracle from the Lord. Everything from people confessing curses on us to becoming absorbed in doctors and medicines can keep us focused MORE on the problem than JESUS our deliverer. If we just sit back and do not pursue the revelation of healing and invest the time to build our faith then we will end up with the default which is que sera sera. It may be news to some Christians but our spiritual journey does not consist or remain as a spiritual daycare for the Lord to constantly change our diapers and feed us bottles. I have to admit this sounds awesome because it is so easy to just walk through life and not have to exercise our faith for anything. It is so wonderful to agree and accept the default life (the life where faith is not developed) and blame God for everything that happens in the name of His “will.” This way no matter what takes place – it was God’s fault (decision) and had nothing to do with us. Well brothers and sisters, I must burst your bubble and announce that this is not the degree or maturity that God had in mind when He gave us His Word. I can say confidently that God desires His people to understand what an “overcomer” is and that the blood covenant of Christ is what empowers the saints to exercise spiritual authority over the enemy in the name of Jesus!

Allow me to ask you a question; when you make a statement in prayer and close by saying – In the Name of Jesus, do you believe in your heart that this Name carries the power to establish what you said as true? Are you not using His Name as an authoritive confession and by your faith in what you are saying, are you not convinced this is a valid spiritual LAW that God honors within His Kingdom? Then, the only reason we would not want to advance in our understanding and confidence in this authority would be because it is too time consuming, as enmity to our flesh or we are not convinced this is the way God’s government operates. In most cases these are just more reasons (excuses) why our carnality is stronger than our passion to know God more. It is not an unreasonable statement to declare that the closer we are to God the more faith we will have. The reason why we do not trust Him is because He is like a stranger to us and the first lesson we learn in “fear 101” is to never trust a stranger. For example, we trust our mom and dad with everything we have (even our life) because we KNOW they would never betray us or harm us in any way. We know without a shadow of a doubt that our parents want to do everything they can to help us succeed and not fail or be defeated in anything. How do we know this? Because we KNOW them! We know where their heart is toward us because we have been so close to them in our life. Since God is our heavenly Father and we are His children, His idea was that we would be closer to Him in this life than ANY other person in the world. Why? Because trusting Him would come from knowing Him and this would cause us to be mature in the faith which would teach us how to “walk” in the power and anointing of His Spirit! When we are children, the tools in the barn never cross our mind because we are just kids and are not expected to do the hard work that is needed to accomplish certain projects. “BUT” when we grow up and become strong and have our own property, we not only have learned how to use the tools – we realize that it is our responsibility to get the job done. This is the way the Lord planned for His Kingdom to function. He knows that when we are first saved that we are not able to do very much because we do have the knowledge, the strength or the faith that is needed to be an overcomer but He expects us to learn and grow that we might emerge as a well-trained laborer. He gives us all the (tools) His Word, spiritual gifts, talents, power, anointing and covenant authority needed to do the work and even decided to live inside of us to personally direct us and perform miracles through us. This is on top of sending the Holy Spirit as a comforter and guide and His angels to help us in our mission. HOWEVER – when will the church see that He is waiting for them to demonstrate how all of this works? Christians have no problem understanding how all of this is supposed to be functioning but for some reason they do NOT include themselves in the equation. It is time the body of Christ put away their cheer-leading uniforms and became players! Selah.  

There are different levels of understanding and faith, just like there are different levels of love and wisdom. The reason why it is so important for a person to receive Christ at an early age is because they need as much time as possible within their lifetime to learn His truth. Even if we studied every evening and lived to be 120 years old we would still only scratch the surface of knowing His vast treasures of secrets and mysteries. This knowledge is not necessarily hidden from us but rather is reserved for those who diligently and sincerely “seek” the meaning of life. These seekers that are serious about knowing God and who evolve in the enlightenment of their understanding are rewarded with the keys that can unlock His miracle power. Our lives are not always smooth sailing and we have an adversary that keeps a close eye on our spiritual development as the devil recognizes those who are spiritually weak and loves to use his ability and legal authority to influence the un-renewed mind with fear. Allow me to say that when trouble comes upon us and fear has been injected into the situation, it will affect us at whatever rate our level of faith has matured. Selah. If we have wasted our precious time with pursuing the pleasures of the world, our faith will remain a tiny seed or as a tender plant. This tiny level of spirituality can be easily shaken and the human system of emotions can react as if it is drowning in hopelessness. Fear can wreak havoc within the human mind and directly has a huge impact on the body the same as unforgiveness, resentment, jealousy and hatred. The devil has a relatively easy job of just whispering his poisonous negativity and then stands back and watches our reaction begin our own self-destruction. The Lord knew this would happen and tries to warn us through His Word and the Holy Spirit but many would rather trust something more tangible like a psychiatrist, psychic, horoscope, alcohol or an ancient remedy or book that someone is trying to sell. These imitations and substitutions for the power of God are very disappointing and usually make things even darker, confusing and more discouraging.

Now brother, you are saying that God’s will is His Word but we must agree that there are other reasons why miracles do not happen. Well, I do know that God is sovereign and He can do whatever He wants, but I also know that He will never betray His Word because He cannot lie. We can sit around all of our life trying to find excuses why God’s Word failed or we can “invest” our energy trying to draw closer to God so that we can SEE His Word be fulfilled!

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