The System of the Beast


As time goes by, we find an increasing concern about the stability of this nation and the world in general. Many people try at all cost to avoid thinking about politics and how they relate to their worldviews simply because it upsets them. It is common to find individuals intentionally putting on “blinders” to the world’s condition as they state their case in a short deliberate sentence; “my worrying and stress will not change anything – it cannot be stopped.” Or what about this one; “what can we do about it?” This may be partly true but if we are not careful we may be waving a subconscious “white flag” in surrendering to the system of the beast. We call it the “system” of the beast, because it is mentioned in Revelation chapter thirteen and seventeen as being a controlling, influential power from the dark side that represents, is closely associated and directed by Satan or is actually Satan himself. It is not my objective to try and explain all of the eschatology details concerning the beast, the dragon, anti-christ, false prophet, the horns or the heads and all that is connected to these prophecies. This is an incredibly deep study and there are several controversies involved with the interpretations and symbols. What we are sure of is that the system receives its power from the devil and is in opposition to God and His Word and that all people who are not born-again will worship the beast and his political and religious system. “And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him (the beast), whose names are not written in the book of life of the lamb slain from the foundation of the world.” (Revelation 13:8)

So, I realize the world is dominated by the influence of the devil – but what has all of this to do with “a possible me?” Well, since you and I are living right in the middle of this system, I would say everything. Since we are being pulled by it, tempted, influenced, mocked, persecuted, persuaded, attacked, bombarded, hated, shunned, stressed, worried, paranoid, fighting and confessing against it, the truth seems to be that we are spending most of our time trying to deal with it. It is clear that nearly everything we do is connected to it – so it is important to discuss it and develop a wise strategy against it in order to become and remain an overcomer in this life! Our discernment can increase as a result of spending time in meditation and communication with God and this sensitivity is mostly taught as becoming aware of the Lord’s presence. This is very awesome, but since it is an increased recognition of the overall spiritual realm, it also pertains to the dark side. “Beloved, believe (trust) not every spirit, but “try” (prove) the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.” (I John 4:1) I am convinced we are not to be consumed with worry and doubt because it is an unhealthy negative state of mind to our spiritual well-being. It can also be agreed that just because this world’s system is like a runaway train going down the tracks and we can see where it will end up, that does not mean all is hopeless or lost. If we could exercise self-discipline within our mind and seriously ask God to control our thoughts, we would see that He has not really called us to rearrange the world or change the system. If we would bring out God’s Word and begin a goal of studying and praying each day, our spiritual eyes would be opened more clearly and we would begin to see that the believer is already victorious and ALREADY more than a conqueror! We just need to receive the revelation of our identity IN CHRIST which is simply saying that we need to KNOW who He is and who we are in Him! The Lord simply desires that we would not become distracted or discouraged with what is going on all over the world and start being aware of what we should say and do in OUR OWN NETWORK. If all Christians would just focus on the people in front of them instead of watching the news every minute or absorbing tons of information that tends to overload our brains, they would discover that God can actually use them where they are with those they know. Selah. Instead of looking at the entire world, He is saying how about looking to your next door neighbor, someone you work with or a family member. It is the hearts of the blind that are caught in the systems snare trap which is why we must live each day “WITHIN THE STORM” without fear and with a “sensitive” spirit in order to be ready to respond and react to the opportunities that are before us. I am totally convinced about the believer having spiritual authority in this life because we have been sent as agents of change from heaven. Jesus had authority and now He lives in us! The world is dark and the lost are blind so we know the authority that they are operating in is not the correct path to follow. God’s people are from the Kingdom of light and are to be a holy representation of the one who created everything. God’s idea since the resurrection of Jesus has not been to change the direction of the world but rather to change the hearts of those who love Him. Understanding spiritual authority is the responsibility of the believer, and this should give us confidence to know that we are the ones that have the real answers to all of the problems of mankind. There is nothing that God does not understand or cannot create or restore. We have the good-news of the gospel and within this revelation contains the absolute truth of all things and the purpose and meaning of our existence. His miracle power of total salvation is manifested through faith in His Word and is the reason why Jesus was crucified and resurrected and the reason why we rise each morning! The evil system is designed to stop this truth from being released and the more determined we are to speak God’s Word, the more resistance we will encounter from it. The Father has already prophesied the end of the world and His eventual destruction of the beast system, so we do not need to worry about that. What we should be concerned about is how to abandon our will and take up His cross now! If Christians would become disciples, the love and power of God would be accomplished according to His idea of salvation. Selah. He saved us so that we could be used by Him to save others. We are to live as “active” participants, not to physically fight against the system but to reach out in compassion to those who are caught up in it! The Great Shepherd is the deliverer but He uses His messengers as they obey His voice. “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh; for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity EVERY THOUGHT to the obedience of Christ.” (II Corinthians 10:3-5)

We as Christians must recognize that the direction of this world is closely monitored by God and each detail has been prophesied in His Word. The Lord has given a certain amount of liberty to Satan that came from man’s blunder in the Garden and consequently the human race has suffered since that day. Many believe in the fall of man and the curses that became a “sentence” for disobeying God’s commands, but few actually realize that a system of government was birthed within this transition period and has been a strong influence on the way we all think and perceive. Satan when he was called Lucifer was thrown out of heaven as a result of an ugly “out of control” spirit of pride and now as the “prince of the power of the air” he actually is convinced in his twisted mind that somehow he can rule the world. This is why Jesus came to restore man’s relationship with God and re-establish his spiritual authority through the blood covenant.

For as long as I can remember, people have argued and fought over elections, campaign platforms and political personalities. The ideas have always been the same, just altered and camouflaged to fit the problems of the day. The election strategy is basically simple; “we are heading in the wrong direction, we need change and you need me to lead us to success!” and for the simple minded spectator it works beautifully every time. The reason why I call the average person “simple minded” is because it is easier to deceive the ignorant as the true reality is usually hidden behind the bright colored lights and flashy entertainment. The masses believe they are voting by making choices but the decisions were made long ago. Since the devil has been given a part to play in the grand finale, the “top secret” information reveals that the people (including the politicians) are just puppets. You see, when will we ever come to realize that political parties and charismatic politicians do not give “birth” or produce a system – the system produces them! Selah. The devil does not need to train and educate the heathen how to ruin a world – he just needs to influence them to turn away from God and man will destroy himself and everything around him. The lost are in denial but God’s servants realize that mankind cannot rule himself. Humans are not smart enough and their carnal nature is too corrupted to walk in peace and love. We can take a tour of history and see the trails of destruction and fallen empires where men tried to be their own god. Without the God of the universe directing their thoughts and purifying their hearts, the masses are just spoiled, rotten brats that have grown up! Any society that does not allow God and His Word to intervene into their affairs will end in collapse. Selah.

When the creator fashioned man in His image, His intentions were not to make man completely independent of His Holy Spirit or His personal intervention. When man made the intentional and intelligent decision to throw God’s Word in the trash can and not listen to the instructions on how to live – the downward spiral began. Mankind does not have the capability to know all things or the power to rule the world or even manage his own affairs. Man was designed to be a “vessel” or instrument for the Fathers purpose. The humanistic attitude is that humans do not need a God that controls them because they are smart enough to blaze their own trails and build their own kingdoms. We only need to turn to the book of Job to be reminded of how silly and foolish this way of thinking is. Allow me to say boldly, that no matter how many books or colleges boast about the strength and creativity of the brain, man is DESPERATELY needy for God. The Lord provided the instruction manual, map and compass of the Bible to educate mankind on how to live. It is divine wisdom that has the power to be perfect in judgment and is the only source of truth. Man wants to dissect truth and compromise the absolutes by making all ideas fit into his confusing puzzle. God’s will is for His children to develop courage by abiding in faith and then purity will generate boldness to speak His divine reality. A perfect example is to watch our government handle situations. Have you ever really thought about it – the system does not have one answer to any difficulty! They CANNOT solve any crisis on their own because they have told God to go away. The only thing that government knows how to do is put more money into the problem but that is not the solution! The real problem is that the system is being guided by those who are blind and deaf to the Spirit of the Lord. We as Christians have thought for the last 200 years that if we could elect individuals that were strong in the faith of God, they could help guide this country into the divine wisdom of the Father. Sadly, what we have learned within our lifetime is how the “system” was much more advanced and prepared to fend off any type of spiritual warfare aimed at tearing down the strongholds that have been built. Many politicians who started out with excitement and good intentions, fell into a waiting “spider web” of evil when they wandered into the halls and territories of the dark kingdom. That’s OK! The devil has been given the opportunity to deceive the nations and that has been done! We have thought that everything will be alright and that things will not spiral out of control, but we must now face the situation in knowing that the rest of our journey may not be like we have planned.

Emotional happiness will not be enough to sustain us when the financial empires of the world fall and nations are brought down to their knees. We must recognize now that the media is owned and controlled by our enemy and he is trying to distract us from becoming filled with the revelation of divine reality. This reality includes the truth about our covenant with God which explains our spiritual identity. I am in no way trying to scare anyone, but rather trying to bring a sobering reminder to the way things really are. We are in a full-blown WAR (unto death) with an enemy that is a formable opponent. The difference between becoming an overcomer in this life and being defeated is how much revelation we can absorb into our spirit and mind. The ones who thought that God was obligated to do everything for them will eventually realize that all of the weapons were put into barn – but we had to go get them and use them! It will be too late for many to try and develop strong faith at the last minute. Victory in Jesus will be the result of years interceding, studying, worshipping, learning, growing, developing, advancing, and maturing into higher levels of spiritual enlightenment. This is why we must continue preaching about seeking God and His Kingdom NOW with all of our heart, mind and strength. In closing, I believe the devil has worked hard against me, even in the writing of this short letter. I have had several physical and mental challenges and distractions within the last week but Praise be to God – I will not stop! There is not a more important life-changing concept than the believer’s spiritual kingdom authority over evil, but we must KNOW God – and who we are IN HIM! “But you are a CHOSEN generation, a ROYAL priesthood, a HOLY nation, a PECULIAR people: that you should “show forth” the praises of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.” (Peter 2:9) Beware of the system! It is the “lion” that seeks to devour you!

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