What Type of Message Are We Looking For?


I was recently told that people do not like to hear the same things over and over. This was a comment that was given during a discussion about spiritual teachings and the different styles and focus that ministers have. I believe that most teachers are drawn to certain subjects and are passionate about specific areas of life and this can be seen in all types of education for example; history, math, science or in any type of skill or trade. People do not become bored with what they teach because of their deep love of the subject matter. Of course the delivery and approach to expressing and communicating truth can make a difference in how students enjoy and receive knowledge. After considering the original statement, I began to wonder if it is really rejection of “all” repetition or is it subject matter? The evening news is an example of the masses that hear the same thing each night and yet are mesmerized by the continuous flood of bad news. They are faithful to the news and want to know what is going on even though it is relatively the same thing over and over. Another example is talk radio where the subject content is always the same but the listeners are glued to every word. These individuals who follow the topics of what they are interested in have no problem with listening to the same thing constantly because that is what they LOVE. People who grow tired of hearing God’s Word are backslidden and have grown cold to His voice. These are same ones that stir strife within a church by whispering that the pastor is boring, the worship is outdated, and the programs are dull and lifeless. Sadly, many marriages also dissolve for this reason; many jobs are abandoned and so on and so forth all because things are not exciting or stimulating enough. Most of the time the problem is within the person who has grown restless and discontent and this is usually a result of not having the peace and joy that is only found in the intimate relationship with Christ.

I have been told that I am a hard-nosed, (hell fire and brimstone) writer that seems to concentrate on how sinful we are and how desperately we need to change. I am not denying or ashamed that this has been the “mantle” that has been given to me as I am not smart enough to have mapped out my calling or planned this as an agenda on purpose. I started writing music one day back in 1982, and the first song I wrote was called, “All of Him – less of me” and I have been writing about this ever since. If I tried to write with any other direction or reason, I would lose my passion and feel like a “cookie cutter” religious “sell-out.” I am always convicted with what the Lord gives me to write and it has been spoken over me several times through prophetic words that I would write a difficult message. Why should I or anyone else be surprised that the Christian life is a hard road to follow especially since Jesus Himself told us it would be like this? Becoming a disciple of Jesus is NOT a popular subject and will never lead the parade in the category of “feel good” theology. Of course this is why I stress how important it is to remember that the flesh HATES anything to do with the sacrifice and surrender of our will. I realize that we all would love to hear about how great we are and how everyone will be saved someday but this “la, la land” mentality “secretly” injects the human emotions with attitudes of laziness and rebellion and hinders our mission. Children say they hate discipline but deep down they need and appreciate someone who cares enough to spank them. The same is true with not respecting those who “sugar coat” truth until it has no meaning at all. Many pastors and churches have taken this path of trying to be all things to all people for the sake of social and political reasons – NOT because they were being led by the Holy Spirit.

The remnant who sincerely seeks truth will not become bored with hearing it! In fact, heaven will be filled with praising and worship and shouting as we glorify and magnify His Holy Name – continually! I cannot comprehend how Lucifer could have become irritated and annoyed with His position, or how he could have schemed against the perfection of God but somehow the attitudes of jealous strife consumed him. I would say this would be impossible to happen in the future and I certainly hope this is true however I am concerned that if God’s Word cannot hold our attention now – that it will not be able to hold us then and maybe these people who are bored with Him today, might need to start all over again so they can be on the same page as He is! I realize we all need tons of encouragement because life is very difficult. Encouragement is like water to a person that is crawling through the desert and that is why people flock to hear something that makes them feel good about themselves. Nevertheless, we also must understand there are many religious leaders that capitalize on this market and are trying to gather as large of a crowd as they can for their own personal gain. This is where God’s anointing stops and human psychology starts and sadly the spectators are happy and willing to participate as long as they can justify their conscience. This exposes the difference between religion and spirituality as religion enjoys the knowledge but the spirit understands knowledge as revelation, manifestation and demonstration.

I was talking to a person the other day and we were joking around about doing good deeds and how most people believe that the Lord keeps “score” on a system of points and credits. This individual has not accepted Jesus into their heart but is considering it. He is under conviction and has been reading his Bible and I honestly believe that God is seriously knocking on the door of his conscience but as we all know the hesitation of NOT wanting to surrender to God is nothing new. Some feel that it is “negative” to be constantly reminded of the war between the flesh and the Spirit but are they forgetting how important it is when it comes to receiving Christ or rejecting Him? It is not a secret that humans hate to submit to God because they love the lifestyle of pillows and chocolates. No wonder people are seeking a soft message. Our internal structure of thoughts has designed the external vessel of who we are and of course this is what being born-again begins to tear down first. As the blackboard of our heart is erased and a new KING is seated on the throne of our conscience, we can begin to truly LIVE life as it was intended. We were never created to exist without God’s guidance but rather were fashioned to be a temple where God could live and move freely. Each of us has the decision to lay down our life at His feet and take up our cross and follow – if we choose. The truth is that to most people this does not sound encouraging because it includes the huge responsibility and accountability to live according to God’s voice. Contained within His moment by moment intimate relationship is the covenant agreement to do whatever He is asking. In turn, He promises to work “with us” and provide the super-natural power and authority to walk according to His Word. Those who accept this opportunity can and will say – “may it be done unto me according to Thy Word!” This means that everything He has promised in His Word can be attained by those who have deliberately placed themselves in position to receive all that he has. In turn, they have agreed and vowed to give Him all that they are. If this revelation ever becomes boring then somewhere down the line we have sprung a leak and our tank of living water has run dry. The closer one draws near to God, the more serious they realize our world’s condition. Yes, of course we need encouragement but a soft, watered down gospel is not the answer. Most of our personal edification is found in the study of God’s Word and the secret place of prayer. His love, grace, and compassion will be sufficient for those who desire a genuine experience with Him and only those who truly love Him will love His truth. Selah.

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