Finding My Place in this World


Here we are at the last week of the year. Many of us have experienced some hurtful events and also have received blessings and miracles. There is much talk going around about this being a significant year in prophecy and about the Lord’s return. Many of you include fasting as a way to begin the New Year which is a wonderful opportunity to invite Jesus to cleanse and bring a fresh sensitivity into our mind and heart. My question today is; do we really want any more of Him than we have now? Do we really want to do anything more than we already are? Are we tired and just want to be left alone? Or do we finally want to “get it right” before Jesus comes back? The answers to these questions will decide what kind of year this coming year will be to us. If we stay the same, this will just be another year however, let us realize that if we want to be “all we can be” it will depend on how much we are willing to be transformed by His Spirit. Some of us that have been laboring in His fields for a long time are pretty beat-up and banged-up but we also know what He is speaking in this hour and our responsibility to follow and obey.

People have weaknesses. It is time to realize that not only is there a VICIOUS CYCLE going on within other people’s lives – there is one going on IN US! And where there is a sinful habit there is always a CROSSROAD MOMENT. It is not negative to examine our weaknesses – it is actually wise. How can we overcome the problems that are binding us if we choose not to deal with them? This is the place of decision that “cycles” on a regular basis and we are routinely faced with the choice to continue going in the same old direction or change course. These places can be everything from times when we became sick from overeating to saying something we wish we could retract. They can be sexual addictions, anger issues, depression, pride, financial or marital problems or anything that wages a war against us. Anytime someone can push our buttons and cause us to lose control or any type of bondage or oppression that can distract us from accomplishing our divine blueprint – we have a problem! Because we are weak and very vulnerable to temptation these crossroad moments is where we secretly decide if we are going to obey the red light of discipline – or the green light of not caring. It begins with a powerful craving to satisfy our flesh and ends with us accepting or rejecting its offer. When we give in to the desire and indulge until we are exhausted, our senses are submerged in a temporary feeling of ecstasy and euphoria. This emotional “dream state” usually dissolves into emotions of sadness, regret, depression and guilt only minutes after we have fulfilled our pleasure. The agony of guilt remains until the satisfaction wears off and the desire returns – then the process starts all over again. Our flesh knows what it wants and can easily over-power conviction if we do not allow our thinking to be transformed. We do not need a psychiatrist to tell us that our problems started when we experienced certain feelings when we were young. Actually, it does not really matter WHY we have come to this point because we need to stop blaming the past about why we are the way we are. We can sit around and talk until Jesus comes back about why we are weak and fail but will it help us change? Has it helped us so far? Selah. It is not the past that is holding us hostage it is our inability to realize that our decisions impact our future!

This is not just a modification – it must be a lifestyle change. In the Old Testament, Israel would demonstrate good behavior “for a while” and then drift back into their old ways of sin. God would become angry and punish them for their lack of faith and obedience and then they would straighten up for a while. What a sobering example of how we are today as the devil knows our weaknesses and patiently waits for the perfect chance to stick out his leg and trip us. Then, there we are down on the floor trying to blame everyone else for our failure when actually it is our own lack of immaturity. Saints, it is time that we understand what areas that are “hot spots” against us and to pray for greater discernment so that we might recognize the ambush before we get entangled in it! It is time we stop beating ourselves up and going round and round in discouragement because agony is a miserable place to live in and is NOT the abundant life that Jesus said we could have. The crossroad moment is when our strongest desires or fears are breathing down our neck and we must choose to change or remain the same. Yes, the road is very hard and is filled with difficulty and we all have a target on our back because we are chosen by God to overcome the very things we are talking about! You have the choice today to make a declaration that you will give your heart to God’s plan or you can remain comfortable and coast the rest of your life in neutral. Neither God nor the devil is going to force you to serve them – it your choice. Selah.

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