Love Cannot Compromise


It is amazing how drastic worldviews can change in one generation. In our busy daily lives we hardly seem to take the time to consider the larger concept of life because we are so distracted with the “little foxes”. It is common but not excused to be so focused on what we are doing than what we need to be remembering. Selah. For example, the church world is generous when it comes to helping children in need but many times forgetting the little ones running around under their feet. Yes, there have been Sunday schools and children’s programs and even many Christian schools but it has NOT been enough. This is not being critical considering what is at stake. The entire future of demonstrating God’s truth on earth depends on the actions of each generation to preserve it. Of course the Lord is watching over His Kingdom but when one generation goes to sleep and fails in their responsibilities to pass on to their children God’s divine reality, the entire culture suffers loss and becomes more distorted. As children absorb knowledge they begin to process this information as a type of “laying a foundation” of their own personal worldviews. For those who seek God’s truth, the renewed mind is continually being developed and shaped into powerful convictions that solidify values such as integrity, love and honor. However, for those whose conscience is being bombarded with the philosophies of the world – the flood of darkness has no intention of taking prisoners.

Many are saying that molding children’s thinking by forcing them to adopt someone else’s interpretations of truth is wrong even if it is the religious views of parents and church. In rare cases this may have a valid argument but when it comes to God’s absolute truth we must TEACH what we KNOW is right and be determined to NOT compromise! Yes, brother but all truth is relative. Oh really? If we trace where this type of foolish thinking originated we may not be as excited to endorse it as reliable. Satan is the author of confusion and the father of all lies. He knows all about absolute truth and his mission is NOT complicated; it is to prevent God’s wisdom from transforming the minds of the “earthlings.” The devil realizes that since humans are born with a rebellious nature against God, we are automatically gullible to philosophical opinions. The flesh nature is weak minded and vulnerable to deception which makes the devil’s mission much easier and sadly has done a fairly good job of keeping God’s truth “top secret.” But, praise God! I want to share a simple and beautiful revelation with you today; God’s Kingdom IS advancing because it CANNOT be stopped! Selah. The kingdom of sin and darkness CANNOT prevent the seeker who becomes determined to love and know God from accomplishing God’s will! Amen!

I believe there have been some breakdowns in the general church-world over the last one hundred years and I also feel in my heart there are strange spirits that are operating in some of our major denominations today. Do not misunderstand me, there are pockets of remnant disciples scattered out over the earth but generally speaking many churches have become more politically minded than Christ centered. In this light, there is a huge representation of socially acceptable religion and a very small remnant that is standing for God’s divine reality and this is something the true disciples need to comprehend. The last hour church will not be known for its SIZE but for its passion to reflect the love of Jesus and embrace His Word! So when did the church begin to lose its purpose and identity? Well, that is a good question and it might make more sense to confess that the church actually has NEVER been the spiritual force in the world like it should have been. Yes, religion has always been in the headlines while God’s people have been in their prayer closets! While the religious world has been busy looking respectful to the community, many of its families were spiritually starving. As the generations of children developed in their minds what they observed from the lethargic church and compromising parents, leaders, and mentors, it molded an undesirable view of God and deteriorated the entire idea of absolute truth. I personally believe the modern version of the religious system took a heavy hit in the 1960’s and 70’s because the enemy brought out the many different types and “calibers” of humanism with a more aggressive demonic intensity against the family and society. Could much of this have been stopped by Christians? Absolutely! Can we stop it now? We can make a huge difference by becoming determined to ACT and SAY exactly what He is speaking to us!

When we think about how life is woven together and what makes sense, we begin to notice that as complicated as the world may seem, the basic fundamentals of life are quite simple. God’s ways are precise and strict yet filled with love and forgiveness. Since humans are so simple-minded, we are faced with the hard facts that most people think like a child and act like a child. Children do not like discipline and rebellion hates to be told what to do. Concerning the carnal nature, we can say with confidence that resisting authority is always “in season.” In this way of thinking, it does not really take a lot of effort for the enemy of our soul to drive a huge “wedge” between us and God’s truth – he just needs to influence and whisper his ideas here and there to keep the fires of insubordination burning. In God’s way of thinking, He sends His Son to restore our relationship with Him and gives us a wonderful instruction manual for us to live by. His covenant explains that all we have is His and all that He has is ours. We follow His blueprint in obedience and in turn we are given the awesome opportunity and gracious blessing of Him sitting on the throne of our heart and leading our life as our Lord. Simple right? I wish I could tell you our journey is one big exciting adventure where we all ride into the sunset, BUT our road does have a few potholes and times of suffering and disappointment. This is why our conversations are so loaded with talk about trusting God! You see, faith is very dangerous to the dark kingdom which is why the liberals have been influenced so strongly to abolish and discredit the Bible. The devil has realized that if the concept of “absolute truth” can be removed from the list of “possible theories” – the floodgates of heresy can control the minds, hearts and souls of the world. Seeing this military strategy to damn the entire world to an everlasting hell SHOULD BE a sobering wake-up call for God’s people to arise and enter into spiritual warfare. When love grows cold, the burdens for souls fade away and the Bible turns into a center piece for a coffee table instead of a passionate lifestyle. This is where the infection originated; the generations were not taught how to pray or what was at stake because they only believed what they witnessed! What good have all of the millions of church services been to the world when the Christians act just like the lost? What are we accomplishing with all of our labors within the church when our most precious treasure (the children) is being taught that the Bible is a joke? When church members do not live the Christian life and allow sin to desensitize their soul, the children run out the backdoor and play with demons because they do not know the difference! The masses have been asleep so long now they don’t even remember what they were supposed to do.

Allow me to present a quote from A.W. Tozer. “If Christianity is to receive rejuvenation, it must be by other means than any now being used. If the Church in the last half century is to recover from the injuries she has suffered, there must appear a new type of leader. The proper, ruler-of-the-synagogue type will never do. Neither will the priestly type of man who carries out his duties, takes his pay and asks no questions, nor the smooth-talking pastoral type who knows how to make the Christian religion acceptable to everyone. All these have been tried and found wanting. Another kind of spiritual leader must arise among us. He must be of the old prophet type, a man who has seen visions of God and has heard His voice from the Throne. When they come (and I pray to God there will be many), they will stand in flat contradiction to everything our smirking, smooth civilization holds dear.” A nation founded by pilgrims who came here to worship the God of the Bible freely without interference and persecution from ruling elites and those opposed to Christianity’s influence on the culture, has now come to the proverbial fork in the road. After years of attempting to balance traditional Americana with political correctness, those pushing the new “my way or the highway” definition of “tolerance” has decided that accommodating our differences of opinion is defeat. Irrefutable history documents that the Bible and its teachings were the biggest influence on those that founded the most free and prosperous nation in human history. Yet nowadays if you believe that same Bible is true you will either silence your beliefs, or you will be silenced. The church is facing a strong uprising against what is true and the battle which lies ahead is NOT for the faint hearted. We are entering into a time when our government believes it has the power to FORCE a Christian to accept the dictates of its system agenda. The sad truth is most American Christians would prefer to leave people in their sin provided they are left alone. In God’s blueprint, that is total disobedience to the Gospel and exactly the reason why the culture is at this point in the first place. However, the message of Christmas is that God was not content to leave the world drowning in its sins, so He gave us His Son born humbly in a manger to become “God with us.” The carols are filled with anointed truth but most do not know what they are singing. Back to that proverbial fork in the road. One sign says “liberty” and the other sign says “political correctness.” Every true remnant disciple of Jesus Christ will have to choose one or the other. We can no longer have both, and the truth is we really never could. It was always going to end this way, we just didn’t want to believe it.

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