Plowing the Fields


“O give thanks unto the Lord, for His mercy endureth forever. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom He has redeemed from the hand of the enemy; and gathered them out of the lands from the east, and from the west, from the north, and from the south.” (Psalm 107:1-3)

There should be no difference between corporate worship and private worship because our intentions should be the same and that is to tell Him how we feel and what we think about Him. However, there is a good indication that if we do not worship God in the intimacy of our heart all the time, we are less likely to express our feelings to Him in public. We know why God wants us to worship Him in our personal day to day activities but what is God trying to do by having us come together and worship Him corporately? Well, it is amazing and sad that many people have never really quite understood the super-natural phenomena that God desires to manifest every time we come together. I realize that our modern idea of church is not perfect and in fact there are many things that we could say that are negative, but we must admit that God speaks highly of His church as a special representation of His Kingdom. Now, whether or not His concept of the church is the same as ours is the same is debatable, but the point is that He does mention is quite a bit so we must also try to learn what it is and how to follow His instructions. First we must remember that nothing in the church world means anything to anyone (from teaching the children to praying at the altar) if it is not Holy Spirit inspired and anointed with the breath of God. The foundation of our spiritual growth is learning because as we know God’s word – we know God more personally and that in turn is what changes us into His image. God’s Word is the heavenly seed and is the crown jewel of our life (and corporate services) as it is the catalyst of God’s power to minister to each spirit, mind and body, individually – yet all at the same time.

What does all this have to do with worship? Everything! What do you do “before” you plant a seed? As natural fields are PLOWED before the crops are sown, likewise our hearts must also be broken, arranged and plotted so the seed of God’s Word can be received. YES – Worship softens our “natural” resistance and PREPARES the heart to receive God’s personal instructions. When we begin to focus on His face and His great deeds of love and grace, we forget about our problems and the fears that come from our spiritual conflicts. When we stop relying on our own strength and futile ideas that we can deliver ourselves or that we can fix our own problems, we automatically let go of our worries and stress of trying to struggle in this world of darkness. This “release” of our will gives God the opportunity to intervene into our conscience and remind us that we can “trust” Him to help us. As we continue to bow down to our Lord in sincerity and humility, He brings His presence into our midst as the “miracle exchange” of love takes place between us. We pour out our heart to Him in adoration and He responds to us with His holy mercy, grace and power. He “awakens” and generates sensitivity and the expectation of His supernatural power to communicate and transform – (this gives confidence to our faith to believe that what we are doing is really making a difference in our situation and other people’s lives.) There is a divine order and spiritual principal (not legalism) that when obeyed can open doors for the Lord to walk among us. After we have allowed God to spend time with us in this holy communion, our heart is now broken, sifted, cleansed and made ready to receive God’s Word which is the power unto salvation. I am not talking about getting saved – I am referring to the spiritual evolution of the process of salvation. We are being saved daily, growing into an understanding of His knowledge and continually learning how to discern His wisdom. The more we mature in Him, the more we can begin to see our responsibility of being a “garden tool” for God as an instrument that He can use to do help with His miracle ministry of plowing. Only then will we realize how important it is to be “in His Spirit” when serving Him and ministering to the people. This is why the enemy has placed a target on us – he does not want us to lead the people into the “wonders” of God’s presence or do anything in God’s Kingdom where the power of God can be manifested. The devil would rather see a talented but lukewarm “musical” and a intelligent but lifeless lecture in church instead of a Holy Ghost inspired demonstration of God’s presence because he knows God’s holy, perfect SEED is what brings healing, deliverance, victory and true spiritual CHANGE.

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