Taking Out the Trash


How long will it take for us to realize that without repenting before we go stage our praise service will be as powerless as a soap opera? Just as we examine ourselves before we take communion we must also deal with our sin and allow Him to purify us with His blood. It is preparation; like being sharpened, cleansed, purged, grinded, sanded, washed and renewed: this is what yielding our will to Him and willingly laying on His sacrificial alter is all about. Just like the Old Testament Priest that was very careful to enter with a pure heart, we too must keep a check on our thoughts and attitudes. If there is any garbage between us and the Lord – we will not really want to take that step into the Holy of Holies. This is why we ask God to forgive us each time we worship – we are openly professing that we realize our need to constantly “take out the trash.”

When we come before His throne we must “prepare” our heart for the bright, penetrating light of His holiness to shine into our conscience and flood our senses with His Glory. Is there a connection between living in a pure conscience and why we clean house when we know company is coming?

The image of Christ is to be reflected from us to all people but how can His perfect purity come from within or be reflected from dirty vessels? We do not step on the stage with an agenda to manipulate or perform a rock show but we draw near and reach out to Him because we love who He is and are hungry and thirsty for His presence. God cannot and will not be contained or controlled by our religious programs or made to fit into our ministry schedule. As soon as we create a system or a formula and think we have it all figured out; we miss him. We cannot demand or command Him; we cannot manipulate Him or bargain with Him. It is true our personality is an important part of the effectiveness but we must remember even that is a part of the divine spiritual calling that He has pre-destined for us. We are anointed to do what God has destined us to accomplish. Our ability is not as important as our availability and being prepared spiritually is more important than our instrument being in tune or us knowing how the song goes.

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