The Leader of Songs


Most people do not understand the daily balancing act that church leaders go through trying to manage people without causing a religious mutiny. Managers in the secular world can relate to the headaches and pressures of trying to organize people with diverse personalities but the ministry is even more complex with the addition of spiritual considerations. People always want to share their ideas, opinions and expectations and the Christian realm is no exception as each individual has their own interpretation of how church should be. What most people fail to realize is that all the other parts of the body also have their own unique revelation about what to change and with the same intensity and fervent passion as they do. In simple terms; everybody wants control.

An experienced worship leader will take all suggestions and advice to the place of prayer and meditation because they know how important it is to have an open mind and a clear conscience. Much wisdom is needed in the leader’s life to not categorize people with prejudice and opinions because this hinders their ability to perceive and comprehend a possible confirmation of what God is saying or may really want to do. Church leaders are constantly dealing with everyone’s suggestions about how worship services can be made more effective and they can become overwhelmed with distractions. As a subconscious escape the leader may shut off the openness to listen and lock the gates to his tolerance and openness to learn. This fear will hinder and cause a dysfunction in the life and ministry. Over a period of time the leader may develop a habit of being friendly and seemingly interested in advice but inwardly can be completely ignoring everyone. Retreating into a place of isolation by closing everyone out and only listening to their own ideas is not mentally or spiritually healthy. We must never forget the Lord can use the most unlikely person to speak into our life which is why the leader must have his receiver on the Holy Spirit “frequency” and his “antennas” up at all times.

Every Christian is called to be “A” leader but not everyone is called to be THE leader. Leaders are like connectors, (reminds me of the plastic caps that twist electrical wires together) that can generate confidence and encouragement in others by getting them to see God’s vision, (without getting trapped in the middle.) The stronger the leader the more humble and willing to SERVE one must be. They must live with a constant discernment and awareness that everything is being done in the power of God – not their ability or talent. We study David and know that he walked with God and if we look closer we will see how HUMILITY and REPENTANCE were keys to his intimate relationship and his success. As we have said earlier, “when we decrease – God will increase.” Leaders must spend time alone with God in prayer, personal worship and obedience to His voice only. They must never compromise the truth while committing to do whatever it takes – not for the “curtain call” but simply because they genuinely LOVE Him and His people.

Everyone agrees that a worship pastor needs to have the gift and anointing to lead others into the presence of God but this is not the only qualification. There must also be a personality that is able to counsel, mediate, teach, lead by example and be a person of integrity, fairness, patience and spiritual perception. There may be several people in the worship team that can sing solos and can lead songs but the worship pastor is the one who can FACILITATE and “manage” everyone into a working unit that can flow in not only unity but a balanced harmony within the collection of temperaments and diversity. Everyone wants RESPECT and deserves to be treated with dignity because that is the product of really knowing the person and giving God the glory for who they are and what God is doing in them now.

The worship pastor is always trying to challenge and “stretch” the ones who are gifted and becomes excited to step back so others can lead. They are always interested in encouraging young people for the sake of seeing them grow and advance into their gifts and callings. The youth need to SEE the Holy Spirit move through the music and a true leader will demonstrate how the gifts function so the church of tomorrow can continue to release the power of God. Leaders are always willing to allow others to minister in their gifts as a resource for an encouragement and edification to the body. The calling of worship pastor is not a vehicle or platform to advertise their personal ministry or push a selfish career agenda. They are like a chef that can take many wonderful ingredients and with the careful measuring, mixing and concentration they help prepare and serve the sweet smelling fragrance of God’s love.

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