You and God is a Majority


The more we venture out of our cave and look around in this great big world, the more we will run into people that are hurting. Yes, there are many who are blessed and have led sheltered lives, but if we really try to look closer into other people’s situations we will notice that many have not had it so easy. Allow me say before we go any further that it is much more comfortable to live in isolation and just focus on our own needs and desires than it is to be concerned about the problems of others. It is the old idea of “out of sight – out of mind” that allows us to be free from the thoughts and worries of dysfunctional circumstances. It is amazing how us NOT knowing about suffering (whether intentionally or not) reduces our prayers into a “bless me” confession and reduces the big picture of the world’s needs into a tiny peep-hole that we seldom visit. This is a part of the church’s weakness in that it becomes so focused on the “feel good” parts that it forgets about the needy and hurting. Jesus was always more sensitive to the needs of the wounded than blending in with the political and social agendas of the imposter church.

I was thinking the other day about people like Mother Teresa that abandoned her life so that she could help others. She evidently started out with a burden and a compassionate heart and the more she became involved the more it became apparent that she had found her calling. To her, helping and giving became a revelation within her soul and I believe this should be the attitude of a true disciple of Christ. In Mark 12:43-44 we are reminded of the poor widow that gave two cents into the treasury while many of the wealthy were donating large amounts of money. “And He [Jesus] called unto Him His disciples, and saith unto them, verily I say unto you, that this poor widow hath cast more in, than all they which have cast into the treasury: for all they did cast in of their abundance; but she of her want did cast in ALL that she had, even all her living.” When we think of a person’s gift or calling, we usually have ideas like a profession or something we are good at and for some this may very well be the case, but allow me to say that it seems only a few ever find it or for that matter even seek for it and even if they do know it they want to control it their way. The “normal” way of thinking is to give God His portion but our true spiritual calling is to drop our nets and give Him ALL that we have.

Have you ever been at work and watched how people act and listen to what they say with the intention of trying to imagine where they are and how they got there? I have been in rooms filled with people that seemed downcast and some were outspoken about how much they hate what they are doing and where they are in general. Many people act as if they are entangled in a miserable existence like a prisoner that cannot find a way “out” of their circumstances. This helpless feeling of failure infects the conscience and the mind with emotional negativity that haunts the soul like a dark cloud of depression. If anyone has ever been there, it seems as if you are in a deep hole and you are looking up to the sky but cannot figure out how to climb out. Allow me to say, there is no hole so deep that God cannot reach you! There is no island so remote that He cannot hear your cries! There is no place so dark that God’s light cannot find you and rescue you! The God of all creation wants you to be filled with His joy but it all depends on your perception of reality. The three Hebrew children were in the fiery furnace BUT SO WAS GOD! Remember this; it is never WHERE you are that makes or breaks you – it is who you are WITH! You and God is a majority and nothing can stop you from His love and your victory!

I have been to the valley of despair; it is the most miserable place anyone could ever be. I do not enjoy anything about it and though I have never seen or felt a literal hell – I would cast my vote that depression is earth’s version of it. Have you ever noticed how discouragement paralyzes and encouragement motivates? I know what it is like to suffer emotionally and to be consumed with the torture that comes from being offended, hurt, neglected, backstabbed, deceived, not appreciated and disappointed. I realize that many have had it much worse than me and my problems have been small compared to others that have suffered a great deal nonetheless this life is filled with troubles and most of them is more than we can handle on our own. In these times of discouragement, the last thing we desire to do is to praise God, but allow me to say that praising Him is EXACTLY what we need to do when we are in these valleys of despair. At times we all wrestle with different demons and trials that cause torment within our mind and soul as they are either targeting us as victims or taunting us with our own mistakes. And while we are walking over these hot coals of pity it usually does not make us feel any better to hear the old saying, “it is not the crisis but our reaction” however, beyond the blinding pain there is a divine truth in that statement which actually holds the key that can unlock the door to our healing. Jesus stands on the other side of this door and if we can stop crying long enough and let Him in, then hopefully we can take baby steps of faith and allow Him to fix what is broken. But it seems you are taking the misery lightly and implying that the pain is not real. I am not saying the pain is imaginary or just in your head because I realize it is very real, but I would be wrong to not mention how much of it can be cast down and replaced with joy? Easy for you to say but how can words heal a human being? The greatest mystery has been unveiled and given to whosoever can invite and receive Jesus into their heart. He is THE WORD that saves the lost and His authoritive truth is much more than ink and paper. When we ingest His Word into our life by life His power is released within us to create whatever miracle we need! The good news is that when we make the conscious effort to look BEYOND the misery just for a moment, we will see within our spirit a light at the end of the tunnel which is the hand of a merciful God reaching out to us in compassion. His love can open our spiritual eyes so that we can realize how crucial it is to let go of this realm and embrace the Savior of our soul. As recipients of His patience and longsuffering we focus on the one who created us and humbly reach out and trust Him and worship His glorious beauty. When He holds us in His arms of grace we are overwhelmed in His perfect peace and strengthened with His counsel. “Unto the upright there arises light in the darkness: He is gracious, and full of compassion, and righteous.” (Psalm 112: 4)

I realize there are chemical imbalances and psychological disorders in these fragile temples and times when we are genuinely attacked and wounded but strong soldiers cannot curl up in a fetal position in the foxhole and pull the blanket over their head. Pity parties are where the weak in faith and fearful tie a handkerchief to their machine gun and begin to wave it to the world as a message of surrender. But allow me to ask; how can battles be won when we give up on our trust and confidence in God? There is so much work for us to do in these last hours, so many souls that are watching us, so many young ones that need Jesus, so much of God’s Word that needs to be spoken. The only surrender we should ever yield to is – “not my will but thy will O God.” Giving up is not the nature of Jesus because He never bailed out on His road to Calvary! People are depending on us, they need our prayers, our time, our help and our encouragement. Yes, there will be hard times when we are punched right in the mouth and there will be seasons when we have done everything we know to do and still feel like we have failed. But in these dry and windy places that feel like the Mohave Desert we must become desperately serious about shutting ourselves in the secret place of our prayer closet and be determined to not come out until our mind is renewed and our spirit has been refreshed. After a season of mourning and grieving and feeling sorry for ourselves there must also be a time to arise, wash our face and put our armor back on and return to the battlefield in the confidence that God wants to work through us and be seen in us for HIS glory!

How many will discover the revelation of seeing themselves in the telescope of the “big picture” instead of focusing in the microscope of self? People who believe that everything revolves around them, who are self-centered and are always only concerned about their feelings usually have a pocket full of tickets to ride the roller coaster of disappointment and negativity. At times I have been one of these people and it is amazing how I could not see how self-centered I could be. Serving the god of “self” is a sin of idolatry. We all need not just a revelation of Jesus Christ but a revelation of our own heart. Selah. First we must desire to see the reality within our conscience, second we must be willing to deal with it and third we must be ready to pay the price to be transformed. It is unpopular to acknowledge but many times our frustrations are the result of not cooperating with God’s intervention. One of the best ways to snap out of depression is to get up and go somewhere with the intent of helping someone. Pull yourself away from the mirror long enough to see how others are living and your problems will begin to fade. Walk through a children’s cancer ward at a hospital or read foxes book of martyr’s and all of a sudden you may think your life is not really as bad as you thought it was. Go out and buy some cards and send them to those you know with no hidden motives. Donate food to a God’s pantry or buy a needy child a toy and give it to them in the name of the Lord or give a donation to the Bible league so that people around the world can know Jesus. I encourage you to simply take a pen and paper, and write down as many of your blessings you can think of and within no time at all you will see yourself in the divine reality the way God see’s you!

If we do not learn from our trials then our distress has been a waste. Selah. Crisis situations are opportunities to put our faith and patience to work! How can we be defeated when God is for us and working constantly on our behalf? He was even involved in the middle of Job’s trial. Maybe the reason we struggle is because we are fighting Him for the steering wheel. If we let Him drive I believe we would be more likely to enjoy the ride, don’t you? Is there such a thing as counting it all joy when the blacksmith is holding us to the fire and shaping us with His hammer? I’m not saying it is easy but actually, yes. If we KNOW that God is making us into what He has called us to be – we can count it all joy! We may suffer trauma, turmoil or even persecution and no doubt it is all uncomfortable but we must eventually get back up and dust ourselves off in order to get back into the race. Remember when the blacksmith is finished with his piece he does not throw it in the corner and forget about it. He has worked hard to produce his vision because he intends to use it for his specific purpose. God knew you and planned you before the foundation of the world and has been taking care of all the fine details to bring you to this place and has every intention to use you NOW more than ever before! He is trying day and night to polish you and challenge you to be a strong and effective instrument to accomplish His purposes. Sure, the world is falling apart because of sin but that is exactly why we cannot afford to throw in the towel. Do not allow unforgiveness, bitterness or being offended to render you powerless. “No man can enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he will first bind the strong man; and then he will spoil his house.” (Mark 3:27) YOU ARE the strong man and whenever you become discouraged, your pity binds you and holds you captive to the enemy that desires to control your mind and life! True healing is all about forgiveness, letting go, turning the page and continuing to move forward. To remain wounded and bitter is to be plagued with the ongoing torture of emotional and spiritual infection. It is time to advance to the next level of maturity and let the wounds turn to scars (from the inside out) that remind us how God is our “Jehovah Rapha.” The deeper the pain the more valuable the lesson and as you learn from the trials, allow them to build your character and wisdom so you can teach from your experiences. Step back and see that life is all about becoming what Jesus died for us to be and how effective we can be used to help others do the same. God would love to use us if we could only stop thinking about ourselves! Ask for wisdom, Watch for His unseen hand and listen intently for His still small whisper. “My son, despise not the chastening of the Lord; neither be weary of His correction.” (Proverbs 3:11)

“Father, we ask you to help us to the next level. We believe that a touch from your Spirit can open the eyes of our heart and rekindle our fire for you. If these two things are not changed – neither will we! RADICAL love comes from radical prayer! We do not need a face-lift – we need a total REBUILD! It is all about your love and your anointing because without it we are powerless. Energize us, motivate us, IGNITE us so that we might IGNITE others to seek your face and engage into being a Jesus fanatic! In your holy Name we ask, amen.

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