Decreeing God’s Word is “Normal”


I am slowly learning that what we do in private exposes our wisdom, sensitivity and spirituality. It does not take a college degree to understand that “investments” will yield a return and the principal of sowing and reaping is a proven spiritual law. It does not matter if it is positive or negative, the fruit will identify the origin of the seed. The “normal” person that is controlled by their flesh, does not pay any attention to what comes out of their mouth because they have been convinced that it is a “right” of freedom to say whatever we want, when we want and whomever we choose. Actually this is technically correct because God has included “freewill” into the rules of living and if we make the choice to not include His holy wisdom into our heart, we automatically operate within the common carnality of the “default system”. However, for those rare gems that seek the heart of God, they will reject being normal and will hate to offend their Lord with their ignorance. Those who walk in God’s presence have learned the power of words and have become trained to be sensitive to the blessings and curses of confessions. Our only confession in this life is not just saying, “Jesus is Lord” but rather the constant awareness of Him trying to intervene in everything we do. Being normal is being blind to the Spirit realm and is the heart of the old nature. To overcome this deception and be renewed into a brand new way of thinking is the crucial part of our salvation experience. As Christians we are to be “different” and in the world’s ideas even, “peculiar” because we do not function exclusively through the flesh or lean on our own understanding. Confession is more than empty words – it is a way of living, a lifestyle that acknowledges His presence and that has a listening ear to the still small voice of the divine Shepherd. “The word is near unto you, even in your mouth, and in your heart: that is, the word of FAITH, which we preach; that if you will CONFESS with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and will believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart man believes unto righteousness; and WITH THE MOUTH CONFESSION IS MADE UNTO SALVATION. For the scripture say’s, whosoever believes on Him will not be ashamed.” (Romans 10:8-11) Being saved is much more than someone just saying they are. We must have “personal” faith which believes that God has made a covenant with our heart to listen and react to our thoughts, words and deeds. Being born again means we have been purchased and redeemed and every move we make is based on the personal relationship we have in Christ Jesus. This includes choosing our thoughts and our words because we realize that God’s creative power is being unleashed through our faith. God has drawn a blueprint for our life but it is not His intention to make us accomplish His plans. Wars are not won neither are structures built by those who sit on the couch and pout. Since confession is made unto salvation, we must be aware that our words are literally paving the road of our journey and are waiting to be used as building materials for helping us accomplish our spiritual destiny.

When we rise in the morning hating our job and our mouth spews resentment and criticism – we are not thanking God for His blessings. Our joy has been kidnapped by our own negligence and ignorance of God’s word. We constantly make conscious decisions to view life either through the natural realm or to decree God’s word. When we arrive at work if we openly confess how hard it will be and how much we dread the misery we will usually receive all of the curses we have declared. If we strive against others and allow them to draw us into their briefcase of negative attributes, our day will continue to spiral into darkness. After this daily routine called “making a living”, we have dinner, still upset with those we would love to kick and (with possible indigestion lurking to physically make us more miserable) we try to “unwind” in front of the “great fortune telling swami” called hellevision. This is not an abundant life, but rather a cycle of misery and death.

The craving for entertainment is a type of idol worship, a “religious” personal ritual with an inanimate object that projects fast images of lights and can speak into the conscience with a branding iron of aggressive influences. Those who bow down to the image of the beast agree to drink in the amusement in exchange for their anxieties and stress. Like a convenient and dependable drug, they put their faith, hope and trust in something that has little value while in true reality they are bowing down to sacrifice their devotion to a type of anti-christ. In this trade of pain for pleasure they willingly allow their mind to be controlled by an entity that holds them in spiritual bondage like an addicted zombie. A common mind-set is (they have convinced and deceived themselves with a comfortable justification) since they have stressed their mind with the pressures and demands of the day, they deserve to kick back and become seduced into a coma. (If this is the normal life for any of God’s people then we need to have more deliverance services. God’s idea of “normal” is for His people to guard their eyes and ears so they can hear His voice and see His visions.) This love of pleasure would be more understandable when referring to a non-Christian but could this actually be a scenario of many church members? Christians are to “unwind” in God’s word and His presence! Christians are to bring their sorrows to Jesus and allow Him to heal and encourage them! Sitting in front of a lying, sleazy, imposter of peace is not God’s idea of, “RUNNING THE RACE FOR THE PRIZE OF THE HIGH CALLING IN CHRIST JESUS! Why would we lay in the mud of a pig pen when we could live in a beautiful palace with Jesus?

Why do I paint this picture that compares some people’s idea of a “normal” lifestyle with God’s vision of normal, and what does all this have to do with worship? Because if this is how some of today’s normal church members are living their personal lives then it explains why the sanctuaries are spiritually heavy, cold and dry. People cannot fake being filled with joy – the deadness will always seep through. If any church is built upon a two hour per week experience of going through the motions of a religious “happy pill” program – that assembly is headed toward the spiritual morgue. The last day overcoming Church of Jesus Christ will abide in Him and a “normal day” will be filled with miracles, signs and wonders, salvation, healing and joy. Lifestyle changes and instructions that can help us all walk closer to God is what anointed teaching is all about. Of course the first decision we all make is looking in the reflection of our conscience to ask ourselves; do we really want to change? The difficulty and opposition from our flesh compares to those who realize they are overweight while trying to lay down the chocolate cake when they are drooling. If we throw away the cake, pound our fist on the table and shout; “I’m ready to be transformed” then we are off to a positive start. But if we do not “see” the revelation it will inspire us about the same as wanting to learn how to speak Russian.

The Kingdom word is not religion or politics. It is receiving the truth of God’s “full gospel” – speaking it out and walking it out. Those who mature and desire to go deeper with God will continue to advance into His presence. They will cross the line and not care what it cost because this is the destiny of the true church. There is not enough time (or pages right now) to bring a series on the power of our spoken words but let us agree with God’s truth that; “His word will not return void” (Isaiah 55:11) “God will create the fruit of our lips.” (Isa.57:19) and “Life and death are in the power of the tongue.” (Proverbs 18:21) These three scriptures alone should inspire us to search the bible and discover the revelations of Kingdom living. If we truly desire to change our destiny – we must change our thoughts and change what we are saying. I am not talking about just a “name it and claim it” philosophical formula to satisfy our selfish desires, but coming into a faith agreement with God’s eternal word that can enable us to have an impact in the world for His glory. Using scripture is the spiritual method to decree because we can be assured that we are in alignment with His heart. Mathew chapter 18 explains the power of binding, agreeing, touching, asking and receiving. The American College Dictionary say’s; “a decree is a legal decision or order made by authority; an eternal purpose of God by which events are foreordained.” Can what we say create who we can be? Absolutely! Since God promises that a tiny amount of faith can remove huge obstacles, then I certainly believe that faith in God’s desire to act on my (speaking out loud) declaration of His word over my life can produce miracles. Job 22:28 say’s, “Thou shalt decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways.”

Positive confessions are a wonderful way to clear the mind and bring clarity to our heart and soul but when we declare God’s word as a decree we have tapped into His spiritual realm filled with His super-natural power. The same faith that God uses when He speaks the universe into existence can also be incorporated into our conscience and spirit. Why did God have to speak out loud in Genesis 1:3? “And God said, let there be light: and there was light.” Because He was making a decree and also teaching us (who are made in His image) the importance of believing and confessing the manifestation of His glory on earth – the same as it is in heaven. When we speak and agree with God’s word He begins to transform and renew our will, thoughts, emotions and motives which is the only way our actions will ever be changed. “For as a person thinks in their heart, so are they” (Proverbs 23:7) This tearing down and rebuilding happens from the inside out until our entire being lines up with the purpose we have been called to be – which is the definition of Walking in His Spirit.

Make a list of positive confessions that you want to see come to pass in your life. You can add to the list as you progress and as your faith grows you will see how God will respond to your confessions. Keep a list of decrees and speak them out loud as prayers, meditate on them before you go to bed so your spirit and mind can rest in the perfect peace of God’s will. Before you go to work just read them out loud and believe that God will confirm HIS word. These words of faith and hope will go before you and with the help of the Holy Spirit and God’s angels; you will have a heavenly army working on your behalf to help you become more victorious for the glory of God. If you want to see people saved then decree that you will be used in divine appointments. If you want to be used mightily in these last days then speak it into existence. As you see improvement in these areas it will increase your faith and anticipation to start praying and confessing more and more. You will learn love, compassion and trust as you become more confident in God’s word and his super-natural power. For example, I will use Psalm 51 because it is one of my favorites. Take each verse individually and re-construct the way it is spoken with a more personal application. Verse one say’s, “Have mercy upon me, O God, according to thy loving kindness: according unto the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions.” Re-wording it into a decree would be something like this; The Lord pours His mercy and loving kindness on me. I receive His storehouse of love everyday! God loves me so much that He listens when I ask forgiveness and He washes away my sins with His unlimited tenderness. I walk in the pureness and sanctification of His holiness so that I can do more for His Kingdom. We have listened carefully and have taken a general statement from the Lord and made it more like He was talking to us individually. Then we decree it back to Him with boldness and confidence which draws us nearer to Him by making our relationship more intimate. He knows that we are doing more than just reading but we are “absorbing Him.”

Some have seen me open corporate worship services with reading scriptures and making positive statements. Some may have thought it was just a religious way to begin but hopefully others recognize that I am using decrees. I am speaking to all spirits in the room and declaring before the people that God’s word IS changing the atmosphere, changing minds and hearts, and establishing His presence and glory in the sanctuary. By faith I believe that as we invite God into our midst that He will feel welcome to walk among us and conduct His service. I am serving the devil an official notice from the gates of heaven that he cannot disrupt, distract or quench the Holy Spirit and that He might as well hit the road because the mighty rushing wind of God’s power is getting ready explode with the joy, fire, beauty and holiness of God’s presence.

Turn away from anything that is trying to distract you from being a God fanatic! A fan is an enthusiastic devotee or follower and a fanatic is a person with an “extreme” and unreasoning enthusiasm or zeal. Praise God! The enemy wants to keep us away from learning God’s word because he knows it produces strength and growth. He wants to keep us off our knees at any cost because he knows prayer can change anything and everything. Satan’s intention is to send us to bed with unholy thoughts and feelings of fear, confusion, lust, strife, hatred and violence. It is no wonder many people have a difficult time going to sleep and live a defeated, lifeless shell of existence. We do not have time to waste every night soaking in the poison that is slowly killing our destiny. If we spent our evenings wisely allowing God to equip us for war, we would walk in victory. We carefully plan a vacation because we know we are going somewhere but do not prepare in the evenings to be used in our daily divine appointments. Is it because we are not as interested? Decreeing God’s word is like loading your guns with Holy Ghost bullets so you can fire them all day long at the lies of the enemy. Prayers and confessions are not just so we can concentrate on ourselves but also our family and friends are depending on us. As we spend more time with God it will give us more opportunities to care about others and their problems, concerns and discouragements. Having a peace that passes all understanding is more than just a nice sounding phrase but it is a place where God wants us to live. When we pray for others His presence will comfort us and give us the security to know He is there and is interested in our thoughts. You will wake up the next day refreshed physically and spiritually, ready to come out with your bazookas blazing with the piercing truth that can bring spiritual freedom to anyone who has ears to hear. No, this is not the lifestyle of the “normal” pew sitter but it is the WORD of the Lord for the everyday life of the Last day remnant!
This encouragement to decree God’s word is a spiritual key that can destroy the apathy of the normal church mentality. Use this key to unlock the triumphant Christ that longs to be released in you. His WORD is the miracle power that will actually do all the work – He’s just searching for somebody who will have the courage to believe it and act on it! Will you?

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