Measuring God


What an odd statement! Everyone knows God cannot be measured. Oh really? Maybe it depends on which path your brain chose to consider and hold on a minute before you start thinking about miles and light years. I am not talking about trying to find out what size He is – but rather how much of Him are you willing to “add” to your life. Some may ask, what does this have to do worship? Well let’s see…how about everything!
Here’s a revelation; the more of God we have in us the more we will love to worship Him, hmm. The “amount” of God in us will directly impact our participation and passion for His Kingdom!

When people deny their flesh and spend time with God they develop a craving for His presence. They are thirsty to worship. They love His word and think about Him all the time. They stay in an attitude of worship and are passionate about praying and serving. No one needs to pump them up – they are already excited and ready! They know the way to the Holy of Holies because they go there all the time. They do not want to sit around in the outer court – they want to embrace Him. Do you enjoy being intimately close to the one you love all the time?

You see, it may sound strange but people have as much of God as they want! Think about it for a moment, we could be the image of Christ if we became determined (by the way, we are supposed to be). Is there anything that could stop us from being everything He died for us to be IF we really wanted to? The problem is that when we incorporate more of Him into our life, some of our control must be thrown out (ouch). So in order to have the best of both worlds we try to squeeze our will and His will together (a perfect example of a frustrated and discouraged religious life). God will never compromise the way He has designed the Christian life to be. He wants to completely “fill” us (now there’s a concept). Are you satisfied to get your toes wet or will you jump in? Will you choose to sacrifice or live the safe, comfortable life? Will you make an investment in God’s church or are you satisfied with being a critical spectator? God wants ALL of us and He desires that we would want all of Him. Will you throw away the teaspoon and allow Him to be poured in – or do you already have all of the Jesus you can “manage?”

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