The Call of the Catalyst


How important is it to focus and have our spiritual antennas up when we come into the sanctuary for corporate service? Well, I would think that concentrating on the Lord in church would be similar to all other events that we are serious about. For example if we were going to watch Kentucky play basketball we would be excited and would “drink in” the atmosphere when we walked in. We would be very discerning to the sights and sounds and attentive to the pre-game warm-ups. Our eyes would be glued to our favorite players and may even “pray” or at least hope for their success. We would feel the energy in the arena and would have a faith expectation of victory or we would have not bought tickets and drove all the way there and put action to our interest. I can use this example because I am a fan and have experienced these emotions. I know what it feels like to be frozen with intensity; I’ve seen and been a part of the “high fiving” and the waving, shouting and jumping with the happiness of triumph. I’ve felt the unity of energetic power from being surrounded with those who “agree” and are focused on the same thing. Does it cause us to wonder about the power of believing? Absolutely!

It is sad but true that many Christians all over the world come to church and seem to be in the same state of mind like they were going to the hardware store. At least when a person goes to the store they believe they are going to find what they are looking for but do you think it is the same for God’s house? Are people disappointed in God because they do not feel or see Him that much in their personal life or have they become tired waiting for church leadership to invite God to have His way? I believe the faith level of the congregation is directly connected to the release of God’s power along with the pastor leading the flock with passion and following direction from The Holy Spirit.

A powerful word came forth in the service recently reminding us that “whatever you want to see, maybe that is what God is calling you to be.” Just to be curious; what do you look for when you come to church? Some may judge the music with song selection or how good it sounds. Others may grade the sermon with how many goose bumps they had or how many people went down for ministry. Maybe some have created their own grade scales about duty, obedience, giving, the sense of membership and believe their “gold stars” of attendance are the points they need to prove to God they deserve a front row seat in heaven. When will we stop watching people serve God and start focusing on what we have been called to do for Him?

I think about seeing God’s glory fill the sanctuary and everyone receiving a miracle answer to whatever they need but is just hoping, dreaming and imagining enough? I believe it is a good start because faith is very important but I must remember I am not there just to receive a blessing or to just “watch” a demonstration – but to be “a part of” the demonstration. I believe God has called each of His children to be a CATALYST in His Kingdom; with desire and courage we must step out of the bleachers, put on a uniform and become a player! The word catalyst comes from the idea of adding something that brings change; a person that serves to bring about a conclusion or resolution. The “adding” in ministry is where God’s people come in because now that Christ is sitting on the throne in heaven, His people work as His hands and their tongues speak His words. We are the extension of His ideas and the “servants” of His plans. He is the miracle power just like He was when He physically walked the earth! Now He wants to use US as the “electric wires” that carry the voltage!

So how do we become a catalyst for God? First, we must be inspired and have a desire to be all that God is waiting for. If we do not have a revelation of what we are supposed to be then we will not sign–up. When we know we have heard from God and yield to His desire to go all the way, we will take another step toward discipleship. Praying at home before coming to church is the perfect way to be prepared as pre-service prayer is a very important key that helps the leaders it also helps the catalyst become dialed in to “HG” frequency. Do you think the reason there are only two people in the pre-service prayer room before church is that everyone else is praying at home? (Selah) We as the body of Christ need to lay down our spectator mentality and embrace our spiritual responsibility to allow Jesus to work through us. Listen to the chorus of “Won’t you be my love” by Mercy Me, “Won’t you be my voice calling, won’t you be hands healing, won’t you be my feet walking into a broken world; won’t you be my chain breaker, won’t you be my peacemaker, won’t you be my hope and joy, won’t you be my love”

The Lord is saying there are many who refuse to be developed into a catalyst because the spirit of religion is so deceiving. They go through the motions but do not have a clue how disappointed He is in them. God stands ready to pour out His Spirit but heavenly power is reserved for His ministers of fire. For those who ignore the spiritual realities of what God is calling them to do we can see that GUILT is causing them to be distant and have a weak spiritual anticipation and a low level of enthusiasm. They realize they have made the conscious decision to not be used and are convicted by their own decision that being a catalyst will require more effort and sacrifice than they are willing to give. Their flesh has presented its “selfish” case and will demand too much prayer, too much time to be invested and more love for others than they care to generate.

Yes, there have been times when I have felt disconnected with church and have not really been “into it?” My reasons have been personal worries, weariness and disappointments but the real reason is; I am simply not close to God as I should be. If I am ever burn-out or discouraged with church it is because I have not spent the time I need with God. Dealing with people and spending too much time battling in the natural realm can drain us which is why we must take “time-outs” to refill – not always for recreation but for prayer. Our private time with God is not an option but is the nourishment that keeps us alive.

We know the devil is always lurking to attack us but there is another enemy that comes from within the catalyst – being self-centered. A sure way to become spiritually cold and dry is to think about ourselves all the time. If we spend our days thinking only about how we feel, we will see everything through the rose colored glasses of our emotional drama. The enemy of our souls would like to entangle us with so much meaningless labor that we stay at the center of our thoughts. (Selah) A “what about me” attitude causes us to see life as one big mirror and this constant reflection of our tiny world can hold us in spiritual bondage. Our mind can become obsessed with spending so much energy thinking about “us” and trying to please “us” that we will have no desire or energy to serve others. God’s vision for the church is to love the people and be close to them. The catalyst will lay aside their pity parties of being spoiled and will devote their life to being a “selfless” servant of the “King.”

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