The Invisible Target


It is no secret that all of God’s warriors that are shaking the gates of hell have a “bull’s-eye” on them. It is not a negative confession to admit that we are in a raging battle with the devil – it is spiritual reality! You notice that I described those who wear the target as God’s “warriors” because just going to church does not strike fear in the enemy and does not automatically give anyone spiritual respect from God or the devil. There is a huge difference between people who play religious games and those who choose to allow God’s fire to keep them on the narrow path. I believe that in the realm of the spirit, both Kingdoms are well aware of those who are giants for God and it would only seem logical the intensity of battle would be directly related to the level of the warrior’s obedience and anointing. Today we are seeing a stronger pull from the world to compromise God’s word and many in the church have become desensitized to sin. The enemy does not need to worry about those who have a Laodicean attitude but rather he is focused on those who take sanctification seriously and who are not afraid of an increasing intensity of opposition. God is calling for His bride to lay down their life and take up His cross.

What does all this have to do with worship? Satan hates worship and if we are leaders of worship – Satan hates us! The devil wants to stomp out all “true” worship because it drives him crazy and he will shoot every arrow he can think of to disrupt and hinder the flow of the Holy Spirit. Our adversary doesn’t mind a dead religious ceremony; (in fact he creates and promotes them) and he definitely recognizes the difference between God’s power and a manmade program. He can see in the spirit dimension and is fully aware of the glory of God’s presence in their heart. He may run a victory lap in the aisles of some churches but when God’s people invite the King of Kings to come in and they cry out in holiness and humility – the devil packs his bags and heads out the door! God does not live in empty buildings – the church must BRING GOD with them! Church was never intended to be so comfortable that we yawn through our traditions and become like mesmerized zombies. Many assemblies have already fallen into the dangers of being lukewarm and have become fat on the steady diet of “chocolate cake” and the material blessings of this world. But the true church realizes that corporate meetings are a time to be refreshed and to re-load their artillery so they can go back out into battle. It is not a place where mature warriors become spectators but rather to be “participators” in body ministry. Of course we are always growing in our personal relationship with Christ and our meetings are a time to learn more about God but many Christians choose to shun away from the fact that it is also a time to demonstrate what they already know! Also we as God’s representatives are not just a defensive team that only carries shields – we must develop our offensive skills and take the battle to the enemy. Those who pray choose to invest their time and energy into the cause. They are the ones who will not be critical of the church because they do not want to tear down what they are building. A person that harshly criticizes has exposed their heart as someone who has little or nothing invested spiritually. These saints avoid being judgmental because they have asked God for a spirit of mercy. They cry out to see a vision of God’s glory and are suffering through the transformation and determination to be a living sacrifice.

If a “talker” has never learned about the realities of warfare and have not received the revelation about how serious it is to be aware of God and our enemy at all times – they are like a baby on a bottle. The Lord is disappointed in Christians that choose to remain infants as Satan laughs in delight when he looks at an army of spiritually undeveloped “toddlers.” It is time to “grow up” – “stand up” and engage the enemy! I’m not talking about learning how to be a blacksmith that forges his own sword; I am talking about obeying and living by the sword of God’s word and fighting on our knees in intercession. Yes, we will have lots of opposition; trials, discouragements and a wounded heart (if we do not compromise) but we must never forget that we are surrounded by God and His heavenly host of ministering angels that are waging war all around us on our behalf. Many in the church have become lazy and spoiled with the pleasures of this life and are picking and choosing the New Covenant realities. When will God’s people declare a revolution and become angry enough to fight? He is waiting for His people to wake up and respond! Let us respect and fear God as we follow the example of the martyrs that did not flinch when faced with persecution and the suffering of Christ as He became the ultimate “target” for all that hell could give. “The enemy has been defeated death couldn’t hold you down – we’re gonna to lift our voice in victory – we’re gonna sing your praises LOUD!”

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