The Psalmist


There are many different ideas and interpretations of musical gifts of prophecy, song writing and spiritual mantles of leading worship. In our modern world of organized church assemblies there are levels of understanding that are directly connected with a pastor’s theology concerning the manifestation of musical gifts. This in turn has a serious impact on the extent God is able to become involved with “His” ministry in the corporate service. Pastor’s who are open to the gifts of the Holy Spirit and who are hungry for the supernatural signs, wonders and miracles will provide a more welcoming atmosphere for the Lord to manifest His glory. This will provide a safe haven and favorable environment for those that flow in the gifts of the Spirit. Every laborer who works in the Kingdom needs encouragement and an open invitation to develop and mature in what God has given to them. Just like every other gift the purpose of musical prophecy is simply to edify and build up the body and to bring glory and honor to the name of Jesus Christ.

The different musical styles of churches fall anywhere between not having instruments at all or only singing hymns, to complete orchestras and full contemporary prophetic worship bands. Some traditional churches may only have an organ or piano but hopefully all do respect music as not only a “vehicle” to receiving the promises and commands from God but also for all saints to release praise and thanksgiving back to God. Assemblies that do not recognize the prophetic ministries are missing a very important aspect of the spiritual communication between God and His people as a vital link to how the Lord desires to touch and minister in the hearts of His children.

Let us look at the gift of being a Psalmist. A Psalmist moves in the prophetic music realm and is a gifted person with sensitivity, discernment and creative talent to receive and relay revelation from God to the listener. They play an instrument and are given songs from the Lord that flow with their instrument and their vocal style. They are not practicing, training or trying to learn how to be a psalmist – they are selected by The Father to be one. They have been chosen and given the anointing to be used as a unique prophetic “channel” for God to flow through just like a preacher, pastor, teacher, writer or counselor.

Separating songwriting into categories is difficult to explain because most people never think much about it but one thing everyone can agree; music moves the soul. Most Christians refer to songs that are not about God or His Kingdom as secular, worldly, carnal, fleshly, sensual, heathen, humanistic or corrupt but it can be dogmatic to believe that all music outside of church is bad. Some songs are light and innocent and can actually cause the emotions to be uplifted with happiness and a sense of well being. Other songs can be serious and intense as they passionately tell true stories like a seamstress at her spinning wheel yet without necessarily being evil. Of course we all know that Satan has influenced millions of people around the world with certain brands of his dark musical poison that he has intentionally perverted into a destructive weapon. He realizes the power of music and will always deceive the masses with mirages that sparkle and promise satisfaction only to be revealed as illusions of death and ruin. The bottom line is that music contains a spiritual power that was created before the world was formed and can stir the emotions to violence and self destruction or “soothe” the conscience of the savage beast.

The psalmists were (and are) writers of musical messages that contain spiritual illumination. These biblical songs of knowledge and wisdom challenge and provoke the hearer to listen deeply with the spiritual “ear” of the heart because hidden within the music are the mysteries that reveal the person of God. The Bible say’s in Revelation 3:22, “He that hath an ear (who is sensitive and in tune with the Holy Spirit) let him hear what the SPIRIT (Holy Spirit) has to say to the churches.” The key to hearing is discovering 3D knowledge about the spirit realm with the simple act of desiring to hear, disciplining our flesh and delighting ourselves with His presence. It is common for the psalmist to minister songs that are written in first person as if God is speaking and the songs may come spontaneously without any effort. I personally have walked in this gift and many times found scrap pieces of paper to scribble down the entire song all at once. The melody would be in my spirit and when I came home I have literally picked up my guitar and sang the entire song. I know this is a gift from heaven and I was thrilled with these manifestations but I can also say they are not without the soul searching and self examination of having to walk through them personally. I was given a powerful prophecy in 1985, that I would not only be a Chenaniah or “leader of songs” but I would also write the “new song” of the Lord. God said that I would not just produce lyrics but I would – walk out the words of the songs I would write. Many songs were about commitment, holiness, purity, sacrifice and surrendering our will and I can confirm that word – it has been some hard walking. I have ministered in many churches and small groups over the years and thought that people would enjoy the musical messages only to realize God’s word is razor sharp and were piercing the comfort zones and secret places that people did not want to deal with. For a long time I was confused and felt rejected but now I can see how the conviction of God’s word brings frustration, silence, rebellion, guilt, anger and sorrow.

Psalmist will always write the down their musical messages and relay them back to God in the secret place of meditation. A psalmist plays and sings in tears as they serenade their love to an audience of one. Many times they feel isolated and feel that only a few can understand or relate to their world of spiritual thoughts, dreams and visions. This mantle is more than natural talent of skill and cleverness because their ability to minister in the anointing is from the Spirit. Psalmists also feel protective of what they have received as they take what they have been given very seriously and consider it holy. They long to share it with those who desire to hear the mysteries of God’s word and who are sensitive to listen and connect with the mind and presence of God. Non- Christians and saints who live in the outer courts will avoid the ministry of the psalmist (run the other way) because they sense God trying to intervene and knock on their door and of course no one really likes the idea of a burning alter and God calling them to lay down on it.

One of the most widely known and respected Psalmist of all time was King David. Many studies have been done on his life and all clearly reveal that he was a child of destiny. He had a strong anointing on him as a young lad and was as fearless as he was gifted. He was a man after God’s own heart and God loved him and walked with him in his greatest victories and through his failures. Along with several Old Testament books that reveal much of David’s life as a warrior and King, the book of Psalms highlight him as a gifted musician and Spirit led song writer of at least 74 of the 150 Psalms. The book of Psalms also reveals several other highly skilled musicians, singers and anointed psalmists such as Asaph, Jeduthun, Neginoth, Muthlabben, The Son’s of Korah, Solomon, Ethan and Moses.

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