Knowing in Part

February 2015 – Week 7


These questions are difficult. To try and take the bull by the horns with questions like these, one must be careful to not step in quick sand. It’s ok to say that we do not know. I have the honor to occasionally counsel those who need spiritual compassion and when I feel the Holy Spirit I can deliver what I believe God is saying – but I certainly do NOT have all the answers. The good news is that we know who does and this is where we must place our focus and TRUST. I am purposely not going into depth on these questions because I am not capable. Of course I have my opinions just like you and I might share some of those but I also sense the feeling of humility that Job felt when God would respond within their conversations. May The Lord give us more understanding and discernment as we continue in this journey together.

13. When it comes to children, if the family are not believers, does this spiritually give Satan the legal right and open an opportunity to bring death and destruction? Well, let us begin in John 10:10, where God say’s, “the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy” so we can conclude and agree that Satan has the intention and ability to attack us. I personally believe that an entire family that is without Christ is also without His protection. God is filled with MERCY and in His sovereignty can watch over whomever He wants to protect. Let us notice an example of scripture that makes somewhat of a difference between the saved and lost when it comes to being shielded from the enemy. Psalm 34: 7 say’s, “The angel of the Lord encamps round about them that fear him [God], and delivers them.” This seems to imply the saints are less likely to be blindsided. The Bible is filled with “conditions” and this means that God’s SYSTEM of principals and laws are based upon our OBEDIENCE. Both the Old and New Testaments teach mankind that God’s promises are true and never fail and that He is a fair and just judge. He does NOT contradict His Word and guarantees to respond to His children when they develop such attributes as love and faith. You see, when Christian parents lay hands on their children and pray over them and teach them God’s Word, this sensitivity and trust in God’s Word ACTIVATES a security and shield of protection over the children. When they become old enough to accept Christ, then they can begin to learn and grow their own faith. Those parents who have heard the gospel and refused to accept Christ are putting their family at risk because they are intentionally choosing the default system which is controlled by the dark side and this is leaving the family open and vulnerable to attack. NOW – of course I realize there seems to be exceptions. We all know of Christian families that have been stricken with terrible disasters. Does this mean that God failed? No. It simply means that God knows all of the background events of life and these include every cause and every reason. “For we know in part, and we prophecy in part. But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away.” (I Corinthians 13:9-10) Now brother that is just a cop-out to the question. Not really. It is just a simple explanation that we only know “part” of what is happening. Do I think that God’s people that pray and obey have a hedge around them? Absolutely. Can I EXPLAIN thousands of circumstances that seem to contradict this view? No. I just know in my heart that I believe in praying for constant protection and I believe God listens to the prayers of His followers.

14. If they were Christian parents could there have been an “open door” of sin that caused God to withdraw His protective hand? I believe that it is probably not that God withdraws from a true saint even though I have mentioned before that it seems the Lord backs away when we fall into sin. I would say it is more like WE walk or drift away from Him as the story tells how the sheep wanders away and the shepherd leaves the ninety nine and goes searching for the one who is lost. It is true that His hand of protection is on the ones that reverentially fear Him but it is probably more like we have the free-will to venture out from underneath His hand. Nonetheless, the consequences of sin in the camp and the power of a tiny bit of leaven that can influence the entire contents, give us spiritual insight to the realities of God’s will. Most parents and Christians in general do not realize that what they do in secret has a direct effect on those around them especially their family. In the natural realm if Christian parents do not provide for the physical and practical needs of the home, the children suffer in MANY different ways. It is true that God tries to speak to other Christians to help the family but still many times children are subjected to neglect. This is an example of parents that sin as a result of not taking care of their responsibilities but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Christian parents that do not take their children to church or teach them the Bible are denying them the KNOWLEDGE of God’s Word. God said His people PERISH from this lack of knowledge and this is yet another example of negative problems arising and open doors for the enemy as a result of the sin of lukewarmness and rebellion. Fathers are the head of the house and that means they LEAD their families into life or death. Then there are deeper more serious sins like adultery and criminal deeds that put the entire family at risk for divorce, bankruptcy, prison, foster homes and the list goes on. When parents choose to live a carnal life instead of following Christ, the consequences of this intentional dysfunction can produce innocent “victims” and all that goes along with selfishness.

So what does all of this have to do with health and wealth? I believe everything. We are trying to build a foundation of basic truths that hopefully can expand our views about the big picture of life. We are not saying that God will keep those who follow Him in a bullet-proof container because we all know that life happens, but we must also not let go of the fact that God’s Word never loses track or makes a mistake. Everyone goes through TRIALS but this is not to be confused with intentional sin and deliberate dis-obedience. If we do what He says to do – we must believe that being faithful will be honored. If there were no absolute truths we would have nothing to count on! We must know in our heart that He BACKS His COVENANT Word without exception. Prayer is a crucial part of trusting Him in our personal relationship.

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