23. Do you believe that “whatever happens” is what we should accept as God’s will for our life? Not necessarily! This is a good question and one that needs to be addressed. I am reminded about God’s will concerning birth control. This subject may NOT be something we have thought about concerning health and wealth but it could be connected. Those who decide to use no birth control are putting the opportunity to have children in the hands of God instead of trying to exercise population control. There are some parents that have birthed many children while others have placed a limit on the amount they wanted to have. Is this wrong or right? Should they look at it as giving God the “call” to create the amount of people He desires? Should young couples just accept by faith that God will give life to as many as He desires? Could people just as easily pray and ask God to let them have a certain number of children, or do they not trust that God will listen and honor their prayers? So, in this light, is not using birth control simply gambling with the odds or does this allow the Lord to create life?

The same could be said with health and wealth. With health for example, does not going to the doctor allow God the opportunity to do a miracle or the chance to use a doctor to bring the healing? Let’s look a little deeper with many that are sick with serious diseases and these have caused much destruction through the family blood-lines. Should the person just accept this as God’s will and not try to pray against it? If it is God’s intention to give someone a horrible infirmity and make them suffer, are we not interfering when we bring the medical world into the situation? No! I do not know any other way to say this except, we pray and go to the doctor because we all want to be healed! If we are NOT healed, the first thing always mentioned is that it was God’s will that the person suffer and die. This is very difficult to agree with because it is hard to imagine Jesus saying no to anyone that reaches out to Him in faith, especially when we cannot find Jesus ever doing this. I know this is difficult but I just cannot imagine God saying that He does not want to see someone healed and set free that is begging and truly believing. We also have heard of individuals that were so confident that God was going to heal them that they did NOT even go to the doctor. Is that faith or is that foolish? What if they died? 1. Was it because they were not listening to the Holy Spirit and did not use wisdom and go to the doctor? 2. Was it because they did not have enough faith? 3. Or was it because it was “their time” and God’s will that they pass on? Mmmmm…

When it comes to wealth, we have already noticed in previous teachings that obedience “automatically” produces blessings and increase. It does NOT compute within the principals of God’s divine reality for His children to follow His instructions and remain in poverty. He does not fail – and His Word does not fail, so in this light when we boil it down, if we are living in poverty it is because of some other reason than God’s will and most likely the lack of Biblical knowledge. This is one obvious reason why we have been called to preach the gospel to the world. When people receive Christ as their Lord, they need to be taught the fundamentals of covenant living and how to be an overcomer within the faith. Giving is the key to receiving because reaping is the result of sowing. Instead of accepting the negative consequences associated with poverty as God’s will, we should examine very carefully the power of faith and the responsibility of God’s people to believe, release and demonstrate His Word. When we understand that God’s WILL “is” His WORD we can have a more clear perspective of truth.

24. Do you believe the Holy Spirit and God’s Word can reveal to us what is God’s will and what is a lie from the enemy? Absolutely! I am convinced that most Christians have not even scratched the surface of understanding what walking with the Holy Spirit is about and even less are aware of events before they happen. Staying in an attitude of spiritual communion and being constantly aware of God’s presence can sharpen and increase our spiritual discernment. However, all of this will not manifest until we discipline our mind with continual practice, and work diligently to control our thoughts. This is the part that has somehow slipped through the cracks within the teachings of the church. Of all the things that Christians need to know, I cannot think of anything that is more important. Do you actually believe that the average Christian can figure out who is saying what? When situations occur, it is crucial for people know whether to rebuke the devil or accept that God is punishing or testing them. We were definitely created and called to KNOW what God is saying and have been equipped to DO His perfect will!

We have heard of the word “discernment” but not many have become spiritually sensitive enough to operate in it. Yes, I admit it would be awesome to be able to hear clearly and know at all times exactly what God is saying but to be honest – we just have too much flesh in the way! I believe one of the most disastrous deceptions in the Christian faith is the lack of knowledge when it comes to our relationship with the Holy Spirit. We are saturated with the continuous flow of information about walking with Jesus (and this is wonderful) but He sent the Holy Spirit to live with us and help us in our life before He left to go back to heaven. It would seem that many times we are crying out to Jesus for what we need while IGNORING the Holy Spirit that is living in us and all around us! I believe we could all agree that it would be impossible to follow God unless we are led by the Holy Spirit.

But how do we develop this closeness with the Holy Spirit? Well, like everything else, it is training! For example, when we are learning how to play a musical instrument, we must spend many hours in seclusion “practicing.” The same is true with physical exercise, we “spend time” in a private place where we can concentrate and focus on what we need to do as we are learning about the aspects of our visions and goals. The concept of “practicing the presence of God” is birthed within the desires and responsibilities of becoming serious about our spiritual life. When we spend time alone with the Holy Spirit we naturally get to know Him more personally and this is the key to recognizing Him when we come upon circumstances in our everyday life that require us to make right decisions. Developing an awareness of the Holy Spirit will enable and empower us to LISTEN and KNOW what God is saying which is crucial if we are to walk in God’s presence. We are called to be God’s hands, feet and voice so how in the world is this going to work if we cannot hear what He is saying to do? Do you believe there could come a time when the Holy Spirit might whisper, “lay your hand on that persons shoulder and God will heal them?” This is a very powerful reason why the Holy Spirit was sent to walk with us! Have you ever had the Holy Spirit whisper and tell you to give money to someone or to do something that can help a person? If we feel we are too busy to spend time with God then we have convinced ourselves that we are smart enough to make our own choices and that we can do just fine in our own strength and intelligence. What we discover is that we miss many opportunities and ruin our divine appointments because we are not sensitive and discerning to what God is specifically trying to relay to us. Take notice that even Jesus made time to get away and pray in order to rejuvenate and “refill” His mind and clarify His heart with divine direction. Let us take a peek at just a few places where Jesus made the conscious decision to fellowship with His Father and become refreshed with a “reloading” of energy, courage, wisdom and zeal.

“And He [Jesus] withdrew Himself into the wilderness and prayed.” (Luke 5:16)

“And straightway Jesus constrained His disciples to get into a ship and to go before Him unto the other side, while He sent the multitudes away. And when He sent the multitudes away, He went up into a mountain apart to pray: and when the evening was come, He was there alone.” (Matthew 14: 22-23)

“And it came to pass in those days, that He went out into a mountain to pray, and continued all night in prayer to God.” (Luke 6:12)

“Then was Jesus led up of the Spirit, into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil. And when He had fasted forty days and forty nights, He was afterward ahungered.” (Matthew 4:1-2)

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