Question 31: As I study your teachings, I notice that you definitely believe that God can heal anyone, and you have mentioned several reasons why healing does not happen but are there “other things” involved that you have not mentioned? Very good question and I am glad you asked. I have many thoughts for the remainder of this series about God’s covenant and the promises of His Word but now is the time to share a spiritual but also practical revelation about healing. I am going to make a bold statement by saying that every child of God WILL be healed! I will go as far as declaring that TOTAL healing is a definite reality that is bought and paid for. So, how can I say that within the destiny of EVERY Christian is a positive guarantee of a perfect healing – it is the easiest confession we will ever make because it is a part of our inheritance. How is that? When we are well, we do not think about healing because we do not need it. This would be like having a brand new car without a scratch on it but worrying all the time about having it painted. However, when we are having problems and things are not working we begin to seek help and when we think of healing, most Christians reach for the medicine bottle first or do not hesitate to go to the doctor. Let us to stop for a moment and consider something and realize that there is NOT just one way to be healed – there are 3. In this context, let us be encouraged to discover that God can heal in several different ways and ALL of them are associated with His love and mercy and no matter what happens there WILL be a healing.

Number 1: Jesus responds to faith and still reaches out just like He did when He walked the earth and nothing has changed about His promises, power or desires. His Word is still alive and applies in every way. His miracles can be released whether in the middle of the night, down in the woods, within the closet of prayer, around a hospital bed with hands being laid and oil being applied or whatever the situation may be. Our direct contact with heaven is as real as anything God has ever said or done and He is carefully listening to every prayer just as He always has. However, I will be the first to admit that the request for instant miracles do NOT always happen. As I have said before, this does not mean that His Word is not true or that God does not still do them. The Lord has a specific plan and everything He does most of the time affects others so He has many things to keep in mind. Not receiving an instant miracle might just mean that He has other ideas that will work out better and these are still closely associated with His sovereignty.

Number 2: God created living beings (humans and animals) with a “built-in” healing process. This is because God knows that people did not always have doctors or medicines in remote areas and there was many years before understanding and wisdom were used to know about cures, medicines and the human body. When we have an operation and we are sewed up, the doctor has very little to do with the wound growing together, the glands releasing the right amount of chemicals, the brain controlling the entire body and all the organs doing what they need to do just to name a few of the normal responses. God brings ALL of this together when we have a traumatic event or even when we have something as small as a cold as a created intension of HEALING us. There are microscopic warriors in our blood that go to where the problem is and begin attacking infections or whatever is making us sick. Actually our body is in a constant conflict against germs and serious threats 24/7 and we not even realize it. Furthermore, we rarely even thank God for the sicknesses that do NOT manifest because He takes care of it so efficiently we hardly know what is happening. It is like virus protection for the computer that eliminates problems we are not aware of. How many times has our body responded and possibly even saved our life? We sit around and cry because we are not seeing the healing when on the other hand we have actually NOT realized that our body has been healed a thousand times.

Number 3: When we have not received a direct touch AND the body is not able to heal itself, we can turn to another way that God can administer healing. The Lord has used doctors and medicine for a long time and thinks very highly of giving people His wisdom and instruction about the power of His creation to provide healing. Certain plants have wonderful medicinal properties not to mention the huge laboratories and scientist that have spent lifetimes trying to find answers to devastating diseases. If we discard the idea that God could possibly use this way of helping us, we may be overlooking a wonderful opportunity to receive a physical blessing. Some believe that a direct touch by God is the only way to be healed and have actually died by refusing medical care. If we did not receive a direct touch from God but was healed by doctors and medicine would we still not be healed by God? I am sure there are some doctors that comprehend they are only helpers and give God glory for being the healer. They realize they were given a talent and skill but that ultimately God blessed their touch with HIS touch.

Number 4: This is the guarantee – the positive, definite healing that is always perfect and will never fail. When God does not directly touch us, when our body cannot heal itself and when all surgeries and medicines cannot heal us or keep us alive, then it is time to trade in the old model and get a brand new one! Each child of God will hang up the old suit one last time and be given new body that has no disease, no weakness, no corruption, no chance to deteriorate, and no aging! Praise God forever more! Whatever our condition is now or whatever shape we find ourselves in before we leave, we will ALL be healed and transformed into a perfect image of who we are. We will be an immortal reflection of who we were but in a perfect state of strength, vitality, beauty, purity and joy! The ultimate healing at last! The promise of God never fails!

Question 32: Is the same thing true with blessings and wealth? Absolutely! The Word of the Lord has come unto us this day. Be encouraged and know that we are rich beyond measure and blessed beyond comprehension. Our natural concept of wealth is usually calculated in money and earthly possessions but the child of God has been delivered from the limitations of fleshly understanding and been transformed into the highest dimension of existence as a spiritual citizen of heaven. Within this realm of divine perfection with God, we have already been given access to the highest treasures and wonders of infinity. When we consider the beauty of this earth, we stand in awe of God’s imagination and creative abilities. Just to be able to witness the glories of what He has made, is one of the greatest honors of living. We are truly rich when we look up to the majestic mountains, out over the vast expanse of the sea, up toward the heavens and into the eyes of an infant. All of the TRUE meanings of life can be experienced in its fullest without money or authority. We are blessed beyond all measure in the time and space of all eternity to have been given GRACE, PEACE and COMPASSION to be a part of God’s family.

For those of us that have lived within the physical shell that has enjoyed strength and times without pain, we must include this as another treasure beyond comprehension. It is true that some have suffered with diseases and limitations and these disappointments have been challenges and trials that require great measures of faith. For others, life has been generally a place of good fortune and privilege to breathe, see, walk, think and enjoy the freedoms and pleasures of living. How could we NOT include a physical life of freedom and independence as a part of our abundance and blessings? Money means very little to someone on life support.

Many spend their lives trying to make huge amounts money, or dream of winning sweepstakes or inheriting fortunes, and these may not be wrong in themselves but this is the lower dimension thinking. Money has its place and can be used to help in many ways but it is NOT true or complete wealth. We forget the good news of our spiritual position many times and fail to realize that we are ALREADY wealthier than we can imagine. Listen to this, “But ye are a chosen generation” we have been personally invited by the Word of God and convicted by His Holy Spirit to receive the greatest expression of love and grace that has ever been offered. “A royal priesthood” the idea of royalty may not always be on our mind but nevertheless, we cannot dispute that God is the King of all Kings and that we are His children and joint heirs with Christ. “A holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should show forth the praises of Him who hath called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.” (I Peter 2:9) Being called out of darkness includes being delivered from the old way of thinking and in this context – our thoughts play a huge part about our views of value and worth. His thoughts are NOT our thoughts.

So, we see that whether we accept it or not, on this earth we are the wealthiest people that have ever lived – and there is much more. God’s love HEALS us and has truly made us RICH – BUT the highest blessings of our inheritance is living with Christ FOREVER!! Jesus promises us in John 14:2, “In My Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.” This is why we shout and testify of God’s good news as we KNOW that He is going to take us into His realm of wonders that is far beyond our dreams! Humans spend their life trying to dig for a pan of gold while Revelation 21:21 says that where we are going, the streets will be made of such pure gold they will be like transparent glass! Our wealth began when we were born because the opportunity for our spirit to be saved was given. We continued to be extremely wealthy with our good health, prosperity, family and having the earth to enjoy. And the greatest of all – being rescued by Jesus, living with Him as our LORD, and knowing that we will be with Him FOREVER when we step from this life. Glory to God!

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