Radical Christianity is Not Normal

Offend me with the truth but never comfort me with a lie

Understanding God’s Word is not a quick or easy process. I see it in my own life like a hammer (God) trying to drive nails (His truth) into my sometimes (stubborn) heart. The constant practice of study and prayer must ALLOW Him to “drive home” His Word into our spirit and develop our mind into a renewed way of thinking. Have you ever thought that some people practice their spiritual life more “intensely” than others? Why do some people become obsessed with their relationship with God while others seem to just “add” religion to their life as a hobby or an accessory to their religious garment? I was considering the other day about all that we hear about “radical” Islam, and I am trying to comprehend just exactly what this means compared to the “regular” kind. I am only using this satanic movement as an example of how every organized, purpose driven group usually has a “remnant” that represents a higher awareness and demonstration of their faith. Sadly, I realize that many religions actually put Christianity to shame when it comes to having a “sold out” devotion and commitment to their cause.

It would seem normal that in any spiritual awareness, the individual would evolve beyond the historical knowledge and traditional rituals as they incorporate their convictions into a constant lifestyle. Do you believe that all Christians actually “live” what they believe? My first response would be to say no, but I believe the real question would be to discover if all who claim to be a Christian have actually been born again. The Pharisees are a perfect example of an attitude that was so proud of their religious accomplishments and affiliations; but they left out the most important ingredient – God. I believe spiritual deception is more, well… deceiving than any of us can imagine. Those who are content with their “amount” of God have already missed the boat. Selah. There is no such thing as being satisfied with a little bit of God or being content to barely make it to heaven. One of the deadliest fantasies of the soul is agreeing with the flesh that we are – doing the best we can. Allow me to say bluntly – we are NOT doing the best we can! Our flesh has convinced us that compromise is just a NORMAL part of being human and God understands that we cannot really be expected to be serious all the time. The flesh say’s that being a RADICAL Christian is weird and that people will think you are crazy if you start acting like Jesus is the only topic of conversation and the only focus of your thoughts and actions. The flesh say’s, just take it easy and do not get all bound up with being a fanatic because you need to preserve your integrity and respect in order to function as a stable member of the community and your family. May I say, it is much easier to follow the flesh instead of obeying the Spirit, which is why political figures and false teachers are so popular and successful.

Most people do NOT enjoy being challenged or confronted with their own failures. Humans love sympathy and will not hesitate to follow and support those who remind them that God is pleased with their efforts. They love to hear how The Lord understands how weak they are and how they just cannot find the faith or courage to be an overcomer in this life. If Jesus had told the rich young ruler that he was “ok” in God’s eyes and that he was the perfect example of someone doing the “best they could” he would have left arrogant and overly confident in his OWN goodness. This is the danger of “pillow preachers” who soothe the savage beast of carnality with the intention of making people feel good about themselves. This is the opposite of reverential fear that recognizes what God requires – and this allows us to see who we really are. We are reminded that in the last hour, people will turn away from the TRUTH that can actually change them but instead will embrace psychology and “feel good” lectures that gives them a false sense of security. “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to SEDUCING spirits, and doctrines of DEVILS. Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron.” (I Timothy 4:1-2) Can we agree there are only two lifestyles of Christianity? The first is a lukewarm, generic, man-made idea called religion that “remodels” an outward image instead of being TRANSFORMED from the inside out! This carnal imposter is so blinded with arrogance and self-sufficiency that it actually finds a twisted pleasure in hiding behind the “mask” of holiness. These people are NOT saved, and will discover in the judgment that God was NOT being “fooled” by their secret games after all. The second type is the RADICAL believer that has abandoned everything to become a disciple of Jesus. Being RED-HOT is laying down your will – so that you can do His will. Do you consider yourself a normal Christian or do you believe you are a part of the radical remnant? Mmmm…

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