What is love?

Offend me with the truth and never comfort me with a lie

There is a spiritual movement that is growing stronger every day and sadly it is NOT inspired by God. The devil has been advancing in his assault against God and is enjoying the benefits of being able to influence those who do not have a strong foundation of spiritual truth. It does not really take all that much to deceive a sheep and humans have notoriously been recognized since the beginning of time as being very easy to persuade. You would think that Adam and Eve would not have been so gullible but they are a perfect (and original) example of mankind’s inability to “smell a rat”. This latest, modern wave of “spiritual philosophy” is the idea that Christians have been all wrong in their approach to living out the gospel. The new generation sees the world as one large family that is united with a potential to live in total harmony with each other. They have seen how biblical interpretation has caused much division in the religious world and in their opinion – these disagreements are preventing the masses from experiencing the “utopia” of peace and tranquility they believe is possible. Their solution? They say we must stop trying to project our doctrines and worldviews and just do what we’ve all been called to do – love each other. This movement is saying we must stop our criticism and judgment because this intolerance does not express the true compassion and mercy of God. They proclaim that Christians are actually guilty of “hatred” toward others when they refuse to accept ALL views concerning spirituality.
This movement has become so socially and politically strong that most Christians are intimidated to speak their convictions because they do not want to experience the persecution from friends, family, and their community. Christians are shrinking in fear because they desire to preserve their comfortable lifestyle and their reputation for adapting to modern ideas. It’s difficult to grow old because of many reasons, but becoming senile is one thing that senior people do not like to be called. So, instead of trying to stand against this movement, they have chosen to retreat and isolate themselves within their own comfort zone. Instead of going on the offense with the sword of God’s Word and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, they have chosen to use their faith shield to avoid persecution – instead of standing and believing that God will walk WITH THEM through the storm. Selah.
It is one thing to be open-minded and flexible in our world views, however there are some issues we must retain our dogmatic stand or we will lose our foundation of God’s absolute truth. The up and coming leaders of our society are dividing our culture into sections and have an explanation for each group that opposes their New World Order. For example, they believe the elderly community is “old school” stubborn and set in their ways along with being confused, affected by dementia and out of touch with modern knowledge and higher intelligence. The poor and uneducated are another category that are not respected because they say they are ignorant and spend all their time trying to survive instead of reading and learning new ways of thinking. Much of the blame for racism and negative feelings of prejudice are blamed on the simple minded, older generations that pass down their ideas to their underachieving offspring. So, we have a glimpse of how the jet-setting leaders of tomorrow’s world will be able to influence the rest of the population by giving a thorough illustration of how the world interprets reality. Of course many Christians will choose to join ranks with these visionaries that have every intention to “fix” the world’s problems, but there will also be the opportunity to reject these persuasive ideas. I believe those who protest against this diabolical plan to deceive the world will eventually be arrested and imprisoned. Once Satan does away with free speech, it will be against the LAW to disagree just as when the Church of England was backed by the “State” laws of the land and no one could legally criticize the belief system within that society? Soon, the system of the beast will control all that we have, all that we do and all that we say. It will come because Christians fell for the heresy that encouraged them to be tolerant of new ideas – even when they were in direct contrast with God’s Word. It will be said (and already is) that Christians made a deal with the devil and in exchange for allowing the ideas of the dark kingdom to gain power and control, they were betrayed by their own compromise to what they knew was true. Even storybooks reveal to us the dangers of trusting a wolf dressed like Grandma, but many Christians love their cake and want to eat it too. The “average” Christian is neck deep in the world’s system and is fully connected to the grid. The danger about all of this is just how deep do the roots of love for materialism run in their lives? How many would be able to run to the mountains like Job and his family did? If we were told to drop everything we are doing (like Jesus asked the disciples) and leave everything behind – would we be able to do it with joy and excitement? Or will we refuse to let go of the earthly pleasures that bring us security and happiness?
It is ironic that love is what our entire life is built upon – and will be the very weapon the world uses against us. The masses will declare that if we are a true believer, we will embrace the new world agenda because it loves and respects everyone. What they fail to explain is how they do NOT love those who oppose their interpretation of global unity. They do NOT have a clue about God’s love but instead have promoted a generic version of it in order to have power and control. God’s loves every soul – but tolerance is limited in His Kingdom. He does not tolerate any other god or idol and has never said that we should endorse or embrace any idea that believes this. There is only one God and every other object of worship is a direct insult to Him and has been influenced by the devil. Christians can tolerate certain things from the lost because they are blind and have not been enlightened but we cannot accept everyone’s false religion because it would be declaring that Christ is only an option and not the only way. If all religions were the same, Christ would not have needed to come and die and be resurrected. There would have not been the need to pay for and forgive sins so that we might be redeemed from our lost spiritual state. Would it not have saved Father all the trouble from restoring the covenant of salvation if we could have just followed Buddha? Allow me to speak boldly and clearly once again; all who are NOT born-again through the blood of Jesus Christ will spend an eternity without God. There is no such thing as The Lord Almighty respecting sacrifices from other gods. He hates all LIES and every false god because they are trying to steal His glory and is an extension of Satan trying to steal the souls of humans. As Archbishop Chaput has noted, “We need to remember that tolerance is not a Christian virtue. Charity, justice, mercy, prudence, honesty — these are Christian virtues. And obviously, in a diverse community, tolerance is an important working principle. But it’s never an end in itself.” He noted that evil always pushes tolerance until it dominates – then it seeks to silence the truth! We should be mindful when the secular world demands “tolerance for all”, that it really means we cannot have the truth of Christ to live by, because His “standards” require we be intolerant of the sins this world embraces – and that brings uncomfortable conviction from a Holy, perfect God.

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