Believing What We Know (I)




A few years ago in my studies, I felt inspired to do some research concerning the areas of sickness, healing, poverty and prosperity. So I spent some time listing 100 questions and answers about the subject and I might add that it was a blessing to my heart and added strength to my faith. I have been feeling the urge to write some articles about the Blood Covenant of Jesus and it just came to me (I am very excited) that I could share these insights as V-mail’s and incorporate the Covenant insights into them. This will be a lengthy series but I know it will be rewarding to us in every way. I personally believe Jesus blood contains the keys to live as New Testament overcomers. So, what exactly are we overcoming? The LIE that we must continue living in the curse of hopelessness and the deception that we are spiritually powerless and must submit to a default system of defeat. The ignorance of God’s Word is keeping the church in bondage because they do not know what to do or how to do it! Remember the overcomers DID OVERCOME! And they did it through the revelation and demonstration of God’s Word!

Our introduction must be perfectly clear or our destiny will be cloudy. We are on a quest for truth about where our obedience ends – and God’s sovereignty begins.

We desire to dissect God’s inerrant Word and find out about its sacrificial conditions.

We desire to know what God expects of us and the understanding of our responsibility pertaining to our personal mission here on earth.

We want to know about the Covenant promises and how they can be activated to produce the miracles to our earthly needs.

We want to know if all Christians are heirs according to the last will and Testament of Jesus (are there exceptions) and just what it means to abide in His “total” salvation.

We want to know if Father is commanding us to walk in the same super-natural power that Jesus walked in and if the manifestation of signs and wonders are conditional to our obedience, attitude, holiness, sanctification, faith, humility, and revelation knowledge.

Are we pre-destined puppets on a string or do we have the free-will to create our own destiny? Is it our mission to seek God’s revelation so that we can become filled with His presence and become an “earth shaker” like Jesus?

Revelation (not the book) is knowing! It is the enlightenment, the revealing or “unveiling” of super-natural wisdom from God to man – that man would otherwise never find or understand. The reaction to being inspired by revelation is the excitement and motivation to act, work and stand in faith. We must convert the message on the page from the ink and paper into a dynamic force of the soul that cannot be stopped! Most Christians realize the blood of Jesus has something to do with saving them from hell but how many understand that it also contains the “secrets” to walking in God’s Divine Reality? God’s Word is the answer to all of our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical needs! These are not “pie in the sky” issues but rather very important aspects of our daily living that pertains to everything. We must stop praying the problem and start praying the ANSWER! We say that we believe in the full-gospel and the abundant life that proclaims Jesus as the deliverer and miracle provider of all things and if it is ever the time to walk the talk – it is NOW! Professing what we do not comprehend is like giving away “pre-wrapped” gifts that we do not have a clue what they are. Am I saying that I have arrived? Certainly not! I have been struggling with plantar fascilitis for a week now and have been decreeing every day that I am healed in Jesus Name. I wanted an instantaneous healing but maybe my faith was weak because the first thing I chose was to run to a podiatric surgeon. Yes, it is much better and I give God all the glory but it occurred to me that if we cannot learn to lay hands on ourselves and see the “personal” miracles, how can we preach to others about living in God’s super-natural Divine Reality? If we run to the doctor or to the bank every time we have a tiny situation – is that fear or faith? I’m not saying that God cannot heal through doctors because I definitely believe He can but, it does bring up the question – does God’s Word really work miracles all the time or just every now and then? I believe this is one of the benefits of having the indwelling Holy Ghost because God knows us better than ourselves (our current level of strength and confidence) and He can guide us to the best decision in an emergency. Most of us can say that we know what we believe but my question is this; do we really have the knowledge and faith to believe what we already know? Selah.

The responsibility of knowing God’s will is very important because we are heirs according to His last will and Testament. God has a general will that applies to all of His children across the board and He also has a specific will that pertains to each persons uniquely designed destiny. In either case, the sad truth is that many Christians have learned through the centuries that it is much easier to blame God for everything than it is to take responsibility for their own lack of Holy Ghost fire and mountain moving faith. Father is calling a remnant of people who sincerely love Him to utilize what He has bought and paid for and become the fullness of what He has planned to do THROUGH them! The last day church will be given the grace to see the “Total Salvation” package that Jesus gave His life for and exercise HIS Divine power which will prove to the world that His Covenant promises are true. Just how passionate do the people of God want to live in the full Gospel, and abide in this gospel of the Kingdom? Do you want to live so close to Father that people come to you for a touch or a Word from Him? Do you want to know without a shadow of a doubt what God is saying and what He wants you to do? May these questions and answers prick your curiosity and inspire you to go deeper in your personal studies, as you continue in your pursuit for His Divine Reality.

Question One: Why do many Christians insist that “suffering” for Jesus is earning them spiritual respect, and that it may even be religiously “beneficial” to stay poor, sick and needy? Most have heard about how God gives grace to the humble and it is true that humility is a very important fruit in the believer’s life but we should not live in fear of stepping out with FAITH in God’s Word and becoming what Jesus died for us to be. The world feels sorry for the unfortunate and many associate poverty and disease with being down, lowly, weak, unworthy, discouraged, depressed, unimportant, powerless, etc… but these are all just mental and emotional feelings of the earthly default system. Some religious “twisted thinkers” might even think that being held in bondage will control the passions that would possess them if they were healthy and wealthy – but again that is just making excuses for not having strong faith. In God’s Word we can find no basis for this state of being as a positive way to thrive in a deep meaningful relationship with God. Meekness is not weakness but strength under control. Jesus did not need to be poor or sick to be more powerful and likewise since we are filled with His person we can release our faith whenever we are “in due season” and recognize His anointed Divine appointments. Deut. 28:13, “And the Lord shall make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be ABOVE only, and thou shalt not be beneath; if that thou hearken (listen) unto the commandments of the Lord thy God which I command this day, to observe (take note carefully) and to DO THEM”.

Question 2: Where does this idea of suffering for Jesus come from? Let us begin by realizing that the average person retrieves their intelligence from the memories of past explanations that are molded into their understanding. Bits and fragments of comments and knowledge about life (good or bad) can act as puzzle pieces that form our world views – but if distorted information is accepted, (though it is true to us) will create an aberration of THE truth. In one example, we see from the past how some priest and monks who lived in solitude were viewed as deep spiritual people who devoted their lives to prayer and in some cases whipped themselves to keep an awareness of humility and stay spiritually focused. This may seem to be what the “super spiritual” might do but according to God’s Word, His Kingdom is already inside of us – ready to be released by obedience and faith. To walk in the glory of His Divine Reality depends on how determined we are to allow our mind to be transformed. Religious rituals are carnal ideas or “works” designed by human “thinking” to accomplish a spiritual goal. Are people really spiritually led to create “programs” to pay their way to God’s throne? We all just need to follow God’s voice and not try to put on a religious show. The truth is that we are no good to anyone hiding in a cave (in fear from the world) trying to make ourselves feel holier than everyone else that is not doing it like us. If we walk in the confidence of HIS truth and the purity of HIS grace we will automatically be filled with His presence without man-made formulas. Everything has already been paid for – He is just waiting for us to lace up our shoes and walk in it! “The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon”. (Psalm 92:12)

“I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys: I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water”. (Isaiah 41:18) Thank you Jesus!

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