Believing What We Know (III)




Everyone has a religious opinion but how can anyone know what is true if they have never studied the Bible? Whatever the reasons, one of the most detrimental enemies of the church has been the lack of knowledge that takes God’s people as prisoners of war. A spiritual “casualty” is actually a self-inflicted condition as the excuses to not study are very obvious; it is too much trouble, a severe lack of interest, trusting family and friends that are in error and to be painfully blunt – most really don’t care enough to do their “homework”! We speak of the default system and this is a perfect example of how it works. There is an absolute truth which is God and the correct interpretation of His Word and along with knowing this truth is the responsibility to obey. Obedience and disobedience are choices that God has allowed all humans to experience. When we do not choose to follow God’s perfect way of living (divine reality) we automatically receive the world’s system by “default”. No matter how “religious”, if a person lives their life in the flesh boasting in their independence, they are deceived and without even realizing it are serving Satan and will live in misery on the earth and for eternity. The devil dances and parties when he looks out over the world and sees God’s people without the revelation of truth. He has no fear of a Christian that does not have the revelation of who God is and who they are. In the spirit realm it’s all about authority and when a true disciple of Jesus can activate “mountain moving” faith it will unlock the flood of divine power that will break down the evil strongholds, set the captives free and disable the kingdom of darkness.

Most church going folks presume they are going to heaven whether they study or not so they choose the easy route of religion and rely on the opinions of others. I must say that God is very disappointed with this kind of laziness because He gave His Word as a revelation of Himself, as a type of “blueprint” for us to build a personal intimate relationship with Him. He already knows us and loves us but His greatest desire is to see, hear and know that His children truly love Him with all their heart. Love is an action word and we all prove everyday how much we really love Him by how we live. He wants us to desire His Word like the deer pants for water but how many will focus all their attention on Him? Building this covenant relationship is what the sacrificial crucifixion of Christ IS all about. It means that everything the Father has is ours – and everything we are – is His. The line of a song I wrote long ago said, “For all of the things that I could say or do, you want me to give my heart to you”. He must be Lord of all of us or He is not our Lord at all.

Christianity is based upon His love for us – not for His followers to lie around and brag about “their” gold and marble church buildings. God opened the door to His Divine Reality and invited us to absorb His presence and glory – but with privilege comes responsibility and He will not endorse or bless anyone who tries to manipulate or “tap in” to His riches with carnal motives. He desires very strongly for us to advance into the highest dimension of wisdom and to comprehend the hidden mysteries and super-natural revelations of His Word. The reason He gave us His Word is because He wants us to understand His wisdom that can manifest His glory. Are you manifesting His glory? The gospel can bring salvation but most just believe this means a ticket to heaven. Now don’t get me wrong, the saving of our spirit from eternal doom is the greatest gift of all eternity but the entire meaning of the word salvation is not just for anyone to grab a ticket and continue living the way they want – it is to become absorbed with Christ. I believe that God’s vision of our salvation was not just to redeem our spirit but to also redeem the authority that Adam lost in the garden. When Jesus said it is finished, the new covenant was established that built the bridge of restoration – not just spiritual (because God is not limited in power) but in ALL things. Does God intervene in our natural life? Of course, and that means His salvation is TOTAL salvation with anything we need spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally or financially! Salvation means; preservation, protection, freedom, deliverance, wholeness, prosperity and all these areas pertain to our everyday living. He did not save us from hell then desire for us to suffer in this default system of darkness. He wants us to walk with Him in this world now – as we will walk with Him in the next – what is the difference? The difference is that people refuse to believe it – and consequently they never receive it! Paul said, “For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God”. (I Corinthians 1:18) What does that mean the “power of God”? Of course it is the power to redeem and transform our spirit but think deeper. The gospel – and power are used in the same train of thought because the gospel is supernatural. Would God come and live inside of a person if He was not intending to act as Himself at all times? Does He not constantly keep the universe moving at the perfect speed and performing thousands of miracles every minute? The total authority of the universe, of heaven and earth is ready to move with unlimited power in us but it will depend on our faith! No matter what happens – God does not fail.

Paul continues in Romans, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believes; to the Jew first and also to the Greek”. (Romans 1:16) Thank God for the power of the gospel to save the lost. I heard the gospel when I was a young boy and I am still in awe of how powerful it was. But after I became born-again I do not remember hearing anything about the super-natural power to live “in Christ” (the divine reality) and represent His Kingdom of light. No one taught me about divine health, casting out demons, interceding prayer, releasing my faith for miracles, the blood covenant, walking in the Spirit, gifts of the Spirit or the Kingdom gospel. Now I know there is more to salvation than just a one time experience. Being born again is being introduced to God – salvation is the opportunity to learn who He is and overcoming is living and walking with Him in faith. It seems some just accept the invitation and acknowledge the introduction but have never understood about an intimate, (constant) personal relationship. I was taught Bible history – but not the power of total salvation because it is so much easier to talk about what He has done instead of what He will do now. I believe the enemy has blinded many pastors as they teach a “beat down” weak gospel of fear and doubt because they are not overcoming themselves. What makes me think that? I see People sitting in dead churches, while their own life is filled with discouragement and defeat! Either they are not hearing the “full” gospel or they are not listening. We all had faith to accept Christ and His gift of salvation but why do people stop having faith for the rest of what is in the package? We cannot have total salvation if we do not believe it is God’s will for us to have it! Those who believe the manifestation of signs and wonders were finished when Christ and His disciples passed away they are sitting ducks to sickness, disease, poverty and death. Satan has come to steal, kill and destroy anyone who does not have the revelation of God’s divine reality. The gospel of Jesus Christ is a blood covenant promise to provide the power to live, rule and reign in total victory for His will to be done, “on earth as it is in heaven”. This is not a movement that fades away or a whim idea and we cannot be tossed or confused about any limitations of Jesus last will and testament. We must be filled with His thoughts – to see with spirit eyes – and move with courage and faith on His command.

Question six: Do you believe God causes sickness and poverty when His children disobey or turn away from Him? I believe the traditional view that God disciplines His children and we understand that chastisement comes from a heart of love and concern. Human nature has a tendency to drift away from God when they are filled with pride and self-dependence and many times financial success brings false security. It takes a strong spiritual revelation and a constant communion with God as a lifestyle to resist this temptation. The true attitude of the disciple toward God is being needy and being like a child no matter how blessed they become. I do not believe that God puts bad things on us but rather in our disobedience we can remove ourselves from the protection of the covenant and open doors to our own problems. We do not break our children’s arms or pour hot water on them to correct them and I do not believe that God does it either. Our heavenly Father does not want to see any of His children sick or poor because He sent Jesus to heal us and deliver us. It would be a contradiction to accept the view that Christians are being destroyed from the wrath of their Father. The only place where I see sickness, poverty, death and destruction is not seeking the revelation of God’s divine reality. “My people, (God speaking to His children) are destroyed for lack of knowledge: (spiritual truth) because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you, that you shall be no priest to me… (Hosea 4:6)

Question seven: Do you think God “causing” is different from God “using” these situations to teach us what He is trying to say? God is a good Father all the time! He disciplines those He loves but does not brutally abuse them. If He does intervene in a situation then He has a specific purpose (for good) that He may reveal now or in the long term. But I do not believe we can go to a children’s cancer ward and proclaim that God has caused all of this tragedy. He definitely can “use” an attack from the enemy as a divine appointment to touch many people as He knows how to convict every individual conscience. And if we have “caused” a situation by our own free will He will do the same thing. He is a constant teacher. Each day He tries to get our attention speaking messages that reveal His truth, but how much we learn and grow depends on our sensitivity – and that comes directly from how close to Him we choose to be.

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