Let God Be True and Every Man a Liar




“What if some did not believe and were without faith? Does their lack of faith and their faithlessness nullify and make ineffective and void the faithfulness of God and His fidelity to His Word? By no means! Let God be found true though every human being is false and a liar, as it is written, That you may be justified and shown to be upright in what you say and prevail when you are judged by sinful men.” (Rom. 3:3-4Amp.)

My heart aches and I am angry at the same time. I was nearly in tears last night and as I sit here now, I feel a sense of urgency for us all to KNOW our “legal” spiritual rights of God’s Divine Reality. When death, destruction and crisis falls upon us we are reminded how ruthless our adversary is and how this spiritual war is fierce – and I am in WAR-MODE! Let us prepare NOW to know how to handle the storms so that we will not be ambushed. It is not the morbid details of the battle that will dictate what happens – it is how we respond! Study the seemingly hopeless situations in God’s word and notice what brought the deliverance. Revelation knowledge, walking in God’s presence, fervent prayer, holy humility, repentance, falling on God’s alter, trusting His word, determination, focusing, worshipping, confessing and most importantly KNOWING God personally. All of these acts of yielding on top of our intimate relationship with Him is what releases Him to move on our behalf. Yes, but brother, God can do whatever He wants. (Oh really, you had better meditate on that one for a while). His sovereignty does not go against His own promises and the oath of His covenant. His sovereignty leads us and guides us into His perfect will so that we can fulfill our chosen destiny! Do not try to use God’s word against Him because it only brings confusion to our faith and cancels our miracles. Let us confess everyday with a pure heart that GOD IS the definition of VICTORY! Shout it until you KNOW it! Proclaim that He lives in you which means if you BECOME ONE with Him – then you also are constantly and consistently victorious! There is no defeat, fear or corruption in heaven and heaven is God’s atmosphere. Heaven is God’s presence! This environment lives in you because in your conscience is where Jesus dwells as Lord!! If the old nature is really dead in you, then you are IMMUNE from the laws of the default system. No excuses – no whining – no exceptions! All of the religious doubting and compromises of the dark kingdom do not come from God because they are opposite to God’s nature. Our flesh can murmur for eternity about how weak it is and how we must surrender to the curse of this world but it is a LIE! We are not of this world – we are heavenly beings visiting earth! Not earthly beings trying to visit heaven! “THEY (us) ARE NOT OF THIS WORLD, EVEN AS I (Jesus) AM NOT OF THIS WORLD”. (John 17:16) Brother Billy, are you trying to say we will never die? We will go to be with the Lord when HE calls us – NOT BECAUSE THE DEVILS KILLS US! The Lord does not need us in heaven right now – He needs His warriors on the battlefield! If His church throws up their hands and gives in to the deception of the default system and accepts all the voices of defeat, the entire Kingdom of God would be taken prisoner and that is the intention of Satan. He already has blinded the eyes of the religious world and now is focused on the remnant. It is time for the true disciples to rise and WALK in the revelation of absolute truth! Jesus Christ shed His blood so that we could understand His words that can make us free! If you do not want it or believe it – you are not a part of it. If you would rather live according to the default system of a fallen race then by all means help yourself to an extra portion of misery.

At Reality Church last night we came into the building where there had been a funeral visitation with an open casket and the church that we rent from was having a fellowship meal in the other section of the church. The deceased was a local pastor in the community and had been battling cancer for quite some time. I had actually attended his church briefly years ago and ministered there in music a couple of times. He believed in the full gospel, taught about divine healing and prayed for many during his ministry. But I believe that dying at sixty years old and going through much suffering does not line up with God’s perfect plan for any of us. I am angry because a fellow warrior was stolen from the Kingdom of light and I am angry because God’s people act like it was God’s will. Well, Brother Billy, there are so many things that you do not know about this situation and what God’s sovereign desire is for that specific individual. And for you to say things that condemn this person’s faith and imply that it was his fault that he died is very judgmental and uncompassionate. Who told you that? I understand exactly what you are thinking but let me make myself perfectly clear. Four hundred thousand pages of possible “reasons” can be written by the default system about why things happen BUT God cannot be accused of going against His own word! I do not want to read a library of humanistic philosophy about the failures of faith – I just need to know what God say’s. I do not have all the answers – I have ONE ANSWER – God! If anything goes wrong it is us – not Him that dropped the ball. I want a mind that knows His thoughts – I want an ear to hear His voice – I want His discernment, wisdom and anointing to do the impossible and see the invisible on earth as it is in heaven.

God’s word is TRUE and it is TRUE for YOU, ME and every person because that is what makes it a perfect “Divine” Reality. Listen to these synonyms of the word “true” and meditate on them for the purpose of pounding the absolute truth of God’s person into you as an “intravenous” line of encouragement. “Real, reliable, honorable, accurate, trustworthy, honest, exact, veracious, dependable, sincere, actual, veritable, loyal, genuine, positive, precise, absolute, factual, uncontradictable, unimpeachable, definite, valid, truthful, faithful, punctilious, legal, rightful, scrupulous, just, incorrupt, upright and righteous. He is always on time – never late – and never forgets.

God’s will is His Covenant and His words are promises that cannot be broken. If we as His disciples cannot take God at His word and put our faith in who He is – then there is no holy justice, no Divine order and God is not the Almighty. The perfection of God’s word defines His nature and the total authority of His character and identity. He has never sinned, never been defeated or worried and He CANNOT fail! I want us to observe Hebrews chapter six and verses 17-19. I am going to use a combination of several translations that come from a study volume “The New Testament from 26 Translations” by Curtis Vaughan. Allow these words to saturate your mind and spirit. “So in this matter, God, having an extreme desire to demonstrate more convincingly and show with unmistakable clarity unto those who were to enter in the enjoyment of what He had promised which was the unchangeable, irrevocable character of His purpose. That by His immutable promise and His guaranteed oath in which it is IMPOSSIBLE for God to lie or deceive us, we might have a mighty indwelling encouragement and strong consolation. Those of us, who have claimed His protection, taken refuge in His presence and fled the world’s system, have seized and laid hold of the hope that has been appointed for us and offered to us, which hope we have as an eternal anchor for our lives starting right now. This anchor cannot drag or slip or break but is the steadfast foundation of our spirit as Jesus connects us with God Himself behind the sacred curtains of heaven”.

When Jesus stood in front of the tomb of Lazarus (with all the people who were watching) and said, “Come forth” it was an act of faith and authority. He knew God’s mind and the call to ACT in this particular divine appointment. There were not 28 other occasions (that were not recorded) when he spoke out for miracles and they did not happen! His ministry was not “hit and miss”. Why? Because God is perfect. He walked not according to the thoughts of the default system – He walked in the constant Divine Reality of the Fathers person. He knows when to step out and when to be silent and if we are saturated (filled) with His presence we will also operate perfectly in the signs, miracles and wonders of HIS will. This is the mind we have been called to obtain. This is what we are trying to be transformed into. Knowing God’s word, knowing His voice and having the courage to obey IS walking in His Spirit. It is the difference between life and death – not only in our life but in the lives of others. Are you saying that we will never face sickness? No, of course not, but I also know that God’s word does not mention Jesus ever being hindered with a disease. Oh, that’s because He was God – he was immune to germs. So, if Jesus had diplomatic immunity over the curse of the fall and was not subject to the bondage of sin, then why are we? You are half-correct! Jesus was completely God but He was also completely human. HE WAS WHAT WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE – A Divine reality inside a glass jar! Jesus was a representative of His Fathers Kingdom of which divine health, favor and authority are conditionally included but the enemy has deceived the secular and religious masses into believing the world view of Que Sera Sera. Will you side with God’s truth or the bondage of error?

We will know how to live Godly when we know God. Let us walk in holiness and agape love as we refuse to be tolerant of ignorance. May we resist being conformed by choosing to re-format our mental hard drive. Those who are slaves to the carnal default system (the religious are included) are spiritually subject to all of the negative forces associated with that system. Those who are disciples of the Divine Reality abide within the absolute truth of the principals and covenants of God’s government and are representatives of that dimension.

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